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Comedian Takes On “Debt”

JO photo-J

I am not sure exactly what I wish to demonstrate in this posting in terms of what the chart is to tell us.  It is a good chart.  But, it isn’t so much an “event” as it is the “telling about an event.”  And while John Oliver is known as a comedian, he also has his serious side.  In this posting he is talking about what happens to your personal debt when you cannot make payments on that debt.  Only John Oliver could talk about this subject and still interject humor into his story.

As the story given in the URL video link above indicates, when you default on paying a loan, the lender (or bank) gives up after awhile and “writes off” your loan as a loss on its books.  There is always a certain small percentage of such losses.  But, the bank “sells” that loan to a debt collector, perhaps for 5 cents on the dollar, thereby recovering a small part of its loan.  The debt collector than starts to call you, seeking the full amount of the original loan.  This is where it gets interesting.

Let us assume that you, the defaulting loan recipient, just keeps the loan-money and somehow avoids the debt-collection agency.  While they could attach your pay check, take your car, etc., let us assume you somehow avoid their clutches.  They will give up and resell your loan, perhaps for one cent on the dollar, to another loan collector.  Now, this other debt-collector goes after you for the original loan amount.  

So, let us look at a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for John Oliver, June 5, 2017, set in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.  


t/Sun is at the MC and the t/Moon-n/Sun opposition is from the 2nd to the 8th house.  In conventional astrology, this house axis has to do with money, resources, the management of other people’s assets.  So, this chart seems to very much reflect just what this TV show is talking about.  “Talk.”  Can chart’s show ‘talk.’  Well, in this case John Oliver did more than just talk.  He, and his staff, set up a ‘debt-collecting’ business in Jackson, Mississippi.  They purchased some $15,000,000 of debt!  This only cost them a few hundred dollars.  Then, they just forgave that debt, giving those that had defaulted a gift of their full load amounts.

Too bad a group couldn’t find out who held their debts for pennies, or less, on the dollar, set up their own collection agency, and then purchased their own debt a very little cost.  

Now, note that the t/Moon-opp-n/Sun axis is squared by t/Part of Fortune.  A very important relationship (Sun-Moon) is going to be changed (PoF).  Let us jump over from the t/PoF to the n/PoF which is up at the MC along with the t/Sun, both opposite n/Neptune-IC and squaring t/Neptune-Desc.  Do you suddenly get the feeling here that Moon-Sun-Part of Fortune-Neptune (natal and transiting versions) are all in some sort of comedy situation here?

So, let us re-cap just what happened.  John Oliver set up a debt-collection agency with his staff, purchased $15,000,000 in debt for a few hundred dollars, and then ‘forgave’ that debt on a TV show.  All of this to make a point, to show just what the loan-industry is all about.  It is no wonder that these collection agencies are willing to call you at supper time or after you have gone to bed, to call you at work or to call your supervisor at work, to send threatening letters, to file liens on your house.  It doesn’t cost them much to do this and the payback, when it works, is very great.

So, to get back to the beginning, can a chart show “talk?”  In this case, no.  The chart is actually depicting the actions of the TV show host, the involvement into monies and their management (8th house) of personal cash and resources (2nd house).  It is interesting.   Oh, also note t/Venus (money, wealth) conjoining n/Sun!  Dave



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Betty Shelby; A ‘Win’ At A Great Cost.

Betty Shelby photo-2Two blogs ago we looked at Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby’s charts relating to her shooting of Terrance Crutcher.  Crutcher was a 40 year old black man who stopped in the middle of a street and indicated he had problems with his vehicle.  Shelby and her partner were first on the scene, followed by a police helicopter and a second team of officers.  Crutcher was near his vehicle, his hands in the air.  He did not lie down on the ground as he was ordered to.  Shelby and her partner were between their car and Crutcher’s car, some 20 feet from him.  The partner fired his taser to disable Crutcher, Shelby fired one shot, fatally striking Crutcher.  For several minutes no body knelt to help Crutcher who died a short time later.  A video was provided in the earlier blog.

Shelby turned herself in and was arrested, then released on bail.  A court case was opened on Sept. 30, 2016, and concluded on May 17, 2017.  The Moon-to-Sun Return chart that applies to that court ruling is shown below.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart occurs on the same day as the trial was concluded.  The first thing we note is t/Moon-n/Sun in the 4th house, near the IC angle.  A new phase in her life is to begin.  The second factor we note is t/Mercury at the Desc. angle along with the n/Asc.  Mercury represents news (or in this court trial context; testimony, documents or news).  Important news or testimony will be given by another on this date.

The natal Ascendant at the Descendant angle.  In my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, page 160 at the end of the chapter defining planetary-pairs, notes are offered on the meanings of natal angles found at the Return or Advanced chart’s angles.  The generic meaning suggested for n/Asc. at t/Desc. is “changing your direction, canceling efforts made on another’s behalf.”  We will review how this fits with her court finding.

t/Moon-to-n/Sun at the IC and t/Mercury-Desc.-n/Asc. are the only angular planets.  The t/PoF (even if it is not angular) is always something to consider.  Here, t/PoF in the 9th opposes t/Pluto-n/MC;  a total change will affect Shelby’s career and life plan.

It is now time to play ‘astrological hopscotch.’  Having looked at t/Mercury, let us now look at natal Mercury which has an out-of-sign square (4 degrees of orb) to t/Sun.  The news is not fully in her best interests, problems will be a result of that news.  n/Moon conjoins n/Saturn and this pair opposes t/Saturn-n/N.Node.  At the critical adult year of age at 43, Betty Shelby will be held to some form of accounting.  We can also look at n/PoF in the 11th house of community service where it is opposed by t/Neptune, squared by t/Mars.  Rash actions (n/PoF) with unclear objectives (t/Neptune) cause an attack by those having shared control and actions concerning ‘you.’ 

On this date, Betty Shelby was found to be not guilty.  Her penalty was the loss of her job at the police department, a letter from the jury stating that they viewed her as unfit to ever hold that or a similar job in the future, and the riots that occurred in Tulsa over this finding which so many saw as grossly unfair.  This incident was one of many similar incidents where a member of the black community was shot and killed by a white police officer.  Widespread protests over these incidents have always followed and yet little progress in resolving these actions seems to result.  This blog site isn’t ‘politically’ driven yet this is one example taken from the daily news that occurs across the nation.  While I use these news accounts to demonstrate how we can use them to practice and improve our astrological skills, we cannot overlook the terrible costs to families and to our own individual communities that result.  Dave.


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Shooter Targets GOP Representatives

Hodkinson photo

The morning news announced the shooting of several GOP House of Representatives members who were practicing at a baseball park for their charity game with the Democrats, an event held each year.  The shooter was identified as James T Hodkinson, formerly of Belleville, IL.  He recently arrived in Alexandria, adjacent to Washington, D.C.  A security detail assigned to one of the GOP members were both wounded but succeeded in killing the shooter after some ten minutes of gunfire.  We will look at his natal chart, Moon-to-Sun Return and the Advanced chart for this date, June 14, 2017 in Alexandria, VA.


The Moon-to-Sun phase relationship is in the 2/8 Worker Phase (as defined by Dane Rudhyar) indicating a early-life theme of a struggle to be free of the past, to find new ways forward, to strive to become a new person.  Ceres is virtually at the midpoint of Sun-Moon; a need to find ‘support’ while sorting out the masculine and feminine sides of issues.  When these types of tensions are present, a comfortable place in the middle is difficult to find or establish.  Mars has a loose square aspect to the Part of Fortune, inclining him to be a bit unpredictable in his responses.  Mercury opposes Uranus indicating a distrust of sudden developments, a push to mentally consider change as confrontational.  We will leave the natal chart with just these few comments.

Relocating his natal chart to Alexandria, VA, we find that a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return occurred on June 9, 2017, the Sun in the 3rd house.  This is the house of a ‘busy neighborhood’, of activity, talking, people interacting about you.


This is a very intense chart, all angles and angular houses are active.  Note t/Saturn on the IC, with n/Saturn in the first house — a ‘doubled-up’ Saturn indicating that the interaction of the 3rd house Moon-Sun will be negative, not positive.  This man is being judgemental on this date.  Earlier, before the shooting, Hodkinson asked if this practice team was made up of Democrats or Republicans.  “Republicans” was the answer he was given.  

t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) is at the Desc. angle, conjoining t/Chiron and n/N.Node. Remember my comments on the PoF in the natal chart.  This t/PoF will activate the n/Mars-square-n/PoF tendencies.  We consequently notice t/Mars in the 10th house of self-image and goals.  This t/Mars squares the n/Asc., the n/Saturn, and opposes the n/MC.  He seems impelled to act.  

These few observations tells us the key themes that play upon this man’s mind during this upcoming two week cycle.  Let us look at the Advanced chart for June 14th, 2017.


As background interest, Hodkinson stationed himself along the 3rd base side of the ball field.  He had a rifle.  There were players around that immediate area as well as at third base.  His first shots were directed at 2nd base, much further away.  The GOP Representative at 2nd base was the top ranking member on the field, the Majority Whip of the Republican Party, in line for succession to the Presidential office if a calamity happened.  This fact alone, not yet discussed on the news, seems to indicate his dislike for that party’s politics.  What has changed in these few days since the Return chart?

n/Saturn is more closely aligned to the Ascendant, the Saturn-IC-n/Venus, n/MC at the IC angle, t/Chiron at the Descendant, and t/Mars-t/Sun bracketing the MC.  But, the most explosive factor, to my eye and with my experience in developing this whole interpretive system, is t/PoF conjoining n/PoF.  My book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, page 135, notes in part, “. . . big changes are to be expected.  Chaos. The house position can indicate where and how change is to be experienced.” 

Next, I will point your interest to n/Venus at the IC.  This is a common indicator of “death” for the subject.  While this is not always so (I have seen love affairs start with this position), when the context of one’s actions warrant it, this is a common result.

t/Sun-t/Mars bracketing the MC highlights the subject’s focus and goal on enacting his current will and focus with force.  That force will be sudden (t/Mars-n/Uranus).  Note, in connection with this statement, that t/Uranus squares n/Mars.  In effect, this is a doubled up Mars-Uranus combination and it is very forceful.  This whole chart is bursting with energy.  In these cyclic charts it has been observed that Chiron often seems associated with ‘adjustments.’  Chiron, in natal charts, has been linked to past hurts and injuries that one needs to cope with.  In this case, his early upbringing and his observations (during his adult life) has indicated his dismay and  hurting over political developments.  This is the driving motive behind his choosing to attack the Republicans at the public practice prior to the June 15th charity game.  He was trying to ‘adjust’ the way Republican’s acted.


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Betty Shelby: Bang. You Are Dead.

Betty Shelby photo-2The shooting.

We watched the video in the first blog.  We saw the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, the driver walking about, the two police officers getting out of their cruiser and walking towards the driver and the vehicle.  We saw the driver go back to his drivers-side door, the officer still further back past the end of the vehicle.  We saw two other officers enter the picture.  Then we see the driver fall to the ground. 

At this point he appeared to have been shot.  The officers were still some 15 or 20 feet distant.  They had never been closer to the victim, the victim had not approached them.  With all that in mind, let us now look at Betty Shelby t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for Sept. 13, 2016.


This is a 12th house Return chart.  It’s theme, taken from Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, page 61, says in part, Shaping the future or helping others in their needs. Advocating for public service.  Volunteering or visiting those in solitude.  Wrapping up a joint endeavor with others.  Being in a recovery or treatment phase for one’s health.  Being isolated or working alone behind the scenes.  This generic statement is quite appropriate for most 12th house situations typical of daily life.  But, not for this unusual situation.  So, why put this up for review if it doesn’t apply in this strange case?  Because we can’t always trust “cookie-cutter” generic astrology.  So, what should we do here?  Let us go back to the chart and see how this t/Moon-n/Sun pattern is modified by other factors in the chart.  t/Moon-n/Sun squares n/Mars, opposes t/PoF. 

  • n/Sun-square-n/Mars:  We talked about the number of squares in Shelby’s natal chart and the struggle that she would likely have to deal with these challenges.
  • n/Sun-t/Moon-opp-t/PoF:  Others or another would present a situation where sudden change might create a reaction.
  • Playing astrological hopscotch, we jump from n/Mars to t/Mars-IC opposite n/Saturn-n/Moon-IC.  Another opposition pattern — there were no oppositions in the natal chart, no inner sense of balance or negotiation.  Here, taking command of a situation (Mars-MC) runs counter to the n/Saturn-n/Moon-IC pattern for being slow to react or to formulate plans in new situations.  That is the Moon, for you, very reactionary.
  • So continuing our hopscotching, consider n/PoF-t/Sun-t/Mercruy-Desc.:  Having a singular purpose and focus (Sun-Mercury) regarding another (Desc.), Shelby relies on her normal way of reacting to sudden change and situations that confront her with unexpected situations — she attacks.  Why?  Because we have t/Sun-square-t/Mars which fits with n/Sun-square-n/Mars.  With the Part of Fortune present in both the natal and transiting patterns, this is very upsetting and Officer Shelby goes into automatic training mode.  Ready-shoot-aim-think.  Oh, that didn’t work out right. 


So, this is how this cycle frames the mood and operation sense that Betty Shelby was in for this cycle.  Did other contentious things of this nature happen prior to the shooting date three days later?  We don’t know.  So, we will look next at the chart for Sept. 16th.


t/Moon-Asc-opp-t/Sun-t/PoF-Desc.:  The emotional, reactive t/Moon-at-the-Ascendant points to an excitability issue for this date.  Males (Sun) would appear confrontational (t/PoF-Desc.).  With t/Sun-square-t/Mars-n/N.Node, this built-in belligerence would be aligned with the chart.  Is it necessary that this be expressed in this way?  Consider that the t/PoF tightly squares n/Saturn-n/Moon.  This is a harsh pattern, short on support and long on distain. 

Technically, t/Venus-n/Uranus is in the 7th house, an angular house.  This t/Venus is in opposition to the t/Uranus, while the n/Venus squares the n/Uranus.  Again, an opposition pattern is something Shelby isn’t quite used to.  Having a “square” approach to an “opposition” pattern is a struggle.  Balance is not the operational word.  Struggle with a me-versus-you seems to result.

The driver, Mr. Crutcher, paid a terrible price for all of this inner turmoil.   This family man, not a perfect man, but a man making his way through life within his communityy, would never have the chance to prove to himself that he could reach his goals.

In the next posting we will look at the trial that resulted from this shooting.  Dave.











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An Everyday News Story: Depressing, Grim, Instructive

The Internet, Cable TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers are full of event-related stories involving people in dramatic situations.  Many of these are fruitful explorations for astrologers. One such example arose the other day.  News concerning a lady officer on the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department came to my attention.  Her name is Betty Shelby.  She had been on the police force since 2011.  Her charts and a video of the incident she was involved in are provided.

Betty Shelby photo-1

She and her partner were on patrol September 16, 2016 when they responded to a call concerning a car stopped in the middle of the road which was causing a traffic problem.  They came across a man standing beside his car.  The car was in the middle of a street, its doors open and the motor running.  A man was nearby.  The events immediately after the arrival of Shelby and her partner are in dispute.  The core situation seems to be that the arriving police asked the driver what the problem was.  The answer indicated that the car may be about to blow up, although the reason for that statement was not clearly evident.  The driver was asked to approach the police and to show his hands.  At this point the various views of what happened next become unclear.  The account of the two officers are in conflict with some of the photos taken at the scene.  A hovering police helicopter pilot had his own opinion of what he saw.

What was definite is that Shelby’s partner tased the driver and Shelby shot the driver.  A smear of blood marked the driver’s position near the car’s driver’s door. It was almost three minutes after the fatal shot was fired before anyone knelt down to offer aid or help to the victim.  The police had created one more incident of white policemen shooting an unarmed black man.  Demonstrations and gatherings followed over the next several days.

Let us first examine Betty Shelby’s natal chart.  Her birth was on February 3, 1974.  A “noon” time is used.  The date of birth was found on a court document for her arrest in this incident.  One often has to do a bit of searching for dates.

BSnatalTulsaOK natal chart

Since I will be using t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart to follow this incident, the use of a “noon” chart time is quite acceptable.  All those who are born on a given date will have a similar MC position within some 7 or 8 degrees.  This makes the chart “workable.”

Because this is a natal chart with a ‘noon’ birth time, the MC, Ascendant and Part of Fortune cannot be used. 

Of note is Sun square Mars, indicating a brash manner in one’s expression. Couple this with Mercury squaring Neptune, suggesting difficulty in discerning what people say or how they mean what they say.  Brashness, haste, uncertainty, lack of initial understanding. 

Now, let us fold in Moon conjoining Saturn; difficulty in relating to others, slow to react.  With this Moon-Saturn pair conjoining the Moon’s South Node, we have a reliance on training and past practices to guide one’s expression of this pairing.  And then we have Venus square Uranus; distrust of unusual situations that are difficult to assess and to balance conflicting issues.

Note that these ‘statements’ are slanted relative to how one might approach their police duties, not how one would react to a lover or choosing an automobile to buy.  We have several strong square aspects in this chart plus the single Saturn-Moon-S.Node conjunction.  We have no opposition patterns which would suggest a recognition of differences or the need to negotiate.   We have one major trine from Uranus to the Saturn-Moon-S.Node grouping.  In light of the strength of the square aspect patterns and single conjunction we might now reconsider our earlier statements and apply a more difficult set of attitudes toward the basic make-up of Officer Betty Shelby.

A dash-cam video of this incident, plus an overhead video from the helicopter, shows two police officers approaching a vehicle parked in the middle of a road.  A man was walking back towards the vehicle, some 20 feet in front of the officers.  The man reaches the vehicle and stands next to it.  Two more officers approach the other two officers, all of them still some distance from the man.  The man falls to the ground, apparently shot from some 15 or 20 feet away.

The video may be viewed from this link.

The Department of Justice opened an investigation.  An autopsy revealed significant amounts of PCP in the victims system.  Terrance Crutcher, the victim, was known to have a drug problem but he was living a normal life as a father, he had a job, he sang in the choir of his church.  And, while he apparently walked away from the officers who were telling him to stop and place his hands on the vehicle, the video does not seem to show any threatening moves being made.  The distance between the officers and the victim was not close enough to suggest immediate danger to the officers.

At this point, before posting the event charts in the next blog post, it seems that we should look at this natal chart again.  Why was Officer Shelby so quick to fatally shoot Terrance Crutcher from a distance of 15 to 20 feet when no threatening moves were made?   We will examine the event charts in the next posting.







That date was taken from an arrest warrant taken out against Officer Shelby for shooting an unarmed man.

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Trumps First Weeks In Office, Part 3

Trump photo-1We are examining Progressed Daily Angles charts derived from Donald Trump’s precession-corrected Solar Return for 2016.  These charts are advanced using the MC-Solar Cycle (my term) that was embodied within Cyril Fagan’s method of working with Sidereal Solar Returns.  These Tropical charts are like their Sidereal cousins since they are corrected for the changes caused by the recession of the Tropical Aries point along Earth orbit as measured in the Tropical zodiac.  This photo of Donald Trump was taken at a happier period.

Trump 2-13-2017 PSSR-J

In the above Progressed Daily Angles chart for Feb. 13, 2017 we see that the MC has advanced to 2:05 Pisces.  t/Saturn is just above the Desc. angle, n/Moon is below some 3 degrees.  More importantly is Trump’s n/Mars-n/Asc at the IC angle along with the t/N.Node.  And we have n/Sun-n/N.Node just above the Asc. in the 12th house zone of the chart.  Finally, not so close to the MC, we find t/Sun 7 degrees behind the MC and t/Neptune 9 degrees ahead of the MC — the MC being at the midpoint of t/Sun-t/Neptune.  There is a lot to consider on this date.  So, what happened?  Trump met with Justin Trudeau, P.M. of Canada who epitomizes everything that is different from Trump.  And, yes, lest we forget, General Flynn (Trump’s campaign advisor and National Security Advisor resigned due to the news emerging about his illegal and inappropriate contacts with the Russians.

So, let us examine these factors in the chart, one by one:

  • n/Mars-n/Asc at IC angle, along with t/N.Node:  Trump has established a strong attack-reaction mode when things do not go his way.  The presence of the t/N.Node at the IC suggests an ending/start of a relationship — in this case, the end of a formal relationship that Trump often bragged about.
  • t/Sun-t/Neptune=MC:  We can take this right from Ebertin’s book, Combination of Stellar Influences.  “Being sensitive, weak, ill or impressionable.  A negative out look.  Periods of depression, hyper-sensitiveness or mental and emotional stress.” By this point, less than a month in office, Trump was already being attacked from many quarters.  His tweets were angry.  
  • n/Sun-n/N.Node lie just above the Ascendant:  n/Moon and t/Saturn oppose this pair.  If Trump’s association with another leader (N.Node-Sun) is what he has put on his calendar, that is being counterbalanced by the change in his organizational line-up (Moon-Saturn) due to General Flynn’s departure from the White House.

So, the chart mirrors the events in Donald Trump’s life.  Let us move ahead some 11 days.  The MC has moved ahead 14 degrees in those 11 days, about what we would expect.  So what has changed in this Progressed Daily Angles chart shown below?

Trump 2-24-2017 PSSR-J

The angles have lost their planetary presence!  Only n/Mercury-Asc. is present as an interpretive guide.  n/Mercury is in the natal 11th house, here it is found on the rising degree — the Ascendant.  So, desparate to find something else, we can look for t/Mercury!  There it is at 27 Aquarius, opposite n/Mars-n/Asc., widely opposite t/N.Node.  So, let us break this down:

  • n/Mercury-Asc.;  Communications, talking with others about one’s personal views.  This n/Mercury squares n/Neptune; indicating that Trump’s words do not always line up with truth and clarity but are subject to being misunderstood or dramatized for effect.  We have seen that often, almost daily. 
  • t/Mercury in the 9th house, opposing n/Mars-n/Asc.-t/N.Node:  This is a time to give voice to his views, to do so strongly and to lay out those views for others to share and follow (the opposition pattern).  
  • t/Mars can be taken into account since n/Mars is activated:  t/Mars-t/Uranus is in the 11th house of (political) community, opposing n/Jupiter-t/Jupiter, squaring t/Pluto, and squaring n/Saturn-n/Venus.  Trump is laying out a strong set of views to a friendly political group while creating a conflict involving loss and endings (Pluto) and tough-love (Saturn-Venus).

How did all of this play out in the real world.  Trump gave a strong address to PAC (a friendly group of conservative members and politicians) while deciding to bar members of the Press at the White House who had been very vocal at pushing questions and demanding answers from his beleaguered Press Secretary.  This only exacerbated the war with the Press and media in general.  Chief among those who fought back against Trump was the TV show, Saturday Night Live.  Actor Alex Baldwin had taken to impersonating Trump.  Now Press Secretary Spicer was being characterized also in very derogatory ways.  It seemed that everyone had adopted a laughing resistance to Trump’s political world.  It would only get worse.  

This is likely the end, for now, of an examination of S/R and Progressed Daily Angle charts.  I hope you enjoyed exploring this form of cyclic charting.  Dave. 



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Exploring Solar Returns and Prog’d Daily Angles (PSSR) Charts, Part 2

Trump photo-4

This series of posting explores the use of precession-corrected Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts.  Sidereal astrologers refer to these as Solar Returns and PSSRs (progressed sidereal solar returns).  Both the tropical version used here and the sidereal version make use of the MC-Solar Cycle.  The essay offered on this site’s menu is the most popular choice for readers.

I will be presenting two more Progressed Daily Angles charts in this posting for us to consider.  The first took place a little more than a week following Trumps first day in office, on Jan. 29th, 2017.  This daily chart is shown below.

Trump 1-29-2016 PSSR-J

Trump was eager to demonstrate his presidential power.  Two event occurred on this date.  First, he authorized (and it was carried out) a raid on Yemen to obtain intelligence data and kill terrorists.  Second, he was thwarted by a Federal District Court Judge who put his ban on immigration on  ‘hold.’  So, let’s look at this chart.

  • The MC angle has advanced just past the transiting Sun.  The MC and t/Sun will remain close since each advances at rates that are close to each other.  n/Sun-n/Uranus-n/N.Node is in the 1st house; suggesting that Trump’s goals and image will move into an action zone.
  • Natal Pluto is near the IC angle, opposite the t/Sun.  The IC angle will slowly pass out of orb and aspect to n/Pluto as each day comes along.  Playing our game of astrological hopscotch, we will turn our attention from n/Pluto to t/Pluto-t/Mercury in the 9th.
  • n/MC, which was on the Asc. in the Jan. 20th Inauguration chart, has now faded into the 12th house as the Asc. angle moves onward. 
  • Natal Mars-Asc. is deep into the 4th house, giving it some angular credibility.

t/Sun-MC is a time to reach for goals, to establish one’s public image.  With the n/MC now in the 12th house, any actions taken will be somewhat in the background, not part of Trump’s personal efforts.  With n/Pluto-IC, Trump’s personal proclivity to be dominating and in control will be a consideration at this time.  The t/Pluto-t/Mercury will have to do with things signed, conversation, travel, movement  and any control or power that can be exercised over those activities.

Trump’s ordering of a shore-raid in Yemen to gain intelligence and kill terrorists did not go well.  There were far more terrorist-fighters there than had been expected.  The team had to retreat with a loss of life and little of value having been gained.  Not a good result.

Trump’s travel ban was held up by a Federal District Judge.  What has been absolutely needed for security and to protect the country (Trump’s words) was now a dead issue for a period of time.

Trump 2-09-2017 PSSR-J

Trump’s Feb. 9th, 2017 Progressed Daily Angles chart is shown above.  We can note the following:L

  • The natal Uranus-N.Node-Sun grouping has now come to the Asc.   t/Sun is now 5 degrees behind the MC angle, and has no interpretive effect.
  • Trump’s natal Mars-Asc. is now conjoining the IC angle.  This ‘doubles up’ the influence of the Ascendant.
  • n/Moon is at the Desc. angle.  t/Moon opposes t/Mercury from the 3rd house.

Trump’s eccentricities, personality, and manner of dealing with others is all on display today.  He issued Executive Orders seeking to affect the line of succession to the Presidential office, three Executive Orders addressing law enforcement, reacted against the Court of Appeals for upholding the ban on his efforts to stop immigration from specific countries, and reversed his campaign pledge on the “One China” policy.   Putting the One China policy in a questionable status was seen as a ploy to bring pressure on China.  Trump just gave this up.  Some negotiator. 

With the ‘doubled up’ influence of the Asc. and n/Asc. angles, Trump was tweeting and attacking the ‘fake media’ and others for working against his efforts to put a travel ban into effect.  As of four months later, that or any other ban still has not become effective.  The use of Executive Orders seems to be one of the few actions this President feels he can accomplish.  His administration has not learned how to work within the system.  It does not work without the system.


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