Domestic Terrorism in Oklahoma City

TM photo-1The name of Timothy McVeigh may not be familiar to many who are thirty years of age or younger.  McVeigh was a withdrawn child from a broken family who had a career in the U.S. Army and later developed sympathies for right-wing conspirators.  The Waco, Texas group and its self-massacre encouraged by the FBI’s handling of the situation stirred McVeigh to action.  In 1995 he placed 5,000 pounds of explosives in a rented truck and brought down much of the Federal building in Oklahoma City.  He killed 168, people, 19 of whom were children in a day care center, and wounded 684 others.  This was domestic terrorism on a grand scale.  This blog will cover his actions in several postings.


McVeighinOklahomaCityChart for April 23, 1968 7h19m CDT, relocated from Lockport, NY.

McVeigh’s chart is a “see-saw” type of chart.  The relocation places his planets in the 11th and 12th houses opposing other planets in the 4th-5th-6th houses.  By itself this represents one who is conflicted, may see things in terms of “black and white” or be unsure of what to understand in the world about him.  With all of his personal planets in the 11th and 12th house we can start our exploration of him with the view that he is private in nature (Sun in 12th) but very aware of and sensitive to what occurs in his perceived community.  It is from this ‘overview’ perspective that we can begin to look at several patterns within his complex chart before trying to offer a summarization.

SUN-MERCURY in the 12th, Taurus.   Steadfast in nature, McVeigh follows through on his beliefs and decisions.  The strong practical side of his nature suggests that he takes things into his own hands, not leaving others to follow through on his dreams.  While his words and actions may be kept private or within smaller circles, he can place himself front and center before selected audiences.   With Mercury close by and following the Sun, he has a narrow view of the world seen through his personal values.  He does not give credit to the thoughts of others unless they fit with his own thoughts.  Consequently he moves within specific circles which tend to support his world views.

GEMINI RISING.  This sign on the Ascendant lends him a communicative air, curiosity, and a mobility as he moves from group to group and among communities of common interests.

MOON SEMI-SQUARE-SUN.  The Moon in its Balsamic phase to the Sun, is deeply aware of what needs to change, what society has not provided for the population-as-a-whole.  The Pisces influence adds sympathy and feeling for the causes of others.  Not all feelings of this nature can be easily verbalized, but they tend to color your responses to others.  Organizations and groups provide a sense of belonging when they arouse your empathy, due to the 11th house placement of the Moon.

THE OPPOSITIONS IN THIS CHART.  Moon-opposite-Pluto suggests intense desires and feeling once a cause or situation comes to your attention.  Obsession related to feelings is one common result of contact with those around him having socially disruptive experiences.  McVeigh can take on urgent, compelling projects at the drop of a hat, so to speak.

The Sun opposes Ceres and Juno.  The opposition to Ceres is mirrored by his young family life.  The parents divorced when he was ten, his father took him in leaving him without a mother (as indicated by the opposition to Ceres, the symbol of mother-child caring.  He was often bullied in school and became reclusive.  The opposition of the Sun to Juno can be associated with the seeking of approval, of wanting to be recognized as doing the right thing.  It is necessary to include Mercury, with the Sun, in these oppositional patterns.  Mercury, with Ceres, may bring ‘overly judgemental’ qualities into his thought processes while the opposition to Juno has a ‘keeping score’ quality to the pattern.

Finally, we need to look at McVeigh’s Mars opposition to Neptune. Mars in the 12th can be ‘repressed’ in some ways, sneaky in other ways.  How does Mars express itself.  With Neptune opposite Mars, the target for any Mars-expression may be difficult to see or to articulate.  This pattern can conflict with the Taurus nature of the Sun, a sign-influence shared by Mars.  At this point we can consider Mars-sextile-Moon; this pattern tends to confront challenges in a very direct manner.  Emotions are brushed aside when expressed by others and when an action is decided upon.   

McVeigh’s ‘Mars qualities’ might be highlighted by his military career in the Army where he became a good marksman with the gun aboard the Bradley fighting vehicle in Iraq and Kuwait.  He applied for selection to the Rangers but washed out of that training.  He became interested in bombs and explosive devices.  So, we might say that the Moon-sextile-Mars patterns was expressed by relating (Moon) to anger-fighting-noise-explosions (Mars).  Emotions are brushed aside when expressed by others and when an action is decided upon.   I will take a deeper look at Mars at another time, using another chart.

OTHER PATTERNS.  Part-of-Fortune conjoining Saturn is interesting.  How does “chance and change” work with Saturn’s “caution and strategizing?”  Given the inconjunct aspect to Pluto, I would say that the two don’t work well together, that one will occasionally overturn the other with unexpected results.  The Pluto-Uranus conjunction is a generational pattern of short duration in which that group is seen as being impatient, highly restless and anxious to shape life to their terms.  This period marks people who are explosive, don’t like to be restricted, and fight against oppression.

Finally, I can comment on Jupiter square Neptune.  Everyday life, routine work, and fitting in with others in a stable community is not what this pattern suggests.  Escape from the routine, finding a means of expanding ones dreams and then chasing them is what is needed.

SUMMARY:  As noted at the start of this relocated natal chart exploration, this chart is complex.  Overall we have a person who is reactive, involved, unstable in some ways, needs a vision to follow while often blind to the advice and examples of others.  McVeigh exhibits patience and persistence, adopts causes that emotionally stir him up, and acts with finality and practicality in following his plans or dreams.

In the next posting Mars will be examined in a different way, using a charting method never used on this blog site before.

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Camino Eleven: Pilgrimage Reaches Its End Point

Camino photo-3After Shirley had found her antique cross in Leon she passed through Foncebadon, a small deserted village known for the pack of wild dogs that lived there.  Shirley was very afraid of the dogs and had prepared herself to deal with them.  Walking with her friends and a German couple they frequently met on the Camino, they came into the collection of buildings.  No dogs. They passed through.  It was only as they had left the village behind them that the dogs appeared.  One of the group had lost a walking stick and wanted to go back.  As they stopped, argued, and then went back to the village, Shirley found herself facing the dreaded dogs.  She projected a big heart and love and found herself safe — the dogs remained at bay.

Later the group split up, each traveling at a different pace, one taking a bus to the next village. The book, The Camino, now delves deeply into Shirley’s meditations while walking, and a dream in which John the Scot explains why she found her treasured cross, how sensitivities, expectations and visualization helped her make connections and become involved in seemingly impossible events.  He validate her dream experiences.  The book provides few dates that are matched to specific places and events during this final week on the Camino pilgrimage.  Charts for these events and dates cannot be provided.  Shirley had other dream-like experiences involving her presence in Atlantis,  We will pick up Shirley’s pilgrimage at the final stage of one of these dreams that occurred during the night of July 1st-2nd near Aruzia, just a short walk from the end point at Santiago de Compestela.  The July 2, 1994 chart is shown below.  This is the last day of the previous t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return cycle we covered earlier.

SM Adv 7-02-1994 last day

Before waking on this morning of July 2, 1994, Shirley completed her dream of living in an ancient land of Lemuria in which she was an entity that was both male and female during a period when that empire was ending and when she committed suicide.  The extensive recounting of this dream portrays the importance of it to Shirley in terms of her understanding how it linked to and affected her outlook in her present life.  I don’t wish to rewrite the book here, but will examine the chart.  n/Jupiter is on the Ascendant with t/Jupiter in the first house opposing t/Moon-n/Mars-n/Sun-t/BML.  n/Jupiter opposes n/Mercury, both on the horizontal axis.  This is clearly an expansion of consciousness pattern.  The two Jupiter’s join up the two oppositional patterns.  The inclusion of t/BML indicates a conflict between Shirley’s personal choices and actions and the overall ‘intention of the universe’ for her best-path forward.  Clearly the events and choices in her dream visit to Lemuria and her suicide were still past-life elements that she had to deal with in this life.

We can’t ignore the t/Neptune–t/Uranus-IC opposite n/Pluto.  This is another indicator of a dream or vision (Neptune) marking the end-start-transition to self-awareness (Uranus) that would make a huge change in how she dealt with the personal upheaval (Pluto) in her self-view-of-her-life (MC).  This change in her perception of her life’s goals links into the n/MC in the first house conjoining and linking into the t/Jupiter pattern.  This is a very indicative chart of a ‘spiritual reassessment’ experience.

Before leaving this chart we need to consider that this day is the final full day of this prior cycle marked by the t/Moon opposing the n/Sun position.  Seldom do we find such a ‘final day’ chart so powerful and meaningful to the subject.

We will now look at the event of July 3, 1994.  As she neared the end of her Camino pilgrimage the press had begun to closely follow her progress.  Photographers were everywhere.  She had a group of friends who ferried her about and through villages by car, hiding her from the press. The residents also supported this celebrity who wanted only privacy.  They took her in for food and drink, passed her out of back doors and through ally ways to avoid the photographers.  It had become a game more than a pilgrimage.  For Shirley, all of the revelations she had hoped for had been provided.  She was fulfilled now.  She could play this avoid-the-press game.  On this final day of walking she realized she was tired and dirty, frequently stopping at fountains for water, and determined to walk the final miles.  Finding the arrows marking the trail became harder as she approached and entered Santiago de Compestela.  The press thought she was near the location she had been in yesterday, so the travel early this day was not difficult.  Later in the day the whole scene changed.  She had been found.  She decided that she would finish today, July 3rd, and not the following day marking the U.S. holiday.  She would fly out that night.  Utilizing car rides from friends and the help of priests and residents, Shirley dodged most of the reporters, completed her pilgrimage, had her pass-book stamped so that she could show that she had completed the Camino.  She hopped upon a plane that evening, headed for home.


Her t/Moon-n/Sun at the relocated IC found in the 2nd house of the Return chart indicates her self-esteem being fulfilled.  She had accomplished a physical task, a personal endeavor.  We can take note of t/Saturn-Asc. opposing n/Moon-n/Neptune at the Desc. angle; her self-imposed task and commitment to fulfill a dream was at hand.  t/PoF-n/Asc. in the 10th marked the expression of meeting this personal experience.  Note t/Mercury opposite in the 4th house with t/Sun nearby.  t/Mercury-t/Sun-opposite-t/PoF can indicate a singularity of intent prevailing against ‘chance and change.’  She had won her battle.


This whole series covering Shirley MacLaine’s Camino pilgrimage was designed to illustrate how we could follow someone’s life on a day-by-day basis using Moon-to-Sun Return charting.  As long as we keep within the context of the subject’s life, the charting seems quite direct and clear.  We should probably discuss just what CONTEXT means in this setting.

CONTEXT means the astrologer knows the overall life-style of the subject and what daily life routines involve, knows what intentions and plans are in place.  Within that overall sense of what is generally possible, and having established the manner in which the subject uses the various planets and patterns in the natal chart, the astrologer can project likely upsets, challenges, and opportunities for the subject.  Since every problem contains its solution, the astrologer can look ahead and show how emerging changes can best be used to move past or take advantage of the present day planet energies.

It is my plan to post an essay, “Context”, in the next few days.  In that essay I will use chart fragments and this story to show how the Returns, the daily charts, and the context of Shirley’s pilgrimage all tie together so neatly to explain her venture and help us to learn from it.  Dave







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Camino Ten: It All Comes Together

Shirley-photo-7It was June 22, 1994.  Shirley awoke and walked around Leon, Spain.  She found Leon to be one of the more impressive cities of Spain, built around a walled fort that protected the original city. A refugio and former medeival monastery, the Hostal de San Marcos, provided her with bread, cheese and wine for breakfast.  It was later, while browsing the shops in the middle of the town, “that she saw it.”  In the window of a jewelry store with antique pieces in its window, Shirley spotted a cross.  Inside, the sales lady told her it was Moorish but had qualities of Christian and ancient Egyptian artwork as well.  It was believed to have come from the time of Charlemagne.  “Could I buy it, please?”


This chart not only represents Shirley’s Return chart for June 19, 1994 but it has become part of my own experience; I have only recently started exploring the meaning, if any, of the Black Moon Lilith (BML).  So, life presents me with this opportunity to go “out on a limb”, so to speak.   t/Mercury-MC is doubled up by n/Mercury 7th house; a juxtaposition of ideas and perceptions involving one’s life goals and links to other people (MC and Desc.).  This would involve keywords such as, walking, talking, perceptions, dream experiences that she dwells upon.  Next, we can consider n/Asc.-IC-t/Neptune; what she is looking for as an experience, the start of something, and old dreams coming into a new framework (t/Neptune-IC).

t/Moon opposes n/Sun form the 1st to the 7th, suggesting deep feelings (Moon conjunct Jupiter) related to another person (Sun in the 7th).  t/Venus squares this opposition, bringing a need to establish a linkage, to balance the past and present.  And now, n/BML-MC; this position, according to Kelly Hunter in her book, Black Moon Lilith, indicates one who cannot hide from themself.  They must explore the hidden self, the hidden past, and their actions to reconcile the two.  If we “jump” over to t/BML, we find it conjoining n/Chiron’s position; this was the time to probe the past, to find what hurts and what heals.  Finally, we need to note t/PoF-n/N.Node in the 5th house.  (We always check t/PoF, angular or not).  Old associations and friends may be revealed to have new agendas relative to how you interact with them.

So, this chart tells us what the period of some two weeks will be all about.  Let’s explore Shirley recounting of her Camino trip as she leaves Leon.  She passed roman ruins, cathedrals in Astorga, villages all while feeling that her recovered cross was a protector and would lead her to more revelations.  When she reached the outskirts of Foncebadon and a refugio she encountered Carlos and Ali just as they were stepping of of a bus.  The first thing that Shirley wanted to discuss was the famous wild dogs of Foncebadon; were they a danger?  No body else seem worried about that issue.  They prepared to sleep at the refugio, when Shirley smelled the scent of vanilla.  Ariel, her guardian angle was about.

This day, June 22nd, had been a most momentous day for Shirley.  We will look at her Advanced chart, the day she found a cross that she had possessed twelve hundred years earlier and had reunited with friends.


gold crossA credit card was used to pay for the ornate cross.  A photo of this Moorish, Christian-Egyptian cross is shown at the left.  She “felt that she was holding the very cross that John the Scot had baptized her with, the very same cross that still reminds her each time she looks at it of this experience through time and space.”  She possessed an actual proof of an experience she had in a prior life some twelve hundred years earlier.   There are innumerable designs of crosses such as this one.  Yet, the unique appearance of this cross that was exactly like the one she saw and possessed in an earlier dream-life could not be mistaken for any other design.  Leaving Leon she saw other pilgrims, one walking barefoot, some prisoners who were doing the pilgrimage who would be later released upon completion of their walk.  She walked onward but had no inspirational insights or dreams about John the Scot or her newly acquired cross.

n/BML-MC is now virtually in exact conjunction; the day of spiritual truth.  The Descendant angle is closing on n/Mercury; establishing links with old/prior friends.  t/Jupiter-1st-opposite-n/Sun-7th; Shirley has an opportunity to broaden her understanding of her mission and of her whole self.  t/Neptune-IC-(t/Uranus);  a personal period of sudden visions and insights can be activated.   t/PoF-square-t/Sun; who Shirley is and what her goals are is subject to change on this date.  And, finally, we note t/Sun closing in on t/Mercury in the chart’s ninth house; Shirley’s perceptions are about to be sharpened, enlightened and focused so as to better define her personal mission in this life.

Altogether, a nice Advanced chart description of this momentous day — for Shirley’s Camino pilgrimage when she found her cross and reunited with her friends and (through the scent of vanilla) her guardian angle whom she called Ariel.   Those who have read Shirley’s books and followed her story knows of her guardian angle, past love affairs, and fascination will all things spiritual or other-worldly.  ‘Ariel’ is one of Shirley’s supporting resources, her personal guardian angle.

In future posts we can touch upon follow-up dreams concerning the cross as well as dreams that addressed much earlier experiences in Atlantis.  Again, I caution readers to consider that these dreams and insights are what Shirley claims she experienced.  Whether they are ‘real’ or not, according to your view, they are real for Shirley and as such will make up the context of her life.  As such, the charts will reflect the context of her life as she lived it.

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Camino Nine: A Routine Is Established; Lost, Lost Again, & Lots Of Walking

Fromista photoThe Camino, Shirley MacLaine’s book about her pilgrimage across Spain, was not generous in dating her stops and experiences.  After leaving Shirley’s travels on June 11th in ‘Camino Eight’, no clues are given until the day she notes leaving Fromista, a week later.  This is a small town before or near  Carrion de los Condes.  As she walked out of town she heard a newscast about O.J. Simpson driving a white Bronco and being chased by the police.  This event occurred on June 17th, 1994.  Looking up Fromista on the Internet, one finds a number of photos.  From all of them I have the impression that Fromista was originally a small walled town to protect the inhabitants from wandering gangs and small bands of soldiers.  It is also located in hilly country, has many church buildings, and includes more modern architecture around the original town.

Shirley’s latest friends, Ali and Carlos, weren’t around.  She set off, finding the road littered with small pebbles which promptly found their way into her shoes.  She saw many storks high in their nests among the trees.  Bees, butterflies and birds were everywhere.  Her legs were hurting due to her new staff — it’s straighter, sturdier shaft had changed the way she walked and used it, shifting her weight and affecting her back.  She had the sense that she would have to pick up her pace if she was to finish her pilgrimage by July 4th.  She came to a dead end on the path she had been following.  She was lost again.  She retraced her steps, saw a bridge leading to a road.  As rain started to pick up, a passing car stopped and pointed the way westward.  With her poncho clutched about her, she plodded on.


She reached another blocked way.  A military installation.  Two soldiers told her she had to go back, that the arrows were wrong.  Lost for the second time that day.  It was six in the afternoon, she was tired.  Two young girls gave her a bottle of water, recognizing her, and pointed the way.  She finally found an arrow by the road side and walked for several more hours.  She found a village and a refugio, slept without supper.  We can look at her June 17th chart for a day that was marked by heavy rains, becoming lost twice, and walking very long hours.


Of immediate note is the doubled up Parts of Fortune; t/PoF-IC and n/PoF-Desc.  This is often significant for chaos and confusion.  n/Sun-Desc.-opposite-t/Jupiter-n/MC-Asc. is a complex pattern.  t/Jupiter-Asc. suggests a hopeful day that fulfills her goals (n/MC).  n/Sun being at the Descendant angle indicates one who is looking for some guidance.  For this relocated-to-Spain chart, n/Sun trines the relocated Asc. at 5 Capricorn; she will find friends and challenges that she is looking for.  Let’s play astrological hopscotch and jump to the t/Sun.  t/Sun-trines-n/Saturn and has a semi-square aspect to n/PoF; her intentions (t/Sun) on this day will have to face constraints (n/Saturn) and deal with many changes (n/PoF).  All of this takes place on a very rainy day.  In an overall sense we might say that she is sorting out her goals and intentions by dealing with feelings that are challenging her sense of self-balance.  This is a good day for reflection.

This was one of several days of of walking, reflecting, and enjoying the countryside’s vivid colors and varied terrain.  The next post will cover June 22nd, a date that marks a highly significant point on Shirley’s Camino journey.

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Camino Eight: Acquiring The Camino Experience


Upon waking up at the Los Arcos refugio on June 11, 1994, Shirley found a couple talking to each other.  She introduced herself.  The woman’s name was Ali, dressed in a Gucci jumpsuit, double-decker sneakers, and carrying several bags of toiletries.  Her friend, Carlos, had invited her to Spain to ‘take a walk.’   They seemed to be an unlikely pair of pilgrims.  As it turned out, Ali would often take a bus from one town to the next and let Carlos do his walking.

Camino Four photo-2They started off by walking together, but often were separated only to meet up at the end of the day’s pilgrimage.  Their goal was to reach Nejera, 30 miles distant.  The book is unclear at this point as to the inferred dates.  The next village mentioned is Santo Domingo, well beyond Najera.  It was mentioned, page 98, that “now” was about 10 days into the pilgrimage, putting the date at about June 14th or 15th.  Shirley made a point of eating salad, bread and wine at the end of every day.  The Irish girls were often a day or more ahead of her or behind her, but always left messages for her.  Between Santo Domingo and Belorado in a refugio, Shirley was accosted while taking a cold morning shower by two photographers.  She chased them away.  It was now obvious that the press was making efforts to track and report on her.

I can use this disturbing milestone to search ahead for a few days to find a chart that portrays this type of event and the challenges that it brings to Shirley’s desire for privacy during her pilgrimage.  June 14th, three days later, provides a likely chart and this date also accounts for the slower progress noted in the text of her book, chapter eight.  She again mentioned losing 10 pounds of weight in 10 days, so the date of April 14th looks good.


First, the angles.  Asc.-n/MC-t/Jupiter opposite n/Mars-n/Sun-n/PoF.  The Ascendant grouping can represent an over-reaction to personally defending her public image; feeling affronted by the snooping photographers.  With n/Sun opposite n/MC at this location, northern Spain, her privacy and self-respect is an issue.  n/Mars sees this as an attack, n//PoF accepts this as part of being a celebrity.  This placement of the n/PoF opposite the t/Asc. is doubled-up by t/PoF-n/Asc. in the 3rd house, opposed by t/Mercury in the 9th; Shirley is doubly upset, personally, by actions taken on her pilgrimage (3rd house) as a consequence of seeking experiences (pilgrimage) in a foreign land (9th house) due to the taking of photographs (t/Mercury, images, reporters).

One photo-3t/Moon often gives us clues in these Advanced charts even if not anguar.  We can see t/Moon is approaching n/Moon-n/Neptune (signifying Shirley’s acute sensitivity to dreams and history).  We note also t/Chiron approaching this sensitive point and n/Saturn opposing it, with t/Pluto square and n/Chiron widely square.  So her feelings of privacy, of seeking deep personal meaning from her pilgrimage experience, is very strong.

Note how easy it is to use basic meanings of the planets and to fit them within the context of her life at the moment to come up with appropriate interpretations.   This combination of approaches can be used much like an algebra formula.

            Planet pattern plus Context yields Interpretation    This is a chart reading.


            Planet pattern plus Interpretation yields Context-Forcast     This is prediction

There really isn’t much difference between how we do astrology one way or the other.  This is why I find this approach so useful and satisfying when working with clients.

  1. I do a very brief natal chart reading.
  2. I then introduce them to a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for the current period, going over what each angular planet placement means as asking them how it fits with their current life’s activities. This gives them a sense of how the symbols work, how the chart fits them, and provides a sense of comfort that I can guide them to some form of undestanding.
  3. I then do an advanced chart, or several, just by clicking on a new date, taking them through several days were events were most likely. This educates me on how they live their chart, and shows them how the chart reflects their life.
  4. At this point, if they are recording their session I can step through the next four to six weeks for them. Or, alternatively, I can offer them a “Look-Ahead Diary” to be sent to them for their reference.  They can check this off day-by-day.  Either approach gives them answers and value, and each approach provides me renumeration for my effort.  If they keep the session short (less cost) and choose the Look-Ahead Diary (more cost), I end up the same (fee-wise) as if I did the short session (an hour or so) plus an extended session (another hour or so) to cover the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Back to Shirley’s narrative.  As she walked, Shirley had to watch for fast, large trucks travelling the same narrow roads that she was walking on.  She might get killed.  Then, to quote the book, “I had come to terms with dying before undertaking this pilgrimage.”  She knew that even if she left the body, she would not “die.”  She relaxed.  She lost her hat to a breeze that carried the hat into a small stream.  She thought about her past religious beliefs.  Quoting again, “I had wanted a revelation on the Camino?  I was having a magnificent one!”

At this point in her book, The Camino, Shirley narrates many days and episodes.  None or dated and no clues are given.  She recounts several dreams.  In one of them, John the Scott reveals to her who the present day version of Charlemagne was, Olaf Palme the Swedish Prime Minister who Shirley had an affair with.  She was shocked at first.

The next blog post will pick up a week or so later where I have a firm date to reference.

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Camino Seven: Dreams On A Large Scale

Shirley-photo-6On the morning of June 9, 1994, Shirley awoke and prepared for an early start on her walk to Los Arcos.  As she stepped outside the refugio she found the Irish girls confronting a photographer.  They were able to chase him away.  Indeed, they took it upon themselves to protect their ‘celebrity’ from any curious onlookers.  This turned out to provide some peace and serenity with only a few interruptions.  As she walked she opened a small bible that Anna had given her before her departure the day before.  A random opening took her to Acts 9 which was the story of Saul on the road to Damascus when he encountered a light and was transformed in his beliefs.  Shirley hoped that she would receive some illumination on her pilgrimage.

Shirley asked others walking the Camino what they were looking for.  For one man the Camino represented an escape.  He had found his wife cheating on him and decided he needed some space and time to think about it. Another was hoping the walk along the mystical path would help to cure her arthritis.  A Dutch couple, loaded down with baggage, didn’t offer any reasons for their walk along the Camino.

Shirley looked around after her impromptu interviews and realized that the Irish girls were no longer in sight.  She walked for quite awhile, realized she was lost, and backtracked.  She had missed the path leading over a bridge, a detour that cost her much of the day.  She encountered a snarling dog, managed to sneak past it only to have it chase her.  Thinking again of her interviews with others, Shirley decided that she was walking the Camino to feel human again.

Stopping in the town of Estella, on the way to Los Arcos, she purchased a less recognizable hat.  She left the town unrecognized, went into the countryside, found a tree and took a nap.  Let us look at the Advanced chart for this day, June 9, 1994


The horizontal axis of this chart is strongly populated.  t/PoF-n/MC-Asc.-t/Jupiter promises a lot. To determine ‘what’ we can break it down.  n/MC at the charts Ascendant is covered in my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, on page 160.  “Taking action on your personal life-plan or to bolster your image.”  t/PoF-Asc. is covered on page 137; Acting out of character.  Doing what cannot be easily undone. . . . being in costume.  A sudden turn of events.”  t/Jupiter-Asc.; Happy, confident.  Risk taking.  An eye-opening, expanding experience.   This complex pattern say quite a bit. 

Let us look at the opposing Descendant angle. t/BML-Desc.-n/Uranus-n/Mars-n/Sun with t/Mars-n/PoF not far away in the 7th.  We start with the t/BML  Black Moon Lilith is the perigee of the Moon’s orbit.  Planets located there tend to have their influence lessened, as I understand it.  The natal Uranus-Mars-Sun group, representing Shirley’s curiosity and open mind to new ideas will be affected in some way.  Can this be lessened?  Denied?  Or, dreamed?  The grouping will not be experienced openly, physically.  So, her innate curiosity will likely come through a dream.  Now, note t/Mars-n/PoF; she will be self-enthused to pursue any chance for enlightenment.  Given that the t/PoF is in the first house, the n/PoF in the 7th house, change-chance-chaos will come to her through interaction with another.

And, so, that is all that this chart says. There is no need to examine other details.  Let us now pick up her story as she leaves town, unnoticed in her new hat.

Once out in the country side she realized how tired she was from walking and the stress of having discovered she was lost again.  She layed down under a tree and fell asleep . . . and had a dream.  I cannot copy a whole chapter of her book, The Camino, so I will shorten her telling as much as I can.  This dream will play an important part in the story later on.  For those who have her book, The Camino, or can borrow it from a local library, the dream is recounted in vivid detail in Chapter Seven.

The dream was ‘familiar’ to me; soldiers marching and riding, asking questions.  A monk came out of a tent and took her (me) away from them.  He introduced himself as John the Scot.  She told him she was Moorish with a Hebrew heritage.  She was an herb healer.  She said that it was ironic that all of the soldiers kept killing each other and that nothing ever changed.  John gave her a staff to hold.  It had been dipped in the wells where various Saints had lived.  It carried some of their power and it would help protect her. John predicted that she would be captured by the Giant Moore, that she would heal him, she would be imprisoned by him.  She will be gold crossliberated and will receive a gift from him which is passed through the hands of another.  The gift will be a small cross which has Coptic, Christian and Islamic-Egyptian features.  All who see it will see what they need to see.  It will keep you safe.

As the dream goes on Shirley sees a knight, Roland, approaching her and the Giant Moore.  She had been captured, had healed him, and was now his prisoner.  Roland and the Giant Moore fought for several hours, rested, and fought again.  This went on for a day or two before Roland managed to trick the Moore and pierce him through the stomach.  As he lie dying, he passed a cross to Roland to be given to the girl.  The cross was handed to John the Scot who in turn gave it to Shirley.  She was told that she would meet Charlemagne in her present life.

Shirley awoke and promptly spoke into her recorder so as to not lose any memories of the dream. The book is a bit unclear in terms of the timeline, other than she got lost for a day.  So, I have alotted two days for her trip on this segment of the Camino.  Let us look at an Advanced chart for June 10th.


Much in this chart remains the same.  t/Moon conjoins t/Mercury in the 9th house.  The t/PoF moves into the first house and will contact the t/N.Node and square n/Saturn.  n/Mars and n/MC are the most angular in terms of closeness.  The n/PoF and t/PoF are opposed.  It seems that this dream and her understanding of it is a two day event for her.  Upon reaching Los Arcos she sought out the man who was famous for giving foot massages to the pilgrims.  While he worked on her feet, she told him of her dream.  He noted that every pilgrim sought greater understanding but not all achieved it.  He counseled her to have patience and that more understanding would come to her in later days.

refugio at Los Arcos

Readers should not assume that lodging along the Camino for pilgrims was sparse but neat and clean.  Quite the opposite. Like in this photo, a ‘refugio’ was often a hole in the wall or broken down building. In some cases a small kitchen was there for dispensing soup.  Sometimes it was a church basement.  Showers were a water pipe protruding from a wall, offering cold water.  Most had bunk racks where one could place a sleeping bag.  Privacy was not provided for.

One should not be surprised that Shirley has many complex dreams.  As a spiritual person, openly curious, she has explored UFO’s, dreams, seances with mediums, astrology, indian medicine men, etc.  She is sensitized to dreams and having visions. It should not surprise us that she uses these to tell her story.  Dave.


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Small Pause in Posting

I have undergone a skin cancer operation on my head.  While the operation was successful, the result of all that numbing injections has been heavy headaches, swelling around the eye, etc.  I’ll have to wait a couple of days before continuing with my posts.  Dave

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