Part One: An Invitation To Russian Interference Was Foolish

Donald Trump photo 5Open mouth, insert foot, enjoy consequences.  A simple formula for creating chaos.  On July 27, 2016 then-candidate Donald Trump made an evening speech at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, that is at the root of his Administration’s current problems.  Trump was leading in the delegate count but there were movements afoot to stop him from clinching the nomination.  If the rules and contending political forces were allowed to proceed unchallenged, Trump might have possibly been denied the party’s nomination.  Trump acted in typical ‘Trumpian’ fashion: he gave a bombastic address on prime-time TV, seizing the media focus and galvanizing his many supporters.   The following charts, a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return and Advanced chart form the astrological basis for this posting.  In a following posting the consequences of this speech will be examined.

DTMoppS7-17-2016-J e-mails

chart: t/Moon-opp-n/Sun 12th house.

This Moon-Sun Return chart offers a chaotic political stew, full of just about everything that can contribute to excitement and intrigue.  Let us start with the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun position in the 12th house and close to the horizontal axis of the chart.  My book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2 gives, in part, the following generic statement for this configuration: Choices…to help another, (or) … address personal needs first. Balancing conflicts. Working in supportive care fields, government, personal services…  Interactional support is seen, offered, appreciated… Stress. We can nuance this statement to better fit the occasion.  ‘Choices’ refers his resulting actions to firm up the delegate count in his favor.  ‘helping another’ is a mirror for ‘seeking the help of another.  ‘personal services’ is a specific request to another.  The balance of the statement points to the help being asked for.  We will parse this out in more detail as we examine the Advanced chart.

Because of the natal Sun-opposite-Moon pattern, all of Donald Trump’s Moon-Sun Returns churn up a lot of action, confusion, challenges.  He is an archetypical example of a personal-social-tornado.  The opposition of the two lights in his natal chart mechanically sets up their inclusion in any t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return or t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return.  In effect, Trump is ‘wired’ to be confrontational.  Add in his rising n/Mars and n/Part-of-Fortune-opposite-Ascendant and you have the inexhaustible source of verbal gun-powder that characterizes his personality.

At the Convention, while a united revolt against his candicy was still a possibility, Trump seized the emotional momentum with a range of constant outbursts, capturing most of the “news cycle.”  In this Return chart we are looking for how the Moon-Sun “theme” will imprint this two week cycle.

  • The n/Asc. is at the IC of the chart; Trump will initiate a new phase of his campaign.
  • With the two Moons, natal and transiting, at the Desc. angle, he will target a public reaction and support.
  • t/Mars-t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) squares n/Mars-IC; this campaign will energetically change the role of Trump before the nation.  How can this be said?  Jump from the t/PoF to the natal/PoF at the MC!  Trump’s public image will be further energized.  From a bombastic candidate, he will become the face of the Republican party; a big change in his role, giving him official status and presence.  It will be this added dimension that will raise his ‘importance’ and move him beyond the challenges of other candidates seeking the nomination at the convention.  In other words, he has just re-written the rules of the game and pushed the other candidates off the stage.  The anti-Trump ‘rebellion’ will fizzle out.  Enough of the “likely to happen” impressions.  Let us now go the fateful day of July 27th and his speech that night.

DTadv7-27-2016-J e-mails

chart: July 27, 2016, Advanced.

On July 27, 2016 the Return chart’s angles, diurnally advanced, brought new energies to the angles. 

  • n/Mercury-Asc.;  He will speak out forcefully.
  • t/Neptune-MC;  He will dramatize the moment.
  • t/N.Node-IC;  He will seek to realign the basis of associations that the public has traditionally followed. 
  • t/Moon-opposite-t/BML, and square t/Sun-n/Pluto.  The conflicts between logic and emotions of the public will be churned up in ugly and hurtful ways.
  • t/Pluto-7th house.  The underside of public reaction and response is tied into the Sun-Moon-Pluto square and tinged by the inclusion of t/Black Moon Lilith.

So, how do these astrological patterns play out in the daily affairs and actions of Donald Trump?

That evening of the 27th, Trump stood at the podium and asked the Russians to provide the 30,000 ‘missing’ e-mail messages supposedly lost from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s various computer servers.  The fact that it was illegal for foreign entities to contribute or participate in any way in U.S. national elections was pushed aside.  The drama of the moment, giving Trump a wave of attention, was more important than reason, legalities, or common sense.  This is a dramatic example of a ‘political animal’ at work.  Trump always goes for the jugular vein, just like any beast of prey.

I can remember that evening; my own reactions and that of the TV commentators.  This was a dramatic moment and a concerning moment.  It was instantly clear that Trump would be the Republican Party nominee, that the fall campaign would set new ‘lows’ in terms of dirty politics and maneuverings.  In the next posting we will jump ahead two years to view a consequential moment related to this speech.

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A fox in the chicken house

Pruitt photo-1Scott Pruitt must have been born mean.  It is difficult to imagine anyone who would do more to jeopardize the air, water and food that we all share and need.  That said, let me first start with some basic background.  He was born May 9, 1968 in Danville, KY at 12:14 PM.  His chart contains two groupings of planets not quite in opposition to each other.  With wide orbs we can discern a T-square of Jupiter at the focal point of Neptune opposed Sun and Mars.  Moon broadly opposes Chiron.  Yet, the chart’s groupings gives the impression of a divided personality.   The photo above shows him in a seemingly tentative mood as if he was unsure of what he was doing at the moment.


The widely separated Sun-Mars does not seem to, as a pair, direct his energy.  It is the T-square with Jupiter and Neptune that adds a directive energy.  Opportunity must be striven for, guided by adopted ideals.  We might also cast this, based on his life in politics, as gains and advancement are seen as greed and a longing for ‘more’ (Jupiter) that is fueled by (Sun-Mars) his sense of self-importance and illusion of the world around him (Neptune).  This is a harsh statement to make of a natal chart,  These views are most likely developed in time as an adult, as a politician in his adopted state of Oklahoma where he served as a State Senator and Attorney General.

Pruitt-Pres photo-2He articulated many positions:  he was pro-life, opposed same-sex marriage, didn’t like the Affordable Care Act initiated under Obama.  Mostly he didn’t like the environmental policies of the government.  This may have been partly due to the many corporations who generously supported his campaigns for political office.  He filed more than a dozen law suites against the U.S. government’s environmental regulations that governed fossil fuels and the use of land and water.  This was the man whom Donald Trump selected to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt was confirmed by the Senate to head the EPA on Feb. 17, 2017.  He had a transiting Moon opposite natal Sun Return on that same day.  That chart is shown here.


This t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return brings his natal T-square pattern to the angular houses; Sun and Mars near the MC, Jupiter near the Asc. and Neptune at the IC. This natal pattern is enhanced by t/Moon-IC, t/Sun-Desc. and t/PoF at the MC.

How might we interpret this?  An angular Moon always draws attention and support; it demands it.  An angular Sun always draws attention, not as personal support but as a beacon to rally around.  With both natal and transiting Sun angular he could be said to find himself in a contentious bubble (two Sun’s in conflict with each other).  The t/Part of Fortune-MC represents the conflicting hearing and confirmation process.  Not only were the opposition party strongly against him, several in his own party objected to him.  Only the support of the President assured that the Republican’s very slim majority would finally rally to his confirmation.

Sixteen months later the story had drastically changed.  During his tenure Pruitt had rolled back many of the progressive programs that were directed towards keeping water supplies clean, air pollution down. land from being contaminated, food production safe.  His management style was criticized as he hired friends at lucrative salaries, spent lavishly on office furniture, travelled by chartered plane, and required constant security protection from public demonstrations.  By the time he resigned from office he had over a dozen investigations lodged against him by various congressional committees.  Trump continued to support him because he was gutting Democratic-created programs and doing what big corporations wanted.  Yet the public outcries and protests continued to build.



Pruitt had a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return (12th house) on June 24, 2018.  This opposition was within 4 degrees of the Asc.–Desc. axis.  The feelings of others (t/Moon-Desc.) conflicted with his intentions (n/Sun-Asc.).  Add n/Neptune to the Desc. angle and we have his dishonesty and extreme ideals being questioned by others.  The vertical axis finds t/Mars near the MC opposing t/N.Node, t/Venus and n/Asc. in the 4th house.  Associations with others (N.Node) and their approval (Venus) of his personal efforts (n/Asc.) were coming to an end (4th house). 

In addition to focusing our interpretation on the angular house planets, we always take note of t/Sun, t/Moon and t/PoF.   Take note of t/Sun opposite t/Saturn; this is a time of being tested and graded.  The t/PoF conjoins n/Moon in the 6th; his job approval is taking a hit — chance and change are in the air.  As a root chart for a cycle, this has many disturbing patterns.


On July 5th, 2018, his Advanced (diurnal advance) chart shows his n/Asc. at the IC; the start or end of his personal involvement in his career.   t/Venus conjoins his n/Jupiter; his greed and opportunistic approach to his job was being brought into balance.  t/PoF had progressed to the 10th house of career and public image; that was being changed on this date.  Finally, n/Mercury was at the Ascendant.  His letter of resignation was delivered to the President.  On this day a widely seen video was seen on TV showing a mother holding a child.  She was accosting him at a restaurant while he was eating, telling him of the terrible things he was doing that directly affected her life.  Perhaps this was one of the many things that prompted him to resign on this date.

As always, the angular activity of the Return and advanced charts continues to prove their appropriateness in reflecting the life story of the subject.  Once we understand the context of the subject’s life, the symbols become very clear.  We are, in fact, ‘personalizing’ the symbols so that they can tell the story.  This approach to following the daily life of a subject through these daily charts is very different from the practice of using natal charts and transiting charts in the conventional manner.  Here, in this form of charting, we also use natal and transiting planets but we also orientate the chart to the cycle that is initiated when the t/Moon conjoins or opposes the n/Sun.  It is the “cycle” that makes the difference in revealing the true picture.  Our life rides on cosmic cycles.  Our birth chart inserts us into a life marked by complex interweaving of multiple cycles. The natal chart doesn’t show those cycles, but we know they exist.  




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Timing of an event.

Hawking photo-two

Photo of a younger Stephen Hawking prior to his illness which took away his mobility.

The last posting left us at an awkward point.  That post ended with a review of a Return chart and a discussion about forecasting.  When the outer planets are involved in the angular activity of the chart I find that applying their meanings-interpretations to personal affairs is difficult.

Think about that.  The outer planets are cast as being socially impacting.  The inner planets are cast as being personal.  It is only when personal chart characteristics interact with social chart characteristics that we can most easily meld the interpretations — or the forecast.  So, let us now look at that Return chart when it is Advanced to the date of Hawking’s passing.


The most notable factor to view is the coming together of the chart’s angles with the natal angles; ie the natal MC conjunct to the transiting MC. This often/always signifies a major inflection point in one’s life; a re-birth or reorientation or a death or ending of some type.  At an advanced age it becomes more probable that a death or change in one’s health status can happen, especially if one is ill or is old.

The advancing angles have also brought the outer planets into play; n/Pluto-MC and t/Uranus-Desc.  Note also the t/Part-of-Fortune conjoining the n/Neptune.  More importantly, t/Uranus has engaged n/Mars (a personal planet) and t/PoF opposes n/Sun (another personal factor in the chart).  Interesting is that t/Chiron is also involved; Chiron being a bridge between the outer planets and Saturn (one of the half-social-half-personal planets).  The Part of Fortune is defined by the Sun-to-Moon arc distance applied to the Ascendant; the PoF shows where we can act and initiate events most easily.  In this case, Hawking’s true self (the Sun), an awareness that doors can open or close (Chiron), and that dissolution (Neptune) can be a solution of the moment are all elements to consider.

There are other elements in this chart to consider before we rush into forecasting one’s passing from this world.  Notice the n/Saturn-square-n/Venus pattern, 7th to 4th houses.  This has been noted as relating to the formal-withheld-consequential denial of close contact and support in his early life.  It has been tied to his ALS condition of progressive loss of motor control over his legs, arms, hands and even facial expression.  Saturn has been a challenge to Hawking concerning his ability to maintain peace and harmony in his life, to achieve satisfaction.  Now, note the t/Saturn-square-t/Venus, 3rd to 6th houses! 

The same natal pattern representing his challenges in life has again come into his life at this very moment.  Now, this happens perhaps once every year or year and a half.  But, it is significant. This is a restatement of his challenge in life.  So, what do we do with this repeating pattern?  We look more deeply into it.  We are dealing with “equal arcs” here; both Saturn-Venus patterns have the same arc-distance between them.  So, we logically go to the two Venus’ which are 49 or 50 degrees apart.  We take half of that arc, 25 degrees and find the chart position 25 degrees from both (the midpoint).  15 degrees Pisces is where we find t/Neptune (14 Pisces).  Neptune, again.  More dissolution.  Note that this point is also the midpoint between natal and transiting Saturn.  We can all sense what a doubled up Saturn-Neptune interpretation suggests.  Not a happy omen in most cases. 

So, to summarize this Advanced chart for this particular day in the life of Stephen Hawking.

  • The natal angles are realigned with the diurnal angles of the Advanced chart.  This is an inflection point marking a like major change in one’s life.
  • The outer planets have been brought into contact with the personal points of Hawking’s natal chart.  All of the impact and social importance of the outer planets and the world relationship to the person of Stephen Hawking can come into play on this day.
  • A significant natal pattern (Saturn-Venus) that symbolizes the range of challenges that he has encountered in this life has been repeated by the transiting Saturn-Venus in this chart. The midpoint of those two highly significant patterns involves another outer planet, Neptune (dissolution). 
  • Transiting Sun has reached an opposition point to natal Neptune; vitality vs dissolution.
  • The Moon’s nodal axis and the N.Node are said to mark our passage from spirit into this physical world.  Here, n/N.Node-n/Moon and t/N.Node-n/Chiron highlight the road sign leading into this life and the road sign to making a transition out to a more spiritual place.

So, we place our forecasting initially on the angular planets, and then we can fill it in by making associations among many or most of the other planets.  Astrology charts are much like holographs.  The parts indicate the whole, the whole reflects the importance of each part.

Those who are part of our life also have chart connections.  Let us look at the Advanced chart of Jane Wilde, Hawking’s wife of many years.  She divorced him in later life because the amount of work to arrange for his care, the coordination of schedules for his many providers, and his health just became too much for her.  The chart for her on the day of Hawking’s death is shown below.


First, I take note of t/Venus at her IC angle for this date, a position often associated with death.  We can also note n/Venus-square-n/Saturn, the same pattern found in the charts of Hawking.  Her love for him was genuine but subjected to the strain of his diminishing physical condition.  The presence of her love, even though divorced from him, is evident by the t/Neptune-t/Sun conjunct her n/Venus-n/MC in the 3rd., she entertains fond thoughts of him on this last day of his life.

Continuing with Stephen Hawking; we can diurnally advance his Return chart to any date in this cycle by leaving the data in our computer unchanged except for the date. If we change the date to three days later, March 14th, we note that the chart angles have advanced. In fact they are virtually coincidental with his natal angles. Think of this! It is virtually another ‘birth’ moment, a time when one can change the direction of their life. Incidents like this, in many kinds of Return charts and cyclic charts, occur many times in our life. They are special moments when we can choose to go in a different direction. These are moments of great personal power. So, this is a very important day in Hawking’s life. *** t/Moon has moved on and contacted n/Venus-in-the-4th. I have found over many years that an angular Venus, especially in the 4th or 7th house, when contacted, often signifies either death or a love affair. Death or love; both represent a balancing force within one’s life, harmony, peace. For those not experienced in this area, you will have to take my word for it for now. *** The t/PoF in this chart is at the n/Neptune position and opposite the t/Sun; a personal vision, a transcendent state (Neptune) is subject to “chance and change” (t/Part of Fortune) and will affect (the opposition aspect) one’s life and intentions (Sun). The use of simple key words can be used to construct a simple statement. *** The pattern of the Asc. opposite n/Mars and t/Uranus would ordinarily represent a sudden burst and application of energy — but due to astrology’s polarity, it can seemingly also represent a sudden loss of energy. *** We should also note this t/Moon-n/Venus pattern; n/Saturn squares n/Venus indicating a very tense pattern, a pattern that was mentioned in a recent posting on this site. If we look more carefully we can note that t/Saturn-t/Venus are also in a square aspect to each other. Apparently Hawking had come to terms with the personal meaning of Saturn-square-Venus in his chart and in his life. Looking at biographical data, it would seem that Saturn-Venus corresponded perhaps to Ebertin’s observations (Combination of Stellar Influences) of “glandular atrophy, . . . pulmonary emphysema . . . malfunction of internal glandular secretions . . .” It certainly involved emotional inhibitions (his difficulties in marriage) and conditions that put restraints on his ability to reach out intimately to others. *** I have covered a lot in this introduction to how I work and track death in charts, so I’ll leave it at this simple conclusion.

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Coincidences Are Alerts From The Cosmos.

Hawkings photoI’ll tell you a story.  I was recently looking at a ‘new-to-me’ astrological blog site.  A lady was alarmed because she had a Saturn-return in her 8th house; would she likely die soon?  This was typical of those who are new to astrology or those who just hang around the fringe.  Then, in another post some one was concerned about Saturn-in-the-11th squaring Venus-in-the-2nd.  For some reason I decided to answer this.  I have natal Saturn in the 10th; I seem to have learned much about how to live reasonably well with this pattern.  I would hare my thoughts.

That same day I was looking for news items that might provide a name and a story to use in this blog site.  I came across Stephen Hawking who had recently died following a life-long battle with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.  It took less than a minute to run a natal chart for the date and time of his birth and a Moon-to-Sun Return prior to the date of his death.  There was a natal Saturn-square-Venus.  Coincidence?   Several Saturn-square-Venus patterns in one day?  I don’t believe in coincidences.  When I did the Advanced chart for the day of his passing, I noted a transiting Saturn square transiting Venus.  Another coincidence?  I had just gotten a message from the universe.  Here was my story.  Let us start the story with a review of his natal chart and an overview of his life.


Stephen Hawking was born Jan. 8th, 1942 in Oxford, England at 2:29 AM. Pluto sat on him MC angle, Mars on his Descendant angle, and Ceres was close to his IC angle.  I always look at angular planets first.  This pattern suggests a deep concern about one’s health and survival (Ceres opposite Pluto), and the role of the mother and her support.  The focal Mars feeds into this, perhaps an under-current of anger existed in that relationship.

Note the Saturn-square-Venus pattern noted earlier, from the 7th to the 4th, again stressing a structure of love and how it is given or withheld in the home.  We will need to talk more about this at a later point.

Hawking’s Capricorn Sun was in the 3rd, within a grand-trine relationship with Saturn and Moon.  Actually, the Moon is at the midpoint of Sun-Saturn, exact within 0d23m.  Ebertin notes in his Combinations of Stellar Influences, “Emotional depressions partly in connection with organic disturbance, emotional inhibitions, fear, feelings of inferiority.  Increasing loneliness, the separation of females, a bereavement.”  These statements capture so much of Hawking’s life experience.

While a child, Hawking’s family was involved in various areas of medicine.  The family led a frugal but studious life and he was able to attend fine schools suitable to the family’s ambitions for him.  He attended Oxford, starting in 1959.  His university experience, like his earlier years, was a mixture of lackadaisical effort and bursts of exceptional effort.  In 1963 he commenced his doctoral studies but also was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease which was the early onset of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).  He was told that he might live two or three years.  Initially depressed by this diagnosis and considering giving up his academic pursuits, he continued his studies following much urging from close associates.  A PhD in applied mathematics and theoretical physics was earned.  He specialized in general relativity and cosmology.  He met his to-be-wife, a friend of his sister, at this time and married her in 1965 on July 14th.  Is it any surprise that she also had a Saturn square Venus pattern in her natal chart?

Perhaps it is time to discuss Hawking’s Saturn-square-Venus pattern.  This is a pattern that can pinch the love relationship with another, be it parent, sibling or a life partner.  Saturn-Moon is known for its effect on one’s childhood and how one views parental roles, home life and their sense of personal freedom.  Saturn-Venus can be even more difficult.  A parent that one most depends upon can be distant or indifferent, difficult to reach due to schedule or demeanor. In the Hawking home, dinner was often conducted by everyone eating and quietly reading at the same time.  There was little discourse during the meal.  The family was often in financial difficulty, workdays for the parents were long, and frivolous spending and gifts were not common.  A cold home life and long periods away at various schools did not create close family bonds.  A parallel example might be Prince Charles who was constantly boarded at one school or another while his parents traveled on Royal business.  His closest support came from a few school buddies and the distant relatives he stayed with in between school sessions.

ALS, as a disease, brings a continuous loss of nerve and muscle control, affecting and eliminating the ability to walk, to use one’s arms and hands, even one’s speech is eventually curtailed.  Hawking’s disease progressed much more slowly, taking his whole life to wreck total havoc on his body.  Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences cites, in part, “Inhibitions in love-life . . . emotional inhibitions, soberness, a sense of duty, malfunctioning of the internal glandular secretions, . . . an unhealthy expression of the sex-urge, self-torment. . . lonely people.”  All of this apples to Hawking himself as well as to those who make up his environment.  The stunted home life is an expression of Saturn-square-Venus.  His marriage to Jane Wilde placed most/all of the burden of running the house hold and arranging for the increasing number of attendants who took care of her husband squarely upon her.  At the end of their marriage she left because the flow of people into their home was overly disruptive and tiring.  Remember, she also had a Saturn square Venus in her chart.  In her case she had to give much love under terrible conditions.

Hawking went on in his life to earn more degrees and to assume more leadership roles in many academic and scientific settings.  He wrote many books.  All of this was done while being in a wheel chair.  He had lost the ability to use his hands in 2005.  He next had to use a machine to speak for him.    His mind and his persistence was truly amazing.  For the sake of this blog, I will have to skip past more comments on this unique life and move to the period covering his recent passing.

On March 11, 2018, Hawking had a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 3rd house.  The 3rd house focus would typically focus on communication, travel, visits and a busy environment.  For Mr. Hawking, such a third house description was probably true of every day in his life.  Since his natal Sun and Mercury were in the natal third house, and given his physical condition, the 3rd house generic interpretation perfectly describes his typical and ongoing daily life.


What strikes me on initially looking at this chart is that the angles are 3 degrees away from any planet contact.  This, of course, tells us that events and actions suggested in the chart may be three days away from happening.  Such is the case here.  n/Mercury will not be contacted since it is behind the IC angle — the angles move forward about a degree-per-day.  By that measure, t/Uranus is 3 degrees ahead of the Desc. angle.  n/Pluto is 4 degrees ahead of the MC angle.  And, the n/Asc. is 3 degrees ahead of the Ascendant angle.  The t/Part of Fortune is a ‘free agent’, it moves as fast as the transiting Moon.  In three days it can move 37 to 39 degrees.  This amount of movement will bring the t/Moon close to the n/Neptune and square t/Mars. 

At this point, what might we say about this Return?

1)  The Advancing MC and Ascendant will shortly connect with the natal MC and natal Asc.  This realignment of the angles signifies a potential re-birth, an inflection point when life may take any new direction, including death. 

2)  The contact of the advancing MC with n/Pluto, and t/Pluto in the 3rd house near n/Sun brings us to the consideration of a major change coming to fruition. 

3)  The t/Uranus and n/Mars pattern will be contacted by the advancing Desc. angle.  Great energy will be suddenly apparent, will change everything very suddenly.  This being opposite the natal Ascendant at 26 Libra, this pattern would normally affect relationships with others.

4)  Finally, in this chart, we have the t/Part-of-Fortune square the natal Saturn-Uranus pairing. This presages a forced change in the status-quo.  The paired planets will be brought into the seventh house by the moving angles and cusps.  The change in the status quo (7th) will conflict with the energy to bring about change (Part of Fortune) in one’s goals in life.

5)  We can jump from the t/PoF to the natal PoF, conjoining n/BML, and opposing t/Mars in the 3rd house.  Mars should be strong, being opposite the weakening n/BML — except that t/Mars is near t/BML.  So, Mars is weakened in its expressional energy.  Does that translate to affecting the t/Uranus-n/Mars-Descendant pattern?  And what about t/Sun squaring t/Mars (as well as squaring that n/PoF and n/BML); will this indicate a cold or a weakening of one’s physical resistance?

This Return chart is difficult to use as a forecasting tool.  Whenever the heavy-outer planets are involved the astrologer has to nuance their ‘book’ meanings to fit any possible personal impact.  Let’s consider these heavy planets:

1) Pluto is death, revolution, large-scale upheavals, irrevocable change.  

2) Uranus is personal change, cognition of an important point, personal surprise.

3) Saturn is a kill-joy, a universal constraint, caution and sober reality.

4) The natal Part of Fortune is where we are most vulnerable to change, the transiting Part of Fortune is where change can come into play due to one’s actions, intentions and beliefs.

We need to go back to the natal chart in look at it relative to how Hawking lived his life.


1) Pluto at the MC; Hawking suffered from overwhelming debilitation, yet he persevered.  (A Pluto quality).

2) Uranus fueled the uncovering of dramatic news and insights into the secrets of life.  All of this was due to his mental conceptualization as a means of breaking from the constraints of Saturn.

3) Saturn, among many attributes, can offer one ‘persistence,’ a drive to keep on moving ahead in spite of difficulties.

4) The PoF, in this natal chart, abides with the natal Black Moon Lilith.  Can one’s vulnerability to ‘chance and change’ be managed when married to a state of weakness and a lack of clarity — as represented by the BML position?


With this reminder of the natal chart and its relation to the actual life of Stephen Hawking, would an astrologer predict this man’s passing?  I wouldn’t based on the planet-patterns alone.  I would, given his age, based on the re-alignment of the natal angles and the Return angles — and with the heavy planets playing a role at those sensitive angle.  As I suggested, those outer planets bring a lot of ambiguity to the role they might play on a personal level.  Would you predict Hawking’s passing in the next couple of weeks from this chart?  

I am going to leave this posting at this point where we consider the Return chart.  We will, in the next posting, review the Advanced chart where things will be clearer.  Dave.

PS:  If any have observations or comments about the natal Part of Fortune and natal Black Moon Lilith, please feel free to comment.



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Opposing Suns, Part of Fortune, and Eclipses

Jeff Bubba photo

Above:  Jeff Dunham and ‘Bubba’.  Bubba is a red-neck stereotypical character who loves beer and Nascar.  He met his wife at a family picnic.

Being busy is part of success.  Dunham was busy in 2009.  One part of his multi-platform contract with Comedy Central was to develop and present a TV show.  The concept of the show was very direct:  show the characters as if they were living a normal daily life in their hometown.  The following URL will give you a sample of such a format.  There is one short advertisement at the start of the video.

For those new to astrology or needing a ‘brush up’, there is a set of short essays on how to read and understand (enough to follow along) astrology charts in the menu area at the top of this page.

The t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for Oct. 18, 2009 occurred four days prior to the first airing of the TV show.  As the title suggests, opposing Suns, t/PoF, and eclipses play a role in this chart.


This is an 8th house t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return chart.  The generic theme includes “. . . the management of (projects) brings conflicts if one strays from areas of capability.  Confidence in the face of competition.  Emotions are kept in check.  Others may show stress, you have to show assuredness. . . team player.”  Let us see how the rest of the chart and events support or fit in with this theme.

t/Sun and n/Sun broadly oppose each other, typically indicating having two-minds about what one is doing, or having a conflict of wills between oneself and another.  Next, we have to consider t/PoF-Asc.-n/BML, an unusual combination.  ‘Taking a chance’ relates to PoF-Asc., but having n/BML there adds a sense of hesitation or doubt about what one is doing.  We have to remember that Jeff Dunham has perpetually worried about being away from home too often and for extended periods of time.  While this was a major step ahead in his career, doing a TV show and 60 road shows was clearly going to eat into his time at home with his family.  This Ascendant grouping was opposed by t/Uranus in the 7th house, close to the n/MC and n/Mars — actually t/Saturn is on the natal IC angle.

These above patterns suggest (due to the t/PoF-Asc.) a changeable or wishy-washy approach to taking action or following through on a plan.  The opposition to t/Uranus suggests a vulnerability to sudden ideas and changes.  Now, add in the natal Mars and MC and you might come up with the feeling that there were a lot of stops and starts in getting the scripts, overall plots, and production flow to become a smooth process.

Let us now shift our attention to Oct. 22, 2009, the night the Jeff Dunham show aired on national TV. 


In the four days since the Return chart, the Ascendant has advanced to conjoin with n/BML and has closed on t/Uranus.  t/Moon at the IC completes a “paran” square.  This type of square occurs when planets are angular even though they are not degree-wise square.  19 is 4 less than 23, so Moon-Uranus are in a general square.  Each planet is 3 degrees from its angle, making them an exact “paran square.”  Moon-Uranus is excitement and nervousness, attributes that Dunham would have exhibited in this effort to make a dream come true.

As a supportive factor we can note t/Sun-t/PoF in the second house, broadly opposite n/Mercury.  Jeff Dunham’s life work (t/Sun) at this point would prove to himself that his ideas and belief in himself was justified.  Self-worth and self-esteem are second house attributes.  The TV show was well followed and liked by the audience.  However, the costs to produce the show were higher than expected and Comedy Central did not want to fund a second season.  So now, we get to visit U-tube to see this material.

Note:  I would again like to mention ‘context.’  We have to know the context of the subject’s life if we wish to be more accurate and descriptive of the subject’s chart and how it mirrors life.  The comments made above about Dunham’s nervousness, about him being subject to new ideas and inspirations, about others affecting the show as it developed, are all part of developing and producing a new show.  This is the context that allows us to see astrologically how the chart and life mirror each other.






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Jeff and the Guys Are Back.

Jeff and Melvin photoAfter his first appearance at Comedy Central Jeff was told two things:  His act went over well and  ‘thanks’.  Second, he wouldn’t be invited back as his act didn’t fit in with Comedy Central’s image and program concepts.  As in life, Comedy Central found it expedient to change their mind at a later date.

On March 23, 2009 Comedy Central ate it words and signed Jeff Dunham to a multi-platform deal.  Another comedy show, a 60-city tour, DVDs and promotional items, and a TV show which would debut on Oct. 22, 2009.  We have some charts to look at.

Note:  I had not planned on doing more than four postings on Jeff Dunham as some stories start to lose their appeal as a vehicle for examining charts and interpretive techniques.  But, this series has proven so popular I felt it appropriate to continue.  So, let us look at the resurrection of comedic life with Comedy Central.

A March 13, 2009 t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return on the MC-IC axis is shown first.  As any new astrological student is soon made aware of, Sun on the MC angle is a sign of success and leadership.  n/Sun-n/Mercury bracket the MC in this chart with t/Moon on the IC.  Surprisingly, my book Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2 provides a generic statement for this pattern that is not overly positive.  “Difficulty with plans . . . Public image is affected by stated plans.  Public and private life clash.  Renewing something essential to one’s well-being . . .”  We will look at the rest of the chart and then introduce the events that happened in later days.  Comments on how the plans in the contract worked out will be taken up in the next blog after this one.


Chart, March 13, 2009 t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return.

So, here we have n/Sun-MC-n/Mercury and t/Moon-IC.  Sun-MC is ‘recognition.’  Mercury added to the MC is a contract (writing, agreement of words said).  Jumping over to n/Moon, we find it in the 3rd, opposing t/Venus; popularity, gifts, money.  With n/Sun so well positioned, we have to look at t/Sun — we find it approaching n/MC-n/Mars; making a strong and aggressive pitch or sales effort.  So, the basics of this chart all seem quite favorable.

Then, t/N.Node-Desc.-n/Saturn is noted;  a constrained relationship with another is cemented in place during this two week cycle.   In this case we might choose to see ‘constrained’ as ‘structured.’  A structured contract would be very ‘Saturn-like.’ This new relationship will change things for Dunham; note t/PoF opposite t/Saturn-n/BML  Saturn works within the apparent social world, urging constraint, caution, advocating patience and diligence.  n/BML works behind the scenes, weakening the more active components of any planets aligned with it.  We might assume that constraint and careful planning might not be fully evident in this new agreement.

There is one more thing to consider relative to the t/N.Node near the Desc. angle.  Six weeks earlier a Solar Eclipse occurred at 6:29 Aquarius.  This Descendant angle, the N.Node and the Sun itself becomes very important in this overall interpretation.  Dunham’s Sun, as his will and intent, will be very strong.  The nodal axis of the Moon, supporting his ability to reach out to associates, will be important and active on his behalf.  Such is the nature of a Solar eclipse as it infuses intensity on that which it touches.

When we look at the positioning of Black Moon Lilith in the ephemeris, we often get the sense that its process of calculation often moves this point in space, this empty focal point of the Moon’s oval-shaped orbit, erratically.  Indeed the several ways in which this point can be calculated gives rise to the astrological practice of applying BML to any point with 20 degrees of where it is calculated to be.  Following that practice, note that the n/Asc is ‘opposite’ t/BML; this suggests that others will act as if from a weaker position relative to putting together this contract.

That being said, lets look at the Advanced chart of the contract signing, March 23, 2009.


t/Jupiter-Desc. is the most exact of the angular planets.  Good fortune comes through others along with an expanded opportunity.  n/N.Node-Asc. points to Jeff Dunham’s developed manner in how he works with others to be in play here, now.  He will be at his most charming as he deals with the Comedy Club organization — they had been very cool to him the first time he appeared there.  n/Neptune is next in the ‘most angular’ category; illusion and expectations fuel this multi-platform contract.  What will the contract cover?  Another major comedy show.  A prolonged tour around the country, sixty cities in all.  DVDs and promotional items.  These had proven to be big money makers for Dunham who had been doing it on his own.  How about a TV show with all of the characters?  Yes.  And, in the future, an animated cartoon show or movie featuring Achmed the dead terrorist.  Everyone was glowing at this contract signing.

t/Sun had just passed n/Mars.  The momentum of the prior negotiations probably no longer needed that n/Mars energy.  t/Moon in the 7th was bumping up against n/Jupiter, and soon, t/Mars.  Lots of ‘get up and go’ to be found here.  And, we cannot overlook t/PoF-n/Asc in the 11th house; chance and change had come to the long-in-this-mode Dunham personality.  He had become a household commodity.  Curiously, t/BML was conjoining n/PoF; a weakening of Jeff’s appeal would not happen now, all bets were either off or forgotten about.  He was the man on this date. 

Jeff and Dianne photoDunham would be introducing two new characters in the coming weeks and months.  One was Diane who would appear in a 2010 film “Dinner for Schmucks” as Debbie, first appearing in the Identify Crisis tour conducted in 2010.  Although I haven’t seen much of her, Diane should more easily find a place among the other characters, providing an outlet for Dunham to reach the ladies in his audience.

Achmed's son photo

Achmed Junior is not a favorite of mine.  I didn’t like him when he first appeared.  He is the estranged son of Achmed.  He was also a bomb victim who was taken to the UK and later educated there, accounting for his British accent. He has no interest in being a terrorist and can’t make any bonding connection to his father, Achmed.  I’m not sure how he fits into the overall show line-up. 


With these charts my interpretive approach followed this simple formula:

First, look at the angular planets.

Second, if not angular, look at t/Moon, t/Sun, t/Part of Fortune.

Third, for the above, look at the alternate version of each planet — for natal planets, look at the transiting versions, for transiting planets look at the natal versions.

Fourth, in this case, I looked for near-time Solar Eclipses.

In the next posting we will examine how this ‘multi-platform’ worked out for Jeff Dunham and his characters.  The problem with continued success in the show-biz world is that both change and expansion seem to be requisites.  ‘Change’ might suggest both new characters and new areas which Dunham can explore thought the character’s presentations.  ‘Expansion’ in this case is the multi-platform aspect of the contract.  More shows, more work, one person to do it all.  Ideas and creativity can get stretched thin.  We’ll see how this starts to work out. 

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Getting laughs when getting laughs counts.

Dunham photo with Peanut and JoseFor comedians, Comedy Central is Mecca, the place to be.  Reaching this stage is an affirmation that you have achieved success among your peers.  This was a bit harder for a ventriloquist.  His comedy was linked to the puppets.  Each puppet had to be ‘believable’ within its character and context within the act.  Dunham’s presentation had to be edgy, sharp, current in its subject and dialog. We will look at the Return and Advanced charts for Jeff Dunham’s appearance at Comedy Central and the introduction of Peanut, Jose, Walter and an early version of Melvin the Superhero Guy. 

For an event of this type, for a comic considered to be on the fringe (being a ventriloquist), the charts should reflect the importance of this invitation.  Below is Dunham’s July 7, 2003 t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return with the MC emphasized.


Prior to Dunham’s appearance at Comedy Central, he had a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return on July 7th.  Let’s break this chart down into its component patters.

1) t/Moon is on the MC, n/Sun is on the IC along with n/Mercury.  The generic statement for this t/Moon-opp-n/Sun placement is, “The receipt of . . . news from afar, introductions into wider social (and business) circles . . . (impacts) the balance of short and long-term plans . . .”  This is definitely a chart marking a big step in his career. 

2) The t/Moon’s placement on the MC tells us that he will make a public appearance of great importance in the following two-week period.  n/Sun at the IC angle points to a ‘new start’ event which involves his commentary with the puppets. 

We can explore related patterns in this chart. 

3) t/Sun is on the Desc. along with n/Asc.; he will be a big success in presenting himself. 

4) We can also take note of n/MC in the 3rd house; his career will be aided by talking and communicating well. 

5)  By relocating this chart to California, the n/Mars is positioned at the natal MC.  This is powerful placement for Mars.

6)  t/PoF will pass over the emphasized IC angle within the day.  

Jeff and Melvin photoIf advising a client about this chart we would say, “You will be having a major launch of your career in the next few days.  You will be successful.”

On July 18th, Jeff Dunham took the stage with his crew; Jose, Walter, Peanut and an early version of Melvin, the Superhero Guy.  Let us look at his Advanced chart for that date.



1)  The MC angle has diurnally advanced to the n/Neptune position; drama and presentation of an illusion is indicated.  If we play astrological hopscotch, we can jump over to t/Neptune which is in the first house and conjoins n/Saturn.  The illusion (Neptune) of reality (Saturn) is part of his experience on this date, in this period.

2)  t/Sun and t/Venus are at the Desc. angle; Dunham will be popular and well thought of.  Again, playing hopscotch, we can jump for t/Sun to n/Sun.  n/Sun-n/Mercury is in the 3rd house showing the need to speak out, make an impact. 

3)  t/Moon transits his n/Mars in the 2nd house, his hard work will earn him recognition.  Again, t/Moon represents all things that are changing.  n/Mars (relocated to California) is made strong by its location near the natal MC.

4)  t/PoF lies opposite this t/Moon-n/Mars pattern, adding excitement to the night.


Well, the act was a success.  However, Comedy Central didn’t  think his act was a good fit for the club’s overall program.  They did not sign him up for a repeat performance.  Yet, he got his good exposure, and he would be back.



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