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Chart Elements 16: Anticipating “When” During The Following Two Weeks.

Tolkachev photo-1Often a Moon-to-Sun Return chart will have several planets in angular houses, but not near the angles.  As a consequence we might at first dismiss the chart as not being very exciting.  For the practiced astrologer, such is not the case.  The following charts will serve to illustrate the way in which we need to look at a Return chart in terms of it likely yielding a significant period during its two week cycle.  On Nov. 3, 1981, Tolkachev had a precession-corrected t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, the n/Sun being in the 10th house. 

That chart is shown below.



Other than n/Pluto being within a degree of the MC angle, note the distance of all other bodies from their nearest angles:  n/Sun 12d from the MC, n/Venus 13d from the MC, t/Saturn 12d from the Asc., n/PoF 16d from the Asc., t/Mercury 17d from the Asc., t/Moon 12d from the IC, and n/Chiron 6d from the Desc.  Recognizing that the chart angles advance about 1 degree per day, we can see from our listing that several planets are located about twelve degrees from their nearest angle.  We can, with most software packages, step forward day-by-day to explore any patterns that are not anticipated.

As far as this rather ‘mild’ Return chart goes, the major considerations are the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun in the 10th, and n/Pluto-MC.  This Moon-Sun pattern suggests, according to the book Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns2, Difficulty with plans relating to family or jointly held resources. Public image is affected by stated plans. Divesting property to raise cash. Private and public life clash. Renewing something essential to one’s well-being is considered. Doing the unexpected.  n/Pluto at the MC suggests, within the context of one’s life, wishing to exercise some level of control.  We will explore these chart indications, taking into account that we will need to adjust these meanings to fit within a context of ‘spying’.

CIA agent David Rolph had not had contact with Tolkachev for several months.  The signal to meet, a lighted kitchen window at a given period, high up in the apartment tower where Tolkachev lived, had not been lighted.  As it turned out, a second signal had been set up to indicate the need for a meeting; this had been Tolkachev’s small battered sedan parked a certain way at a certain spot.  Rolph had thought that this signal would not go into effect until November and had not checked on it.  As a result of this misunderstanding, several possible meeting dates had been missed.

So, back to our assessment of several planets near 12 degrees from their nearest angles.  Seven days after the Return chart, on Nov. 10th, 1981, the kitchen window light was lit.  Rolph went to a nearby park where they were to meet.  Tolkachev greeted Rolph warmly and suggested the go to his car and sit there while they talked.  This made Rolph nervous as anyone might note them and stop and ask for identification and questioning.  In a parked car there was no way or time to separate or dispose of incriminating materials.  Let us first look at the Advanced chart for the 10th of November.


What has changed?  n/Sun-n/Venus is now close to the MC.  A friendly and supportive event will be part of his ‘spy-career’ experience.  n/Chiron at the Desc. angle is also ‘close’, only a degree away.  Adjustments will be required by or for another person.  t/Saturn is not yet overly close to the Ascendant, still 7 degrees distant.  But, Saturn is Saturn and often insists on making itself felt.  Plans will be discussed, caution will be needed.

Now, let us look at the alternative planets — natal for transiting planets, transiting for natal planets.  As soon as we play this astrological hopscotch game we find some interesting facets. With n/Sun-MC and n/Chiron-Desc. forming an angular or ‘paran’ square, we will take note of t/Sun which opposes t/Chiron.  We have a doubled up Sun-Chiron; our intentions and direction in life will need to be adjusted, past difficulties will need to be corrected or adapted to.

With t/Saturn-n/PoF in the first house, we can take note of n/Saturn-opposing-t/PoF across the 11th-to-5th house axis.  Saturn and the Part of Fortune do not impress us as being well-paired.  What should we make of this pair?  Resistance to change.  Unexpected conflict over what has to change.  Change is not what it seems to be.  Any of these statements might be applicable.  Let us get back to our story and see how the story and the chart line up.

Tolkachev took Rolph to his car.  If anyone of the ‘neighborhood watch’ were to notice the fogged up windows and make an inquiry, they would have trouble on their hands.  A moving car is not as safe as it might seem; talking and driving stresses one’s memory of decisions and information after the drive is over.  As nervous as Rolph was about meeting in a car, Tolkachev was happy and very animated.  The summer had not been as productive as he had hoped.  Security had been tightened up, so signing out documents was hampered.  With summer, less clothing was worn and he couldn’t smuggle documents out of his office at noontime to be photographed back at his near-by apartment.  Still, 23 rolls of film were handed over.  A new Pentax camera was provided along with batteries.  Stereo headphones for Tolkachev’s son, and 32,400 rubles were handed over.  Also, a new radio transmitter was provided for urgent communications.  New meeting signals were agreed upon.  Tolkachev wanted a miniature tape recorder, books.  The meeting ended after some twenty minutes.

At this time, while Tolkachev was bleeding critical intelligence from the Soviet Union, they were in the midst of an intelligence hi-jacking effort of their own.  The French caught wind of it and shared the information with the CIA.  Faulty electronics and equipment was allowed to ‘fall into’ the hands of the Soviets for their gas and oil industry usage.  In a short while, valves failed, pumps seized up, over-pressure conditions burst piping and the biggest non-nuclear explosion ever witnessed in the Soviet Union set their industry back for several years.  Such was the spy game — real consequences flowed from its successes and failures.

Note:  Some charts have greatly distorted angles and houses due to the high northern or southern latitudes they represent.  In these cases, the MC angle will continue to advance at about one degree per day but the Ascendant-Descendant angles may move very little or a great deal — two or more degrees per day.  This has to be kept in mind when assessing when chart angles might advance to contact planets that are several-many degrees away.

The Moon and the Part of Fortune can be used differently  Each will move some 12 to 14 degrees per day — or one full sign every two or two-and-a-half days.  You can easily estimate the number of signs, and the number of days, it will take for the Moon or PoF to reach the next angle.

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Chart Elements 15: No Closelly Angular Planets

Adolf-Tolkachev photo-5

What do we do when a Return chart has no closely angular planets?

Does this mean that no significant actions or events will take place during the following two weeks?  

Given that we are working with 22 natal and transiting planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) plus 8 natal and transiting angles (Asc., MC,, Desc., IC) plus two Part of Fortunes, we have 32 chart elements among 360 degrees, or about a 1-in-9 chance of having a component at any angle, or 4 in 9 chance of having any one angle occupied.  So, it is somewhat ‘rare’ to come across a Return or an Advanced chart where no angle is closely occupied.  So, what do we do?

Adolph Tolkachev and John Guilsher had their last meeting together on June 17, 1980 on the streets of Moscow.  Tolkachev’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return occurred three days earlier on June 14, 1980.  We will look at this chart first.

AT MtoS 6-14-1980 last mtg

Again, this is a StarFisher astrological chart.  The natal planet positions are listed in the far right column, the transiting positions in the right side inner column.  As can be seen, there are no closely angular planets to consider as a first step.  So, we move on to the second step — planets in angular houses (the 1st, 7th, 10th and 4th.  Due to the great angular latitude distortion in this chart we might choose to limit ourselves to those planets within 15 degrees or so of the angles.  Still, a tough call. 

We might take note of t/Neptune some 16 degrees from the MC, and n/Neptune-n/Venus some 14 degrees from the Desc. angle.  Neptune is dissolution, among other meanings.  Guilsher would be returning to the U.S. as his tour of duty in Moscow was ending.  So Neptune near the career-MC and Neptune near the relations-Desc. angles is appropriate.  This is not so strong an indicator that we would likely devine this interpretively ahead of time.

t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the 6th relates to work, making adjustments, considering what others need for support versus what support you have to offer.  This Moon-Sun pattern is squared by t/Pluto — as it has been in the prior year or two and will be in the following year or two.  t/Mercury is conjunct this Return point; so words and written material will be involved and important in this period.  So, that’s it.

On the 17th, Guilsher put on a disguise before leaving the Embassy.  He was known to be a CIA agent and the KGB made a point of tailing him closely.  By adopting the guise of a low-level worker, he walked right past the KGB, took a circuitous route to his meeting place with Tolkachev.  They had not met in almost five months.  In that time Tolkachev brought thousands of pages of secret documents that he had photographed at home — he could check out documents at work in the morning, take them home to photograph at noon time during lunch, and return them later in the day to the depository where they were kept.   That amounted to 179 rolls of film!  Guilsher’s plastic bag was not big enough to hold them all so Tolkachev gave him his brief case.

A new and improved Tropel miniature camera was offered, but Tolkachev prefered to use his Pentax 35.  They discussed a monetary offer that was an amount larger than what the U.S. President’s salary was.  Tolkachev made to comment about that amount or on the contingency plans to spirit him and his family out of the country.  Because this was to be their last meeting, conversation was strained.  Neither seemed to have the words that might have been said. 

The Advanced chart for the 17th is shown below:

AT Adv 6-17-1980 last mtg

In Advanced charts we check for 1) angular planets, 2) the t/Sun, t/Moon, t/Pof for aspects of significance, 3) doubled-up planets, and 4) the alternate versions (natal for transiting planets, transiting for natal planets) of key factors (Sun, Moon, PoF).  Given those guidelines, we might note that t/Neptune is now closer to the MC (but still not significantly so) with t/Sun-t/Venus broadly opposite.  A friendly loss of contact, perhaps.   t/Moon-t/N.Node square t/PoF; change or upset in associations.  And, t/PoF will soon touch the MC; changes affecting his career and mission.  This is it.  A bit anti-climatic.  

Tolkachev’s 6400 pages of documents covered the new Soviet AWACS surveillance plane, modifications to the new (then) MIG-25 fighter plane which was to be equipped with the new look-down-radar to spot cruise missiles. 

Tolkachev wanted new and specific plans to be readied to take him and his family out of the Soviet Union.  To obtain the information given to the CIA, he had to sign out all of those documents for photographing.  If anyone ever looked at the log sheets they would not the large number of signed-out documents and begin to ask questions.  Like the request for a suicide pill, this was another back-up plan that he felt he needed.  His operation notes, part of the package he gave Guilsher, was somewhat somber.  He expected that his time was getting shorter.  All of this gave the CIA much to think about while Tolkachev took his family on their summer vacation.  How would handle him next?  What likely developments might be expected?  Could they get him out of the Soviet Union? 

Actually, Tolkachev would continue his spying for another five years.  My task now is to review some of those key events and determine if they provide the mix of chart elements that help explain the interpretive use of these Returns — OR — whether I should soon wrap up this series and introduce a mix of current news events.  I don’t want to bore my followers.  YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS ARE WELCOME.

Also, I will repeat an offer made some time ago.  If anyone wishes to join me here as a co-moderator or commenter, please e-mail me at  The role you could fill is flexible as is the time commitment.  I would like to broaden the views that I express to best reflect the general astrological community.  We need to remember that this charting method offers a day-by-day view of the flow of life’s events for a person.  It is, in that sense, unlike what other uses of astrology are as practiced in the press or on other sites. 








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Chart Elements 14: Pluto And The Part Of Fortune

Tolkachev photo-6 flags

A year earlier Tolkachev also had a Return chart with his n/Asc. located at the MC.  It was noted then that this positioning was, in Tolkachev’s case, a promotion of his own interests.  For general applications this pattern could represent one being a spokesman for a corporation, project, or a cause.  What did Tolkachev want?  A suicide pill.

CIA Agent Guilsher waited until darkness set in over Moscow on Feb. 11, 1980 before starting a long surveillance detection run.  He was a marked man among the Russian security forces and had to take great care in avoiding them.  He reached the meeting site early and circled about to re-check that all was clear.  He and Tolkachev met near the Leningradsky Prospekt, a major thoroughfare that headed out of the center of Moscow.  They talked as they walked and exchanged materials.  Tolkachev passed four Tropel cameras with their film, and a nine page operations note.  Guilsher gave two Pentax cameras to Tolkachev.  Let us examine at this point the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for Jan. 30, 1980 — a fourth house Sun placement.  The theme for a 4th house Moon-Sun is, “Promoting yourself, changing your personality, making an effort to work through a transition . . . expanding one’s place or the integration of past and future conditions.”

Because of difficulties with the software I normally use, I have shifted to the use of the StarFisher software.  This is a free-to-use, easy-to-use full featured software application which anyone can take advantage of.  Later, I will post instructions for its download and step-by-step instructions for using it to create Return and Advanced charts.  In this case I have continued to place the natal chart in the outer wheel so that the inner Return chart can be Advanced diurnally to another date in the coming week(s).  I will have to take some time to figure out how to include Chiron and exclude Dark Moon from the chart.

StarFisher Return chart 001

Of primary note is the n/Ascendant at the MC, the placement of any natal angle at a Return or Advanced chart’s angles is always very important.  Tolkachev had something on his mind of great importance to him.  This is supported by the t/Moon-n/Sun placed in the 4th house of new starts.  We can also note t/Saturn at the Descendant angle; a serious point in the relationship between the CIA agent and the spy is indicated.  We can note the t/Part of Fortune approaching the n/PoF indicating a crises or worry for Tolkachev.  This t/PoF squares the t/Moon-n/Sun, stressing a challenge to Tolkachev role.

Let us now look at the Advanced chart for the meeting.

StarFisher Advanced chart 001 - Copy

t/PoF has positioned itself at the IC angle near n/Pluto; a challenge relating to fundamental issues of life and death and overwhelming circumstances is affecting the life of Tolkachev.  With t/Pluto conjoining n/PoF in the 6th, we have a ‘doubling up’ of this critical combination.  The book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, notes that this indicates a situation which one wants to avoid.

With n/Sun-n/Venus in the 4th house and t/Sun inconjunct n/Sun, this seems to be an awkward set of intentions for Tolkachev to deal with.  Tolkachev had earlier asked for the CIA to provide him with a suicide pill.  He feared the consequences of being caught and interrogated by the KGB security forces.  He was not afraid of dying, only having to endure the great discomfort after being caught.  He was committed to damaging the Russian government to the greatest extent possible; hence the provision of great amounts of intelligence in each of his meetings with the CIA.

When Guilsher told him that the CIA didn’t want to provide a suicide pill, Tolkachev’s entire personality seemed to cave in upon itself.  He went from a confident, erect man to a slumped and haunted figure.  Guilsher was shocked by the change that this news had upon Tolkachev.  This was a major psychological blow for him.  Guilsher urged him to write a letter urging immediate reconsideration by the CIA to support his request.  Then, Guilsher told Tolkachev that his tour of duty in Moscow would soon be ending and that another agent would become his interface to the CIA.

As they parted company, Guilsher was highly concerned about Tolkachev’s attitude and changed demeanor.  Something would need to be done.

Chart Elements, a comment.

Pluto and the Part of Fortune is a powerful pattern to contend with, especially when it is ‘doubled up’ as it is in this Advanced chart.  First, I want to call your attention to the fact that the Ascendant and first house is empty.  The PoF is a point highlighting the angular relationship of the Moon-to-the-Sun which is applied to the Ascending degree.  With no planets in the first house the PoF’s location plays a ‘substitue’ role.  Tolkachev’s actions related to fixation on his torture and death at the hands of the KGB if he is caught.  He wants to avoid this.  Couple this with t/Pluto-n/PoF in the sixth house.  Tolkachev is very anxious.  We can’t tell exactly what in his personal life raises this issue at this time.  We can see that this is a time he want answers and control (a Pluto word) over his fate.

We can note n/Moon in the first house of this Advanced chart, an indicator of changes and uncertainty.

On another level, money was also an ongoing concern of Tolkachev.  He couldn’t spend it in Moscow as there was little to buy, and any expression of wealth would draw attention to himself.  He seemed concerned that he might be taken advantage of by the large and mysterious CIA (Pluto relates to large and imponderable institutions).  So, some level of value had to be recognized as well as a means of self-protection from being caught as a spy.  Remember, every symbol tries to express itself in as many ways as is possible.


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My computer software is sick


Sick computer icon

An update.  My computer software has a bug in its calculation routine for some forms of charting — such as Advanced diurnal charts.  This should be easy to replicate but my software provider can not duplicate the problem.  Software corrections have been sent, work for a moment, then revert to not working.  Strange.  I will attempt to have the software developer remote connect into my computer on Tuesday to see what is going on and to fix it.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience to all of us.  Thanks for being patient.  Dave.




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Software Issues.

I am currently experiencing software issues.  It may take a few days to resolve the errors that the software is producing.  I will try to work around these issues if I can.

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Chart Elements 13: Transiting Pluto At The Angles; Spies At Work

eyes in man hole clip art

A June 6, 1979 meeting between the Russian Senior Designer in charge of Weapons Systems Development and a CIA Case Officer stationed in Moscow had many beneficial results.  The Russian, Tolkachev, didn’t like dead drops, preferring direct meetings where conversation gave him the contact and reassurance that he needed relative to the value of his information and its damage to the USSR.  Tolkachev was a man with a mission.  He had a twelve year plan, divided into seven phases, in which he would divulge every piece of information that he could access.  He wanted very much to damage the USSR as deeply as possible.  Tolkachev, through his notes, letters, conversations and stolen documents proved himself to be thorough, meticulous, careful, and discriminating.  Everything was clear, specific and important. 


Tolkachev’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for May 29th, 1979 occurred 8 days before his next direct meeting with John Guilsher, CIA Case Officer at the Moscow Station.  This Return chart is notable for its t/Moon opposing n/Sun-opp-n/Pluto.  This Sun-opposite-Pluto natal pattern will be activated in every Return chart, emphasizing and hardening Tolkachev’s ‘born to be a dissident’ self-assessment.  This pattern is squared by the t/Part-of-Fortune from the third house.  This is like ‘throwing gas upon a fire’, it is explosive. 

Let us now look at the Advanced chart for June 6, 1979.


t/Pluto is now exactly on the IC angle, squaring n/Pluto in the 12th house.  A hidden form of disruption hopes to generate new pressures upon the USSR by Tolkachev’s actions.  n/Moon is in the 7th house, squaring t/Uranus-opposite-t/Mars  Another person will be needed for support (Moon).  Mars-Uranus points to the quick, short-lived excitement during the few minutes of the meeting.  t/Jupiter-Asc. points to the confidence that Tolkachev demonstrates and his sense of fulfilling his intentions.

Let us now look at this day’s meeting from the view of CIA Case Officer John Guilsher and his Return chart of May 29, 1979.  We immediate see t/Moon-n/Sun at the MC angle; he will achieve significant success on this day.  Like Tolkachev, Guilsher also has an angular t/Pluto, but at the Ascendant and not the IC angle.  This t/Pluto squares the t/Moon-n/Sun. What he undertakes has great danger as well as signaling danger for the clandestine meeting.


We have to take note of a supporting pattern; t/Sun square t/Saturn-n/Saturn; Guilsher is having his second Saturn Return.  Everyone’s first Saturn Return (age 29-30) calls one to become serious about the business of life, to be responsible for one’s own benefit.  The second Saturn Return (age 59-60) calls upon us to demonstrate our life-skills and the fruits of what we have developed to share in the world.  Guilsher is being asked to firmly demonstrate his skills, professionalism, and training plan for this clandestine meeting.


What this meeting accomplished became apparent later.  In the 15 minutes they spent together, Tolkachev gave 29 pages of handwritten notes and 10 exposed film cassettes. They talked about Tolkachev’s health (leg pains due to thrombophlebitis) which turned out to be a problem of his wife’s, not his.  Tolkachev wanted the CIA to provide a better treatment or medicine for his wife than what she was offered by the Russian hospital.  Guilsher would inquire about the needed medicine.  Meanwhile he passed on a request for specific pieces of information as well as rubles, a Pentax camera and more film.  Talks address monetary requirements.  Little money could be spent in a country where there was little to buy.  A foreign account was discussed.

In the following days, the information from Tolkachev was reviewed by the CIA analysts.  George Kalaris, chief of the Soviet Division at the CIA, was one of those who reviewed the material.  Tolkachev noted that Russian scientists were just starting to look into how to detect the new U.S. cruise missiles.  He was astounded.  This meant that the U.S. had many years of superiority where Russia would be vulnerable to cruise missiles. This was an intelligence bonanza.  All of the information from Tolkachev was valuable and insightful.

Comments on Pluto at the Angles.

Transits of Pluto to another planet represents an ‘on-going’ process and not a single day of expression.  On the other hand, a Return or Advanced chart’s angles do move, often about a degree per day.  Therefore Pluto at an angle is quite possibly a one-day or few-days expressional event.  This is one of the factors that is different from natal-progressed-transit charting. 

We have to take note of a “doubled-up” Pluto where-in both t/Pluto and n/Pluto are at the chart’s angles.  If both are at adjacent angles, we have a ‘paran square’ which may or may not be close to a 90-degree aspect.  These are more powerful than a regular 90 degree square when only one Pluto may be angular.


When another planet is also involved with a Pluto-in-a-pattern, then that planet may color the expression of Pluto.  In Tolkachev’s case, we have a natal Sun opposite a natal Pluto which powers his dissident personality.  Every Moon-Sun Return will activate this natal opposition-pattern with the Moon either on the n/Sun’s position or on the n/Pluto’s position.

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Chart Elements 12: Natal Ascendant At The Return Chart’s MC Angle

work gloves photoFollowing the receipt of the several ‘Grandpa Thank You’ letters with the secret writing on the back and later the notebook with 92 pages of highly classified information, the relationship between the CIA and Tolkachev was off to a fine start.  To make things easier in terms of information transfer, Guilsher decided to provide Tolkachev with a miniature camera and film.  This would reduce the bulk of material that had to passed through a dead drop or when using a brush-pass transfer.

Again the old construction glove was used for the dead drop.  I’ll quote directly from the book, The Billion Dollar Spy, pages 88 and 89.  “. . . a miniature camera, known as a Molly, a light meter, film, camera instructions, an operations note, the personal letter from Guilsher, an evaluation note from CIA headquarters, further questions or “requirements” from the CIA, a communications plan, and 5,000 rubles, or half what Tolkachev had requested for his work so far.  The evaluation was upbeat but not specific, saying the secret-writing letters had been prepared with ‘fine technique’ and the information ‘very well received.’  The ninety-one page January notebook showed ‘painstaking effort and dedication,’ and the CIA was ‘very impressed,’ but the evaluation stopped short of details , except for one.  Tolkachev was given a very specific request to obtain any information he could about a radar known as the RP-23.  This would be of ‘utmost’ value.”

John Guilsher put much effort into planning each contact with Tolkachev.  Now that this informant had proven to be of supreme value no chance could be taken on compromising the operation.  The importance to Guilsher can be seen in his Return and Advanced chart for this period.  We will look at the Return chart first. cast for Feb. 9, 1979.


Note the natal Ascendant at the Return chart’s MC angle.  Any such angular contact of this nature is extremely important to our interpretation.  My book, “Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2”, says of this angular match up, “Speaking on behalf of an institution, corporation or for another person.  Promoting yourself.”  This exactly characterizes Guilsher’s situation as the CIA case officer managing this amazing information transfer.

t/Moon-to-n/Sun takes place in the 5th house of creativity and risk taking.  Appropriate.  This Moon-Sun position squares t/Pluto and n/Part of Fortune.  Tolkachev’s Sun-opposite-Pluto pattern is picked up in this t/Sun-t/Pluto square of Guilsher; the time and situation is consistent with Tolkachev’s life purpose.  It is always interesting to look at the t/PoF which here conjoins Guilsher’s n/Jupiter and is opposed by t/Mercury-t/Mars.  This can translate to a daring message or contact (Mars-Mercury) involving risk (PoF) and opportunity (Jupiter).

This above paragraph illustrates how my interpretive mind works.  It took some time to move from the typical astrological practice of looking at planets, signs, houses, and ruler ships to using simple ‘keyword-like’ approaches involving only planets in aspect or at angles.  Yet, this approach is so much simpler and clearer.  The chart speaks of the situation.  Let us now look at the chart for the date that Guilsher left all of this material at the work-glove dead drop, Feb. 17, 1979.


Note that the natal Ascendant angle is till close to the MC in this chart advanced by some 8 days from the Return chart.  The Return MC at 26 degrees Sag has only advanced to 5 degrees Capricorn, keeping the relocated natal Asc. of 1 Capricorn within its bracket of influence.  t/Moon now contacts n/PoF and n/Mars; excitement and nervousness on this day of making a critical delivery to Tolkachev.

And, to emphasize the secretive and revolutionary nature of this event we have both n/Pluto and t/Pluto angular.  Note that the natal and transiting Plutos are not angular in terms of a 90 degree square — they are ‘angular’ by being close to the IC and Descendant angles.  This is called a ‘paren-square.’  It is very powerful.  t/PoF squares t/Mercury which opposes t/Saturn-n/Saturn.  Yes, Tolkachev is in his second Saturn-Return period.  At the first Saturn return, one seems to confront their plan for life — or their lack of such a plan for life.  It is time to exercise self-responsibility.  At the second Saturn return point one is asked to assess their life’s work.  Have they accomplished what they set out to do?  How might they consolidate the progress to date?  Will they be able to apply their learning to the later phases of life, to cement their relevance?

Tolkachev had long considered himself a natural-born dissident.  His words expressed his natal Sun opposite natal Pluto pattern.  John Guilsher and the CIA in Moscow were his tools for accomplishing his purpose to hurt the Soviet Union to the greatest extent that was possible for him. 


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