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Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings Page added March 31st, 2009 I have added a Astro-Tarot Reading offer on this date which combines a mini-astrology reading (based on Sun & Moon in their houses, plus transits to the chart) with various versions of a … Continue reading

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Prediction 03

Prediction 03:  Angularity in the Chart The radix or natal chart is unique for the individual since it reflects the time of birth and the location of that birth.  The time, MC and Asc. factors are for that person only.  … Continue reading

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Tarot Spreads 02: Triangle Spread application

Tarot Spreads 02: Triangle Spread application This post will address how we use the Triangle Spread in a given reading application.  The first comment that asks for a reading using this spread will have that reading, relative to a question … Continue reading

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Prediction 02: From macro to micro

Prediction 02:  From macro to micro The natal chart represents many views of a person to an astrologer, one of those views being that of “potential.”  Most astrologers would agree, in fact, that “potential” was the primary attribute or one … Continue reading

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Tarot Art

Woodcarving has long been a hobby of mine, carousel horses (full size and small table-top heirloom sized) being the main theme. Over the last few years I have carved many popular figures from popular tarot decks as well as putting … Continue reading

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Prediction 01: MC-Solar Cycle

A unique MC-Solar Cycle not recognized or used by most astrologers will be utilized for predictive purposes. Continue reading

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Spreads 01: Triangle spread

A seven-card, three section spread with great flexibility of use. Continue reading

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