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Part Two: A Death Becomes A Form Of Justice

Obama signs act photo-2Because of this brutal act of murdering employee Sergei Magnitsky and stealing the holdings of their Russian office, the prominence of Hermitage Capital Management, and the evidence on hand, caused investigations to be launched and a great deal of criminal fraud and money laundering uncovered.  With an uprising of political interest and pressure, President Obama signed the Magnitsky Act on Dec. 14, 2012.  This act banned a large number of Russians and criminal bankers from doing business with the U.S.  It also froze their assets, most of which were held in the U.S. or among its allies so as to safe keep that money from their own governments and to avoid paying taxes.  Later, the ‘Panama Papers’ released a small partial listing, part of an ultimate 212,000 businesses and individuals who had overseas accounts, hidden accounts and other resources that were, in some cases, used for drug and criminal activity money laundering.  A huge opening-up of money flows around the world was becoming visible thanks to a cooperative journalistic investigation.  The Return and Advanced charts for the signing of the Magnitsky Act are shown below.

These are unusual Return-Advanced charts.  I have taken the Magnitsky ‘date-of-death’ chart (the Advanced chart for Nov. 16, 2009) and used it as a natal or reference chart for the signing chart of the Magnitsky Act.  So, to be clear, the Nov. 16, 2009 Advanced chart for Sergei Magnitsky’s death-due-to-beating in prison is used as the natal-reference chart (outer wheel chart) to calculate a Return and then an Advanced chart for the signing of the Act created in his name.

By linking Magnitsky’s death-date to the signing of Magnitsky Act, I am attempting to created that “string of pearls” that I referred to in Part One of this series.


For these charts in Part Two, Magnitsky’s Advanced Death chart planets will have a “d/XX” prefix in place of the typical “n/XX” prefix.  Unlike Magnitsky’s Return chart for his death with its Moon-in-12th-opp-Sun-in-6th pattern, this t/Moon-to-d/Sun Return is a first house Return chart!  Its purpose is clear and straight forward.  t/Moon-d/Sun squares d/Chiron-d/Neptune (in death chart).  This is a statement countering the intended deceit and dispersion of Magnitsky’s work.  Grouped with Moon-Sun are t/Venus, t/N.Node, t/Mercury, d/Mercury.  This reflects the personal imprint of this man’s work. 

t/Neptune-d/Neptune-IC; the t/Neptune, in three years time, has not advanced much from the date of his death.  His idealism (natal chart) is at work here.  Since t/Moon is at the Ascendant, we need to look at d/Moon — we see it conjoined by the t/PoF and squared by t/Mars; public support is challenged and sought to fight the aggression and criminality of the money laundering and criminal efforts.


In this chart, one day later on Dec. 12, 2012, the only changes are the t/Moon moving to a square to t/Uranus, a public surprise.  t/Mars has become exact in its square to n/Moon, and the IC is directly upon n/Neptune (Magnitsky’s ideals). 

Perhaps the double Neptunes at the IC angle sum it all up:  former deceptions end, new ideals take root.  t/Sun squares the MC of Magnitsky’s death date chart:  What was done then has to be seen in the current light of these consequential actions.

A significant blow had been dealt to Russian banks, criminal banks, and criminal activity that was laundering money and then storing and using it to further their financial control in legitimate markets.

In Part 3 I will take this story a step further.  We will start to see the outlines of Trump’s strange obsession with Putin and ‘all things Russian.’  Understanding these events will help us understand the next, second, 180 days of his Administration and all of strange maneuverings we have seen to date.  Dave.



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Part One. Magnitsky: the Man, the Act, and Donald Trump, Jr.

The title indicates three areas of discussion, each is related in some way, but each area of discussion is also separate.  When writers wish to link three diverse story elements they use a device called ‘a string of pearls.’  Unfortunately, in the case of astrological charts for a Russian man, the chart for former President Obama’s signing of an act affecting international finance, and the current President’s son releasing e-mails on a clandestine meeting in New York, the string that links these elements is not so evident, astrologically.  However, we will still present this story in three parts.   For some, this series will paint an outline of  the relationship between Trump-Putin which may be based upon past loans and favors which Trump wishes to remain unknown to the public.



Sergei Magnitsky was born April 8, 1972 (time unknown) in Odessa, Ukraine.  His natal chart (shown below) has a generally spread-out placement of planets but two groupings interest us.  Saturn-Venus-Mars in Gemini provide a key insight into his likely adult nature.  I will quote in-part directly from the book by Sandbach and Ballard, Planetary Containments: These people have a carefully focused and defined set of values.  In this lifetime they are learning to project their personal values in a dynamic and aggressive manner.  They may be uncomfortable since they fear attack or dispute which may sway their sense of self-worth.  Since this is an untimed “noon” chart, this is one key piece of information for us to consider.


Another useful pattern is the Moon in a last-quarter square phase to the Sun, suggesting that he will be one who sets his own goals and seeks to be a role model for others to follow.  The Moon at the Moon’s North Node paints a sensitivity to relating to others.  He is honest with others and tells it like he sees it.  With this Moon trine to the Saturn-Venus-Mars pattern he is likely to find that his clarity of purpose will convey his personal values well to others who value them.  This same Moon also trines Pluto, lending a self-absorbed intensity to his character.  Whatever he does, he does it within his own world view and does it well.

We can see his natal Moon as being very important to understanding his natal chart.  Note this Moon at the midpoint of Neptune and Mercury (Mercury trine to Neptune, sextile the Moon).  His mind and ideals, the ability to see imaginative pictures, relating to nebulous ideas — all of these have to play various roles in his life at one time or another.

In his adult life, Sergei Magnitsky moved from Ukraine to Moscow, Russia.  His chart gives us clues about how he might make his living.  His angular Mercury-opp-Pluto can signify an investigative reporter, historian or forensic accountant, for example.  In time, Magnitsky did become a lawyer working in Moscow for U.S. Hermitage Capital Management as a lawyer and accountant.  He discovered losses for his company of some two hundred million dollars, reported that to his superiors, and went on to uncover a network of fraud and criminal activity by Russian interests.  When his firm protested to the government, the head of the firm was banned from Russia, books and assets were seized, Magnitsky was arrested and charged with the fraud and theft that he had uncovered as the work of Russian criminals.  While in jail, he was beaten to death on November 22, 2009. 

His Moscow-based Return and Advanced charts for his death are shown below.


It is important to remember that “noon” natal charts as well as “timed” natal charts for any specific date will all have the same MC position within some 7 degrees.  This fact makes “noon-timed” charts workable with Moon-to-Sun Returns.

Two patterns immediately standout in this Return chart.  First, t/Moon is in the 12th house of institutions and imprisonment, opposing the n/Sun in the sixth house of adjustments.  n/Uranus conjoins t/Moon, n/Chiron conjoins n/Sun.  With natal Uranus opposing natal Sun, Magnitsky was fated to have surprising turns of fortune dog his life, causing him to suffer upsets and make continuing adjustments to support himself.  The second pattern is t/Mars-MC opposing t/Jupiter-IC; attack and legalities-money are the key words for these planets.  His reputation was attacked, killed.  Jupiter represents both legalities and big money.  What Magnitsky uncovered was the tip of a financial iceberg of international money laundering, both drug money and criminal activities. Money from any illicit dealing could be placed in a Russian bank, then put out on loan to others around the world, and the proceeds later placed in safe-havens like banks in Switzerland, or the Caribbean islands, or the U.S.  Once in these places, the money was both clean and available.


Return charts can be diurnally ‘advanced’ to any following date in the current cycle.  The MC moves ahead at the rate of the Sun’s daily advance, the angles and houses then readjust and the transiting planets take up their positions for that date.  Natal planets take their position within the zodiac reference circle.  In these charts, houses become important expressional areas, particularly for natal planets.  The transiting planets take their significance from a position near the angles or from their natal counterparts who happen to be at an angular position.

In two days time, t/Mars remains at the MC, t/Jupiter-t/Chiron-t/Neptune at the IC.  All the Return chart drivers remain active.  t/Sun squares t/Neptune; a time of confusion and defeat of ideals.  t/Moon is now squaring the t/Mars-opp-t/Jupiter pattern.  Remember, the n/Moon seemed to tie in so much of his natal chart.  His whole life’s values and self-absorbed focus on his own values had blinded him to the external ‘values’ of the Russian government and its agents.  They won out over him.  However, in spite of his brutal murder, his ideals were not obliterated.  We shall see in Part Two the consequences of his life and of the Russian brutality that was visited upon him.  

This is a somewhat ‘political’ series of blog sites.  These three parts of the blog series seem to link together factual elements that have a bearing on what is currently happening in Washington, DC.  The possible conclusions do not, at this time, make this series of blogs into a conclusive proof of anything.  They are only a ‘potential’ version of a story that is yet to fully emerge.  Dave

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My Untimely Death Is Still In The Future

HH Photo-1

It was all over the Internet, so it had to be true:  Playboy Hugh Hefner had died!  Except that he hadn’t.  This was just the latest of such rumors, not only for Hefner, but for many others.  Someone loves to see the ‘fake’ news that our President keeps talking about.

Upon hearing of his passing I immediately started casting some charts.  Natal charts for Chicago where he was born, for New York city where he published his first Playboy magazine featuring a nude Marilyn Monroe, then Los Angeles where he was most often found hanging out.  I will post a chart, an advanced chart for July 15th, 2017, his falsely reported death date.  What is interesting that it has some appropriate and serious patterns that could relate to his passing.  Let’s look at this ‘much-ado-about-nothing’ chart.


Interesting is n/Asc. at the MC and n/MC at the Desc.  First, n/Asc. at the MC is often seen as speaking on behalf of an institution, corporation or for another person.  Promotion.  This would seem to relate to the originator of the rumor.  Second, n/MC at the Desc. suggests placing your reputation or image in the hands of another.  Finding an agent to represent you  Again, this seems to relate to the originator of the rumor.

Then, there is the classic ‘death indicator’ for cyclic charts such as Solar Returns, Lunar Returns, Moon-to-Sun Returns and any of their derived advanced daily charts.   This would be n/Venus-at-the-IC-angle.  Venus is often associated with death when found at this angle — although it is also associated with the start of a love affair as well.  Venus represents balance and harmony.  This is a pleasing result for the living who fall in love, and is true for those who pass on into a better place for them.

We could consider other supportive patterns if we wished.  How about t/PoF-opp-n/Mars in the 3rd; hurting words cause upset.  Or t/Sun-conj-n/PoF; one’s self interests are subject to being upset.  N/Saturn-Asc.-opp-n/MC; difficulty in acting on one’s own behalf due to others speaking for you.  

So, it is fortunate that I hadn’t spent more time on these charts, nor had I rushed to post a new blog.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve embarrassed myself, but I do like to avoid such events as much as possible.  So, who else among my followers have put themselves into a embarrassing situation?  We can do chart and a write up but keep your name out of it if you would like to share.  Dave.




















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Trump & The Solar Eclipse


There has been much written about the upcoming August 2017 Solar Eclipse.  The eclipse path will pass from the northwestern US to the southeastern US.  While the total eclipse path will not touch Washington, DC, the eclipse will change the energy of Earth and specifically interact with those having similar zodiac sensitive areas in their chart.  In this posting I will examine how this eclipse may impact our President, Donald Trump.

For some time I have been focusing on the use of transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns and the diurnally advanced daily charts that follow the Return chart.  The natal Sun, in an adult chart, is no longer ‘potential.’  It has become a self-defined life-style, core character and intention force.  The transiting Moon represents the changing environment and shows by aspect and house position just what is affected by change in our daily life.  We have, with this type of charting, a day-by-day flow of events portrayed for us.  As long as we know the context of the subject’s life we can state very accurately the timing and the nature of the changes that are likely to impinge on their life, as well as see what they may do to shape those changes for their benefit.

Donald Trump will have a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return on Aug. 17, 2017.

DTMtoS8-17-2017eclipseThe following are the factors that seem most important in this chart:

  • n/MC at the chart’s Ascendant; “Taking action on your personal life-plan or to bolster your image” is the theme of this pattern.
  • The Moon-Sun “Return is in the first house which indicates a very personal involvement in something that does affect his public image. Note that n/Uranus-n/N.Node-n/Sun is in the first; all of his charm and scheming will be focused on presenting a good face.
  • t/Saturn and n/Moon are opposite n/Sun in the 7th, he will have a tough audience to convince and support whatever his agenda is.
  • Having looked at the n/Sun, we need to also look at t/Sun and t/N.Node.  These are in the 4th house conjoining n/Mars. Note that the Washington, DC location moves n/Mars further away from the n/Ascendant than was the case in New York. Yet, for Trump, Mars is a “talking attack” symbol. He will be attacking associates during this period. With t/Mars even closer to the IC angle, we can expect a new set of targets or new way of attacking them.
  • t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) at 5 Aries squares n/Mercury; new thoughts and plans are stirred up. With the opposition to n/Neptune, we can expect to see lies and misrepresentations as well as distractive “bright and shiny” words and claims.

We will now advance the Return chart to August 21, 2017, the date of the Solar Eclipse.  The chart below has been “diurnally” advanced from 8-17 to 8-21. This is done by keeping the Return chart’s calculated time (12:32:43 AM) and merely changing the chart date. The angles advance much like the Sun’s rate of advance for that time period, and the planets take up their proper position in the zodiac. The angles of the chart move forward — in this case almost 5 degrees in four days. Other than the eclipse which will occur on this date, what else has changed from the Return chart?


  • The Ascendant has advanced and left the n/MC to be visited by t/PoF; changes in Trumps life status are likely today. They may not be fully revealed right away. (12th house placement).
  • t/Mars-IC-t/Moon-t/N.Node; Emotional outburst, talking to his base while reacting to public and media.
  • Now, note t/Sun also is in the 4th at 28 Leo inconjunct t/Chiron. This Sun-Chiron pattern speaks “adjustments” in a big way — partly because the inconjunct requires adjustment approaches, and Chiron also represents adjustments in how one deals with past and present hurts and carried-forward grudges. Chiron is in the 11th. For Trump, the 11th house always seems linked to the Congress and what it does or what he want them to do. It seems likely that health care will be a big issue at this time. The Republican’s don’t seem to be able to unstick themselves from this issue.
  • Since t/Mercury is angular in the 4th house, we have to look at it. We would expect Mercury to be linked to speeches, to press briefings, to dealing with the media. Yet, Trump seems to use his Mars as a mouth-attack tool to speak o Since t/Mercury conjoins n/Neptune, perhaps this will mean an attack of significance against the fake media or some media claim.

We have to look at the Solar Elephant in the room; the eclipse. Everything that the t/Sun touches is subject to emphasis by the focus of the eclipse point. The primary outlet for the Sun to distribute the eclipse energy is through the conjoining Moon and the inconjunct Chiron. If the eclipse means the loss of light (and of unifying understanding) than Chiron’s past hurts may not be able to be resolved due to a similar lack of understanding and moral light. Will this be a big defeat for healthcare-by-any-means?  Will this shatter the Republican party and Congress’ reputation with the public?  This is a big deal. Now, the question is will this all happen on this date or will it play out as this trigger point is hit upon over the coming weeks and months.

Many astrologers have opinions on what a Solar Eclipse is and how it affects us.  Those ideas and comments would be welcome as part of this exploration.  As we approach the middle of July, 2017 we see Republican support for the leadership version of health care falling apart.  We also see great difficulties in defining a budget without first putting the Health Care issue to rest.  If these two issues cannot be fully resolved, it is likely that the whole of 2017 will pass without any meaningful legislation being passed.  This, in turn, will strongly affect the mid-term elections of 2018.  This eclipse comes at a crucial point in time.  Dave



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When Cars and Lives Meet & Crash

Venus photo-2

Not all confrontations take place while the participants are standing still or just shuffling around.  Some take place at the blazing speed of five or fifteen miles per hour.  Not to jest about a tragedy, but sometimes the facts don’t tell the story.  Such is the case for Venus Williams, tennis star, and a senior couple who lived in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  

That story occurred June 9, 2017, just a few weeks ago.  Venus was driving her car, the traffic light changed as she was entering the intersection in traffic.  Her speed was only five miles per hour.  The traffic stopped, the traffic light was now red.  An older couple coming from the side, with the now green light, drove into the side of Venus’ car.  The wife was injured, the husband, Jerome Barso, was badly injured and taken to the hospital.  He died June 23rd.  Let us look at Venus’ t/Moon-n/Sun Return for May 27, 2017.  Her natal birth chart in California has been relocated to Florida.


This chart is some 13 days, almost the full half cycle of the Moon relative to the Sun, before the accident date.  What can it tells us about a “theme” for this period, this cycle?  t/Moon-n/Sun is a few degree shy of the IC angle; endings and beginnings are in the picture.  t/Chiron hovers just above the Ascendant by 4 degrees;  Adjustments of a personal nature will be required.  t/Saturn is just behind the MC, suggesting a sobering condition will be part of her public image.  OK, so what might this mean in real life terms?  Well, we still have a few more items to throw into the pot.

t/PoF lies between t/Venus-and-t/Uranus.  Treating this as a midpoint picture we might say personal happiness and excitement may hide a sudden twist of fate.  If we play astrological hopscotch and look at the natal versions of transiting planets, and vice versa, we might consider:

  • n/PoF-t/Pluto-10th;  Changes and chances can rearrange one’s life situation.
  • n/Moon-t/N.Node;  Associations with others will cause you upsets, break your routine.
  • t/Sun-square-n/Jupiter;  Luck and social well-being is strained and takes your focus off of your plans.
  • t/PoF (with t/Venus, t/Uranus) squares n/Mercury;  The above mentioned ‘happiness of the moment’ seems to be twisted by Mercury things (travel, news, communications).

Venus has had her ups and downs over the past few years, and her standing in the world of tennis reflects those personal travails.  She has also had a bit of driving difficulty in the past but that seems not to be the culprit here.  Lets advance her chart and see how all of the unfocused astro-babble works out.  After all, we have no context for her life at the time of this Return chart.


Looking at this Advanced chart is like putting on a pair of glasses.  Much becomes very clear.  Most obvious is t/Pluto-MC-n/PoF and t/PoF-Desc.-n/Pluto!  Doubled-up Pluto and Part-of-Fortune.  Pluto equates to irrevocable change that is a personal happening in a public setting.  Part of Fortune equates to personal chance and change that can go one way or another.  However, doubling up the PoF symbols almost always equates to chaos and difficulties.  To all of this, add t/Uranus-Asc. to the mix; Personally felt upsets and changes are endured.

What of that t/Venus just below the Ascendant?  n/Venus-n/Sun is in the natal 8th house of shared responsibilities.  Natal Venus-Sun squares n/Chiron, squares n/Saturn.  This is sort of like a ‘bad luck rabbit’s foot.’  In the US, a rabbits foot is often kept upon a key chain as a good luck charm.  This natal T-square suggests that Venus’ charm and balanced life has to content with a series of adjustments that cause her to make constant small sacrifices of some sort.  This is true for her life up to this point.  

So, do we need to hunt for Mercury, relative to car-travel, and Mars, relative to hurts and an accident?  n/Mercury is in the 4th house, opposite t/Pluto-n/PoF-MC, and square t/PoF-n/Pluto-Desc.  t/Mercury forms 45 and 135 degree orbs to these angular placements of PoF and Pluto.  So Mercury is highly involved.  t/Mars and n/Mars are not tied into the angular PoF and Pluto, so no hurts relate to Venus herself.  

While I may not be able to ‘see’ everything in a chart as it relates to an event, we do need to step back here and ask ourselves, “Just what would we say to Venus if she was to ask our advice earlier that day?”  Would we specifically state that she would be in a car accident?  Probably not.  We would say, “What ever you engage in today will likely have consequences that will ruin your day and have some impact on your life for awhile.  Conditions around you will change very suddenly.  Travel or talking and committing to something can lead to sudden complications.  If ever there was a day to stay home and read a book, this is it.  Distractions need to be minimized.”

Venus came to a traffic light while driving in heavy traffic.  She pulled ahead to cross an intersection, going only 5 miles per hour, when the car in front of her stopped.  She was out in the traffic lanes for the traffic crossing her path.  A car came along, also at a modest speed, didn’t see her and crashed into the side of her car.  Venus wasn’t hure.  The lady driving the car suffered some broken bones.  Her older husband apparently was thrown forward and was hurt.  Two weeks later, he passed on from his injuries.  No citations have yet been issued.  This was just one of those small accidents that are common — except that in this case there were severe consequences for an older man.

If you have any insights into this somewhat typical everyday event, and the manner of interpreting the chart, or advising a client, please comment.  Dave








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Why Is Trump Slamming A Nice Lady Like You?


Mika Brzezinski is co-host on the Morning Joe show, MSNBC, 6 to 9 AM weekday mornings. The show’s other co-host, Joe Scarborough who is a Republican, pairs off against Mika’s Democratic leanings while the mix of other guests either adopt a neutral posture or clearly lean one way or the other.  The mixture provides a lively point and counter-point.  With the Presidency of Donald Trump and his domination of the news due to the steady stream of outlandish remarks and actions, “Morning Joe’s” ratings have done nothing but climb up the charts.

On June 29th, Thursday, Donald Trump took to his twitter pulpit to denounce Mika for her prior criticism of his tweets and actions.  He chose to highlight her and Mike Scarborough’s start-of-the-year visit to his Mara Lago Resort to set up some on-air meetings and interviews, a visit that lasted about 30 minutes.  In his tweets of that day he claimed that the pair had tried to visit him for a three day period, that Mika had just had a face life and was bleeding, and that he did not want to see her.  He went on to identify her as a low-IQ person and also made derogatory remarks about Joe Scarborough.  This incident seemed to arouse many Republicans into demeaning the President’s remarks.  The whole incident has blown up into another week-end fiasco which slows down the Congressional Agenda and detracts from Trump’s agenda and the time he has to deal with several severe international issues.  Let’s take a look at Mika’s Moon-to-Sun Return and Advanced chart for June 29th, 2017.


Like many such Return charts relating to a single incident out of very many that will occur in a busy life over the following two weeks, this chart has a limited set of patterns that we might apply to the attacking tweets of the President.  Let’s do the angles first:

  • t/Jupiter-Asc-square t/Mars-MC;  an expansive agenda involves a lot of action and effort.  The number of differing guests to deal with Congressional hearings on intelligence, on Russian collusion, on health care, on innumerable protest groups and town-hall meetings, polls — well, this was a very busy period.
  • t/Pluto-IC-square-n/Mars in the 1st;  Pluto often indicates an up-side down event or set of actions that redefine a situation to the extreme.  The square to n/Mars at the Asc. points to a personal inflammation of events and actions.  Mars and Pluto are not nice astrological companions to have at the chart angles.
  • Doubled-up Mars — t/Mars-MC and n/Mars-Asc.;  Fights and angry situations are indicated.  Since this is a “Return” chart, we have to expect the whole two week period to be ‘turmoil-oriented.’

In summary, we have to view this period as a busy one for the morning show with a promise of attacks of varied nature coming.  As was born out, press releases and partisan politics was very messy.


This chart is interesting for several reasons that are not obvious.  Trump’s n/Sun at 22:58 Gemini conjoins Mika’s n/Venus.  Trump’s n/Moon at 21:42 Sag conjoins Mika’s Saturn and opposes her n/Venus — this means that Trump’s natal Full Moon pattern (Male-versus-Female energy) lines up on Mika’s n/Venus.  And, Trump’s n/Mars at 16:48 Leo conjoins t/N.Node and squares t/Venus on this date.

For Mika, this Advanced chart for June 29th, 2017 has n/Mars-Asc.; a classical attack pattern.  A fight is scheduled for today.  Note this n/Mars-Asc. is square t/Mercury; words (tweets) will be the weapon used.  n/Mars-square-t/Pluto (also opposite that t/Mercury) indicates that a lot of upheavals in the words and messages category will be flying about.  Finally, we have t/Part of Fortune opposite t/Sun; others will cause chaos and upset.  

MSNBC's Scarborough and Brzezinski arrive for the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner in WashingtonJoe and Mika, who are engaged, returned from Boston to be on their show Friday morning, June 30th, to reply to the Trump accusations. They had hoped to see the Boston Red Sox game, but that was not to be.  They took the high road, elaborating on the poor conduct and role model Trump was setting with his incessant tweeting and demeaning of all who disagreed with him.  Support from politicians on both sides of the Congressional aisle, from other TV networks, from overseas politicians and celebrities poured in.   All of this will last the weekend on the talk shows, but will likely end up being just one more sad incident in Trump’s path to non-achievement.  Almost six months will have soon passed without any form of meaningful legislation being passed and signed.  An amazing, pitiful record. 

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Comedian Takes On “Debt”

JO photo-J

I am not sure exactly what I wish to demonstrate in this posting in terms of what the chart is to tell us.  It is a good chart.  But, it isn’t so much an “event” as it is the “telling about an event.”  And while John Oliver is known as a comedian, he also has his serious side.  In this posting he is talking about what happens to your personal debt when you cannot make payments on that debt.  Only John Oliver could talk about this subject and still interject humor into his story.

As the story given in the URL video link above indicates, when you default on paying a loan, the lender (or bank) gives up after awhile and “writes off” your loan as a loss on its books.  There is always a certain small percentage of such losses.  But, the bank “sells” that loan to a debt collector, perhaps for 5 cents on the dollar, thereby recovering a small part of its loan.  The debt collector than starts to call you, seeking the full amount of the original loan.  This is where it gets interesting.

Let us assume that you, the defaulting loan recipient, just keeps the loan-money and somehow avoids the debt-collection agency.  While they could attach your pay check, take your car, etc., let us assume you somehow avoid their clutches.  They will give up and resell your loan, perhaps for one cent on the dollar, to another loan collector.  Now, this other debt-collector goes after you for the original loan amount.  

So, let us look at a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for John Oliver, June 5, 2017, set in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.  


t/Sun is at the MC and the t/Moon-n/Sun opposition is from the 2nd to the 8th house.  In conventional astrology, this house axis has to do with money, resources, the management of other people’s assets.  So, this chart seems to very much reflect just what this TV show is talking about.  “Talk.”  Can chart’s show ‘talk.’  Well, in this case John Oliver did more than just talk.  He, and his staff, set up a ‘debt-collecting’ business in Jackson, Mississippi.  They purchased some $15,000,000 of debt!  This only cost them a few hundred dollars.  Then, they just forgave that debt, giving those that had defaulted a gift of their full load amounts.

Too bad a group couldn’t find out who held their debts for pennies, or less, on the dollar, set up their own collection agency, and then purchased their own debt a very little cost.  

Now, note that the t/Moon-opp-n/Sun axis is squared by t/Part of Fortune.  A very important relationship (Sun-Moon) is going to be changed (PoF).  Let us jump over from the t/PoF to the n/PoF which is up at the MC along with the t/Sun, both opposite n/Neptune-IC and squaring t/Neptune-Desc.  Do you suddenly get the feeling here that Moon-Sun-Part of Fortune-Neptune (natal and transiting versions) are all in some sort of comedy situation here?

So, let us re-cap just what happened.  John Oliver set up a debt-collection agency with his staff, purchased $15,000,000 in debt for a few hundred dollars, and then ‘forgave’ that debt on a TV show.  All of this to make a point, to show just what the loan-industry is all about.  It is no wonder that these collection agencies are willing to call you at supper time or after you have gone to bed, to call you at work or to call your supervisor at work, to send threatening letters, to file liens on your house.  It doesn’t cost them much to do this and the payback, when it works, is very great.

So, to get back to the beginning, can a chart show “talk?”  In this case, no.  The chart is actually depicting the actions of the TV show host, the involvement into monies and their management (8th house) of personal cash and resources (2nd house).  It is interesting.   Oh, also note t/Venus (money, wealth) conjoining n/Sun!  Dave



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