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Exploring Solar Returns and Prog’d Daily Angles (PSSR) Charts, Part 2

Trump photo-4

This series of posting explores the use of precession-corrected Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts.  Sidereal astrologers refer to these as Solar Returns and PSSRs (progressed sidereal solar returns).  Both the tropical version used here and the sidereal version make use of the MC-Solar Cycle.  The essay offered on this site’s menu is the most popular choice for readers.

I will be presenting two more Progressed Daily Angles charts in this posting for us to consider.  The first took place a little more than a week following Trumps first day in office, on Jan. 29th, 2017.  This daily chart is shown below.

Trump 1-29-2016 PSSR-J

Trump was eager to demonstrate his presidential power.  Two event occurred on this date.  First, he authorized (and it was carried out) a raid on Yemen to obtain intelligence data and kill terrorists.  Second, he was thwarted by a Federal District Court Judge who put his ban on immigration on  ‘hold.’  So, let’s look at this chart.

  • The MC angle has advanced just past the transiting Sun.  The MC and t/Sun will remain close since each advances at rates that are close to each other.  n/Sun-n/Uranus-n/N.Node is in the 1st house; suggesting that Trump’s goals and image will move into an action zone.
  • Natal Pluto is near the IC angle, opposite the t/Sun.  The IC angle will slowly pass out of orb and aspect to n/Pluto as each day comes along.  Playing our game of astrological hopscotch, we will turn our attention from n/Pluto to t/Pluto-t/Mercury in the 9th.
  • n/MC, which was on the Asc. in the Jan. 20th Inauguration chart, has now faded into the 12th house as the Asc. angle moves onward. 
  • Natal Mars-Asc. is deep into the 4th house, giving it some angular credibility.

t/Sun-MC is a time to reach for goals, to establish one’s public image.  With the n/MC now in the 12th house, any actions taken will be somewhat in the background, not part of Trump’s personal efforts.  With n/Pluto-IC, Trump’s personal proclivity to be dominating and in control will be a consideration at this time.  The t/Pluto-t/Mercury will have to do with things signed, conversation, travel, movement  and any control or power that can be exercised over those activities.

Trump’s ordering of a shore-raid in Yemen to gain intelligence and kill terrorists did not go well.  There were far more terrorist-fighters there than had been expected.  The team had to retreat with a loss of life and little of value having been gained.  Not a good result.

Trump’s travel ban was held up by a Federal District Judge.  What has been absolutely needed for security and to protect the country (Trump’s words) was now a dead issue for a period of time.

Trump 2-09-2017 PSSR-J

Trump’s Feb. 9th, 2017 Progressed Daily Angles chart is shown above.  We can note the following:L

  • The natal Uranus-N.Node-Sun grouping has now come to the Asc.   t/Sun is now 5 degrees behind the MC angle, and has no interpretive effect.
  • Trump’s natal Mars-Asc. is now conjoining the IC angle.  This ‘doubles up’ the influence of the Ascendant.
  • n/Moon is at the Desc. angle.  t/Moon opposes t/Mercury from the 3rd house.

Trump’s eccentricities, personality, and manner of dealing with others is all on display today.  He issued Executive Orders seeking to affect the line of succession to the Presidential office, three Executive Orders addressing law enforcement, reacted against the Court of Appeals for upholding the ban on his efforts to stop immigration from specific countries, and reversed his campaign pledge on the “One China” policy.   Putting the One China policy in a questionable status was seen as a ploy to bring pressure on China.  Trump just gave this up.  Some negotiator. 

With the ‘doubled up’ influence of the Asc. and n/Asc. angles, Trump was tweeting and attacking the ‘fake media’ and others for working against his efforts to put a travel ban into effect.  As of four months later, that or any other ban still has not become effective.  The use of Executive Orders seems to be one of the few actions this President feels he can accomplish.  His administration has not learned how to work within the system.  It does not work without the system.


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The Most-Read Essay On This Site !

The most recent post on Donald Trump illustrated how important it was to have the right chart for exploring the issue at hand.  For that posting about the first GOP political debate amongst the Republican Party candidates, when Trump attacked Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, I was wondering if Trump was just doing his typical day-to-day thing (a Moon-to-Sun chart?).  Or, was he angry (Moon-to-Mars), or just emotional (Lunar Return chart?).  It turned out that the right chart for him was a t/Moon-to-n/Mercury Return — he wanted to control the news cycle, be the headliner, dominate the talk show follow up cycle.  Moon-to-planet Returns are useful, but they only cover a few weeks of time — the length of their cycle.

We have a longer cycle charting approach to take advantage of known as the Solar Return.   And the ‘Solar Return’ utilizes the MC-Solar Cycle which is the most read essay on this blog-site. 

Trump photo-1

This suggests to me that many of my readers are interested in Solar Returns.  Given all of the attention I have given to Moon-to-Sun Returns since publishing the second edition of my book last summer, it is time to again give some coverage to Solar Returns.


I primarily use RIYAL FOR WINDOWS for my Solar Return work.  RIYAL is a program created by Juan Revilla of Costa Rica with a bit of help (suggestions and testing) from the many who used his program over the years.  In terms of accuracy and mathematical-concept purity, RIYAL is superior to the other available software in its calculations.  Even though it is not a full-Windows type of graphical program, once you are familiar with it, RIYAL is very easy and fast to use.  It also offers important and highly useful features.

I choose to use a precession-corrected Tropical format.  This permits me to more easily share charts with the largely “tropical” community.  The sidereal astrologers can handle any format, the tropical astrologers — well, not so much.  RIYALs charts let you place the transits in the outer wheel, the natal chart inside, with the Solar Return or the daily charts (called PSSRs) angles governing the orientation of the charts.

Since the Solar Return covers a whole annual period, from one birthday to the next, should we expect each daily-advanced chart to fully represent the events of a specific date.  That would be nice.  For someone like Trump, there are so many processes in play that determine what will come up on a day-by-day basis, so many other people and thier charts, that it seems unreasonable to expect one man’s chart to dominate the events of the day.  We will examine several day’s charts to see how this works out.

We can start with his last annual Solar Return, precession-corrected, Tropical for June 14, 2016, set for Washington, DC. where he resides, sort of, during many of these charts.

Trump 2016 SR-J

This is Trump’s 2016 Solar Return, relocated to Washington, D.C.  Although he didn’t live there at the time of this Return, all of the charts we will examine occurred at this location.  The MC is 28 Aries, the Asc. is 9 Leo, the t/Sun-t/Venus is in the 11th house.  n/Pluto is on the Asc. (natal planets are inside, transits outside).  This is the most angular planet, so the chart keys off of this symbol.  In personal ways, as an everyday expression, Pluto will express itself as “bullying.”  Pluto wants to control, to use overwhelming force to show its presence.  Given that Trumps natal Ascendant conjoins Mars, we should expect this annual period to show us a Donald Trump that is overbearing, outlandish, of strong opinion and intolerant. 

When we find a planet, natal or transiting, to be angular we should immediately look for its counterpart — in this case, t/Pluto — to see what it is doing.  I call this process “Astrological hop-scotching” (after the child’s game of jumping on one foot from one chalked square on the sidewalk to another square).  Although n/Pluto has no direct, hard aspects, t/Pluto does.  t/Pluto squares t/Moon and n/Jupiter, and trines t/Jupiter-t/N.Node.  Trump will attack the public and both attack and sooth the business community and legal system.  We saw all of this contradictory expression play out in the political campaign and the early days of his administration.

His words and conduct outrage/fascinate the public, dividing them along love-hate lines.  He attacked women and Hillary Clinton without stopping.  He berated the media, the way Wall Street Bankers played on the public, health care and taxes.  Once he became President, he reversed himself on most campaign statements.

The MC-Solar Cycle.

Once one calculates a Solar Return chart, one can choose to look at a PSSR listing, such as is shown below.  The list is for the complete annual period, the fragment below is just for what appears on the monitor screen.  The nice thing about this listing is that you can look in the RH column area and see which natal, solar or transiting planets are angular on any given date.  Clicking on the data-line for a selected date pops up a chart.  Simple.  The steps for downloading, setting up, and using RIYAL are provided in the menu choice “Chart Calculations.”

From the following illustrated page I have selected several dates and popped up a chart for each of those dates. 

Trumps PSSR list=J

The first date chosen from the annual date listing is Jan. 20, 2017, Inauguration Day.  The date listing indicates that Mars is at the Desc.  This particular listing is a bit confusing.  Yes, Mars is at the natal Descendant in the 11th house and near the Solar Return Sun position.  The t/Sun itself, on this date, is at 0 degrees Aquarius and the daily MC.  This MC position is 272 degrees from the S/R MC which occurred 220 days prior.  This figures out to be 1.23 degrees per day of MC advance.  As we know, the MC-Solar Cycle causes the MC to advance about 1.25 degrees per day on average.

The January 20th date is highlighted above.  The chart is achieved by right-clicking on the highlighted date on the monitor screen, choosing to have the transiting angles orient the biwheel chart (click on one of 3 choices), and up pops the chart which is shown below.

Trump 1-20-2017 PSSR-J

Note the n/MC on the Asc.!  My book, Personal Predictions, on page 78 gives the following meaning for the Progressed Daily Angle chart’s Asc. & the natal MC:  “This date will, if any angular planets are present, be a time of actions take and decisions made relative to improving you standing in the world, in your career or community, or within your family and personal circles.  It is a “do something” day.  Well, this man who did not expect to ever become President, became the President and was sworn into office.

When using Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts (based on the MC-Solar Cycle) — which the Sidereal Astrologers call PSSR or Progressed Sidereal Solar Return charts — we need to get used to the idea of having to derive our daily interpretations from the presence of only one or a few angular planets.  However, there are a few other ‘points’ to take note of in these charts.  One point of interest is always the Ascendant-MC midpoint which, here, is at 23 Aries, conjoining  t/Uranus and opposing 23 Libra where we find t/Jupiter and the nearby n/Jupiter!  Combinations of Uranus-Jupiter often seem to be times of celebration and surprise.  Unfortunately this point also squares n/Saturn and n/Venus; pointing to Trumps profound disappointment over the crowd size in attendance at his inauguration ceremony and the inauguration balls held that evening.  He went on for many weeks making wild claims about his crowds being the largest in history when the photos clearly showed they were the smallest in recent decades.

In the next posting several more dates will be examined using the RIYAL listing.  In the course of browsing very recent history we will have the opportunity to review interpretive methods and enjoy the simplicity and clarity of Solar Returns and their derived daily charts.  Dave.


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Wacky Personality Requires Wacky Charts

Donal Trump photo 4

Some days it takes a lot of work to come up with charts to present and discuss on a blog site.  This may be because nothing in the news inspires you.  Or, nothing in the folder of ‘blog subjects’ where I throw lot of ideas from time to time seems interesting.  Or, like now, when I get hung up on checking something out, spend to much time on it, and realize that I’m ‘overdue’ — even though there is no deadline as such.  This is the case today.  I was experimenting with Trump’s charts and some of the really far-out episodes that have marked his new political career.  

I had just read a book by Megyn Kelly, famous for being a Fox News journalist and show host.  Many of us know her relative to that famous 2015 night in Cleveland, OH when Donald Trump fought with her and later followed up his remarks with the infamous ‘blood everywhere’ retort.  The man has no sense of respect and civility, certainly not the personality to lead and represent a country.   So, I ran a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart — wasn’t impressed by the chart.

Well, if he was angry, maybe a t/Moon-to-n/Mars chart would be better — I wasn’t impressed by that chart either.  The Moon-Sun Return reflects how we maintain or restore balance in our life.  Debates, for Trump, are not about balance but about making himself look big, dominating and important.  So, the Moon-Mars Return should have done the trick.  No, he wasn’t mad.  He was being tactical, strategic, seeking to make news and dominate the news cycle.

So, how about a t/Moon-n/Mercury chart, a chart that seeks to show how one is changed and seeks to change things with words, ideas, communication, control.  Donald Trump had a t/Moon-opposite-n/Mercury Return on July 29, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, prior to a Republican Party debate hosted by Fox News.   That chart is posted below.


“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” comes from a children’s poem.  Actually words can be very powerful, as we all know.  In this chart we have a cycle beginning with the following chart patterns:

  • The natal chart angles are reestablished, n/MC at the MC, n/Asc. at the Asc.; this always suggests a life change, a breakout of what has been the norm when doing t/Moon-n/Sun Returns.  For t/Moon-n/Mercury this is less severe, but it seems to represent crossing verbal lines, setting new tones in communication.
  • n/Part of Fortune-Desc., opposite t/Jupiter, t/Venus, Asc., n/Asc., n/Mars;  this complex pattern shows that Trump will very deliberately use the upcoming debate to dominate his opponents and capture the news cycle.  He will throw all caution to the winds.
  • t/Mercury-n/Pluto;  Words can be powerfully used.  Trump plans on being verbal.
  • t/Mars-n/Saturn;  Mars doesn’t like being limited.  He will challenge the rules.  The trine to t/Saturn seems to be his free ticket to do just that.  Natal Mars is being given support by t//Jupiter; a sort of “greedy grabber” combination.

The debate occurred on August 8, 2015 in Cleveland, OH.  Ten candidates were on stage, the most that the Fox TV staff figured was possible and manageable.  As it was, each would have very little time to argue their case in any comprehensive way.  One of the early questions was posed by Megyn Kelly to Donald Trump about his way of describing and demeaning women — she cited examples and had more to use if she was challenged on this question.  Trump went ballistic, he challenged her, he threatened her, it was a total verbal assault that used up his allotted time.  The debate moved on.  The audience was stunned.  The chart for this night is shown below.


  • t/Mercury-Asc.; this tight contact tells us that words will be spoken, significant words.  t/Jupiter is right behind and close to t/Mercury.  n/Mercury is squared by n/Neptune and opposed by t/Pluto;  Trumps use of words for dramatic effect is a long-practiced part of his life.  Pluto now adds punch and power to how he uses those words.  He threatened Megyn Kelly from the stage.
  • t/PoF-n/N.Node-n/Sun-opp-n/Moon;  Trumps plan is to attack everyone on the stage and any who challenge him.  Standard Trump behavior as we now know.
  • t/Moon-10th-square t/Mercury;  great passion infuses his words.  He sounds angry.
  • t/Saturn-IC-square-n/Mars-n/Asc.-t/Jupiter-t/Mercury;  Trump is following his plan.  As we now know, this is standard political debate strategy.  It has become his standard political defense and attack mode — seldom has a quiet presentation of facts or programs.  Someone is always being blamed or attacked — or someone is always attacking him which, in turn, requires firing back.

Trump had been on a roll all week long.  The performance at the debate, and the threats against Megyn Kelly were part of his strategy.  He upped the pressure the next day by commenting on the news shows that she was very angry, that she had blood coming out of her eyes, out of her — wherever.  People were shocked.  But, not shocked enough to largely rebut his performance.  He was a one-man circus.  The greatest shown in town.  

So, does these chart excursions into other formats interest my viewers.  Most send me e-mails, few ever use the comment feature of this blog site.  However you wish, let me know if you like exploring new forms of charting.  Dave














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Trump: Firing His Way To Innocence?


On May 9th, President Trump fired his FBI Director, Comey.  In previous TV interviews Trump had repeatedly said the he had complete confidence in his FBI Director.  This was believed due to Comey ‘timely’ announcements during the Presidential elections regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

Sessions photo

A few weeks ago the U.S. Senate had finally confirmed Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General.  It was believed that Sessions would do whatever Trump asked of him.  Before confirmation, political and public pressure upon Sessions moved him to the point of recusing himself from any actions related to the investigation of the Trump Yates photoelection team.  

Before Session could take up the reins of office, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates had gone to the White House to advise the staff and the President about the past actions of General Flynn.  Flynn had been named as Trumps National Security Advisor.  The information was received but not acted upon for some two weeks.

Over that two week period, news of Flynn’s actions with the Russians was slowly coming to light.  Trump reached a point of being enraged and embarrassed — he did what he does best, he fired Yates Bharara photofrom her position before she could testify before Congress.

Several weeks earlier, Trump had fired the U.S. Attorney for New York who was actively investigating Russian intrusion into the U.S. Election and the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and the DNC’s e-mails — all of which were published by WikiLeaks. This Attorney General, Preet Bharara, was very aggressive.  Trump apparently did not want him looking into the electional hi-jinks by the Russians or the involvement of the Trump team.

Comey photo

Comey, shown in the center of the photo at the left, was overseeing the probe into the Trump election team, the Russian involvement, and other undisclosed issues.  The day before he was fired it was reported that a number of subpoenas had been issues and delivered to a number of Trump associates as the FBI’s counter-intelligence (Spy) unit was seen to be increasing the intensity of its investigations.  This apparently rattled Donald Trump

Consider this pattern:  Bharara launched a strong investigation into the election processes and the hacking of Clinton’s e-mails, and the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails.  Comey was investigating these issues also.  Charara was fired by Trump.  Sally Yates as Acting Attorney General had warned Trump about the actions of General Flynn (Trump’s National Security Advisor) which broke the law and exposed him to blackmail by the Russians.  Nothing was done with that information until leaks to the press raised the pressure.  Trump fired Yates.  Then Comey’s group started issuing subpoenas to key Trump election officials and aids.  Trump fired him.

Lets look at the May 9th Advanced chart.


In the interpretive process, I have often noted that two Suns (one natal, one transiting) which are in hard aspect to each other often indicate a clash of minds or difference of opinion.  I thought it would be interesting to take note of the n/Sun positions for several of the key players in the Trump upheaval going on within the nation’s capitol.

First, lets look at only Trump’s Advanced chart for May 9, 2017.  

  • n/Pluto-Asc:  The exercise of power.
  • t/Sun-n/MC:  The making of a decision, setting a goal.
  • t/Moon-IC:  New worries, upsetting news and a changing situation.
  • t/Part-of-Fortune-square-t/Mercury-t/Uranus:  Upsetting news and papers are playing a role in how work (investigation) is being carried out.

This gives us the sense of what could be on the President’s mind on this date.  Now we can look at the positions of the other player’s natal Sun positions.  Comey’s natal Sun conjoins Trump’s natal Moon, opposes Trump’s natal Sun.  Because this Advanced chart is derived from a Moon-to-Sun Return chart, Comey’s Sun is also opposing that Return point — adding great emphasis to his interaction with Trump’s chart.  What should we make of this?

Trump liked Comey very much while he was a candidate.  Comey’s seemingly ham-handed announcements about investigating Clinton’s e-mails really weakened her campaign.  The announcement days prior to the election further damaged her.  How could Trump not ‘like’ Comey?  

Now, after the election, Comey’s team was investigating Trump and really making headway in terms of collecting information from key team members.  At this rate, the whole story would be revealed within months.  Trump was reported to be highly enraged over these developments.  Comey was fired.  However, the investigation will go on.  Will Trump’s pattern of heavy-handedness place a ‘chill’ over the investigation?  What about the House and Senate investigations?  And, finally, what about the media and their unending pursuit of leads, leaks and innuendo?  Trump cannot fire his way to innocence.  Does he think he can intimidate the government?


Edited to add . . .

Comey’s Sun opposite Trumps Sun points to differences of opinion and the conduct of one’s life.  It seems that initially Trump’s Moon conjunct Comey’s Sun was the first hint of how they might get along.  The Moon gravitates to the Sun.  Once Trump was in office and also threatened by the course of events, the opposing Sun’s became more important than the Moon-Sun contact.

Remember that Trumps fear of rejection, of not being the greatest, of being ‘lessened’ in some/any way is what drives his most basic actions.  All of this is behind whatever it is that his election-team did that involved the Russians.  Tramp does have some real personal problems . . . loans from the Russians, money laundering involving some of his overseas properties, lawsuits from private parties whom he can’t roll over.  The question of how much and how long he can hide these unsavory issues has yet to be determined.  Can he fire enough people who are investigating him to bring investigations to a halt?






















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Part 3: How Two Men Met

Rod and mother hear heart photo

I won’t explain the above photo other than to say that the man is the well-known baseball player, long retired, Rod Carew.  Among the many youthful fans he encountered, signing autographs and taking the time to speak to and encourage, was a youngster named Konrad Reuland. That was 27 years ago.  Carew doesn’t remember Konrad from that date, of course.

Carew probably is not aware that he had a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 9th house on Sept. 14th, 2015.  That chart is shown below.


The 9th and 10th house area of this chart is very crowded so the reader will need to be careful in examining planet positions and aspects.  Of note is t/Uranus at the IC opposed t/Mercury at the MC.  Nervous system, excitement, stress, sudden news are the words that come to mind.  Square this opposition pattern is (in the 1st house) t/Pluto-t/Part of Fortune which opposes n/Mars in the 7th.  More stress and challenge to the physical body.

We might choose to play astrological hopscotch and look at the natal Ascendant and natal MC.  We would note the n/Asc. at 17 Scorpio square the n/Moon-n/Pluto and the t/Venus.  The n/MC conjoins the t/Mars.  Oh my, a lot of the planets are all intertwined into some complex and stressful patterns.  Enough said.  We begin to get the picture for this, then, 70 year old man.  Let us look at his Advanced chart for Sept. 20, 2015.


The MC has advanced to 22 Libra, the Asc. to 3 Capricorn.   t/Uranus remains near the IC angle and still widely opposes t/Mercury.  n/Mars squares this opposition pattern and opposes t/Pluto.  All of these planets remain in play from the Return chart.  The t/Sun has now conjoined n/PoF — and opposes t/PoF!  I’ve always said that the PoF represents chance and change when it is contacted — BUT, when both the natal and transiting PoF’s are mutually contacted, then, that is chaos!

On this day, while golfing, Rod Carew had a hear attack.

We will now move ahead in time to the another date when he, unknown to him, had another t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 9th house — just as he had three months earlier.  That chart is shown below.


This Dec. 5th, 2015 t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the 9th is so similar to the September Return chart.   The IC angle is empty but t/Pluto is on the Asc. and opposes n/Mars-Desc., while squaring t/Mars at 13 Libra in the 9th.  Carew was having problems with his heart and was awaiting a transplant.  None had become available during the past several weeks and his condition was becoming very unstable.  If an astrologer had been counseling him, I’m not sure how that t/Pluto-Asc. would have been described to Carew; was ‘transformation’ or was ‘death’ the appropriate consideration.  What about the presence of both natal and transiting Mars?  That is one of the problems with working with a symbolic language, symbols have multiple meanings.  Which to choose?  t/Sun was coming up on an opposition to n/Uranus — good or bad?

On Dec. 16th, 2015 the problem was resolved.  A heart from a much younger man, one who was an athlete and who was very strong and healthy, had been found and was a match to Carew’s needs.  The chart below is for that date and operation.


What a change in several days time, astrologically.  The chart angles had mostly cleared, leaving t/Venus-n/Asc. at the MC.   Carew was experiencing a new outlook on life (n/Asc. at MC) that gave him peace, harmony and balance.  t/Sun-squared-t/Jupiter; a beneficial lift to one’s life and outlook.   That t/PoF was now opposing n/Neptune-n/Mercury-n/Jupiter-n/Sun-n/Chiron.  We still have t/Mars-square-t/Pluto and opposing t/Uranus-square-n/Mars — a grand cross of bad guys.  Yet, great news prevailed.  A lesson for us astrologers.  Those planets and patterns were not angular!  That is why they didn’t prevail.  What was angular was Venus-n/Asc. at the MC.  

We can never lose sight of the fact that what ever is in the Return chart will often change as the cycle and the chart-angles advance — and that it is the angles that call the shots.

The photo at the top of this page is of Konrad Reuland’s mother listening to her son’s heart beating strongly in the chest of Rod Carew.  Carew had been her son’s sports hero when he was very young.  They had briefly met once.  Now, they had met again in a very significant way.  The two families have become very close, and Rod Carew can look forward to many more years of playing golf.  

This is a very unusual story, both from the human side and from the astrological side.  It was my pleasure to share this story with you.  And, it is a good lesson to learn; to concentrate on the angles and not the terrible patterns elsewhere in the chart.  As that hypothetical astrologer mentioned earlier, I would have advised Rod that the day of the Return chart was indeed dangerous and to avoid stress and just try to get through the day until a better day came along.  What else could one say?  As the astrologer, I would have looked ahead and saw the angles clearing and the better angular conditions approaching — indicating improvement is some way.










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Part 2 (of 3 parts, now): How Two Men Met.

After writing out Part 2 of this story, I decided to stretch the story out and make it into three parts instead of just 2.  The following charts for Konrad Reuland are very interesting.  So, the suspense, for most of you, about the second man will have to wait another few days to be revealed. 

KR photo-2

In part one of this posting series we left Konrad Reuland in the hospital on Nov. 28th, 2016\. He was suffering from a brain aneurysm.  This was very serious and the doctors were not able to successfully deal with it.  This still young, and otherwise healthy, athlete clung to life despite the increasingly poorer prognosis by the doctors.  On Dec. 9, 2016 his last Return chart occurred, a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 6th house. 


The sixth house has many meanings including those that pertain to health.  That part of the theme given in my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, that relates to health is, “Dealing with illness, inability or awkwardness.  Making adjustments.  Visiting (or the involvement of) health professionals.  Food or care services are offered or needed.”  All of this statement applies. 

t/Pluto squares this Moon-to-Sun position, symbolizing the struggle to deal with a transition under extreme conditions.  Since the n/Sun is part of this Return chart’s structure, let us astrologically hop over to the t/Sun.  t/Sun squares n/Mercury and t/Chiron; the interior message and understanding is that ‘adjustments’ are not going to suffice in this situation.  The trine between the natal and transiting Sun’s point to smoothing out this time of transition.

Note n/Pluto on the Ascendant, square the IC angle.  The fourth house of endings holds t/Mars, t/Part of Fortune and n/MC.  Since the n/Part of Fortune (n/PoF) opposes the n/MC, the natal 4th house and chart’s 4th house becomes highly significant.  t/Mars’ energy is contested by the square to n/Mars at 29 Taurus.  The t/PoF opposes n/PoF.  There is a lot of ‘struggle’ in this chart.

Everything came to a conclusion a few days later.


On Dec. 12, 2016 Konrad Reuland died.  t/PoF conjoined n/Sun on this date.  t/Moon conjoined n/Mars on this date.  t/Sun conjoined t/Saturn and n/Saturn on this date as Konrad approached his first Saturn Return.  And, the advancing chart Ascendant was now in close contact (31 minutes of arc) to n/Pluto.  The cosmic clock had sounded the stroke of midnight. 

It is useful to take a moment to review the ‘timing’ of the experiences/events that are suggested in the Return chart.  Which of the following days, when we ADVANCE the Return chart, will an experience/event happen?  For most Return charts and normal everyday life situations, several days within the following 12 to 14 day period may contain ‘triggers’ to some of the angular planets in the Return chart.  In this case a number of interconnected and recombined patterns were all activated on or about this date of Dec. 12th.

  • t/Moon to n/Mars
  • Ascendant to n/Pluto
  • t/Mars to n/MC
  • t/Moon square n/PoF and n/MC
  • t/PoF conjoining n/Sun
  • t/Sun conjoining t/Saturn and n/Saturn

At this point, I am going to add a “Part Three” to this posting series, and drag out the suspense another couple of days.  At that time we will see how the second man entered into this exceptional story.  Dave.








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Part 1 of 2: How Two Men Finally Met

KR photo-1

Konrad Reuland was a National Football League player.  Not one of the well known stars of the game, but a strong, healthy and capable player who grew up loving sports.  His early life started in Illinois where he attended school prior to high school.  He loved sports and sports figures, especially Rod Carew.  Like all boys his age he collected baseball cards and followed all the sports teams he could.  He played baseball and basketball.

His family moved to California where he started high school in Santa Ana and played on the basketball team as they won the state championship.KonradReulandinLA His natal chart, relocated to Los Angeles, CA is shown above.   His Jupiter-N.Node-Sun are placed in the 10th, representing his sense of buoyancy, openness to others and strong belief in his goals and life path.   Jupiter squares Neptune, making his attainment of success a story of fluctuation.  Sometimes real, sometimes not so much.  Solid success would be tough to hold onto and nail down.   Moon opposite Uranus (and less so Saturn) points to his response to challenges and proving that the status quo could always be changed.  Mercury squaring Asc.-Chiron and widely square Saturn points to one who always looks to make adjustments and seek constant improvement  In this line of thought, we note Part of Fortune square Mars in the 12th; thoughts turn to action, quiet action that expresses itself as practice and preparation as a means of surprising others with his displayed skills.

Following high school, Konrad went to Notre Dame where he played football for two years.  He transferred to Stanford Cardinal (in California) where he played football in his Senior year.  Following college he played for four National Football League teams, mostly on their practice squads with short stints of actual play.  He played with the San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.  He completed his active football career in 2016.

Most likely connected to his sports activity, Konrad suffered a brain aneurysm on November 28, 2016.  Our story starts at this point.  Konrad has a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return on Nov. 24, 2016.  This chart will be one of the most instructive you will see in some time on this site.


Of immediate note is n/MC near the chart’s MC and n/Asc. near the chart’s Asc. angles.  Whenever natal angles realign with Return chart or Advanced chart angles, one can expect a major shift in life’s direction.  This is almost always serious stuff.  

t/Saturn-Desc. opposes n/Asc and t/Asc.; This is not the best news to go along with a natal-angles realignment chart.  When life hands you lemons, you are supposed to make lemonade — a delicious summer drink.  Not so with Saturn.  Especially with natal Saturn close by — Konrad was approaching his first Saturn Return!

Now, with a Return chart we have to keep in mind that the angles will advance and may cause “close to aligned aspects” to become “closely aligned aspects.”  What do we have in this category of “almost exact” contacts?  We have: t/MC to n/MC, t/Asc. to n/Asc., IC to n/Part of Fortune, Desc. to t/Saturn, t/Mercury to n/Saturn, t/Sun-square-t/N.Node.  

The chart already has t/Moon-opp-n/Sun (a condition of the Return chart), t/Moon-square-t/Venus-t/Pluto (which adds complexity to the Return chart).  An eleventh house Return-Sun typically points to community projects, role modeling and mentoring others, among many things.  The square of Venus-Pluto has a sinister note to its presence.  Sinister because Pluto is associated with death, transformation and irrevocable change.  Venus seeks balance and harmony, but is also a susceptible partner when close to Pluto.

On Nov. 28th, Konrad’s Advanced chart brings many of these ‘almost exact’ aspect together — and, he suffers an aneurysm in the brain.  This is a common injury for football players and others who suffer severe battering and hits to the head.  Let us look at this Advanced chart.


Many aspects in the Return chart have become ‘perfected’ in this chart.  Note the two MC angles; exact.  Note the two Asc. angles; exact.  “Life changes on this date.”  Look at the two Part of Fortune symbols; t/PoF moves some 13 degrees each day and will pass over the chart’s Asc.  The chart’s IC angle is within two degrees of the n/PoF.  A ‘doubled-up Part of Fortune’ denotes chaos, chance and change.  

t/Moon will conjoin t/Sun on this date, a new Moon indicates low vitality just prior to a burst of spring energy.  But, at this new Moon point, it is low energy. 

So, what exactly indicates a brain aneurysm in this chart?  I don’t know.  I am not big on medical astrology.  What I do clearly see here is a life-changing condition based on the angular realignment, the upcoming Saturn return, the doubled-up Part of Fortunes, the almost new Moon condition, t/Pluto-squaring-n/Sun.

So, I’ll invite some comments here.  What do you see that would indicate a break in a brain’s blood vein or artery?   The surprising ending of this story will be covered in the next posting.  Dave 













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