Astro-Tarot reading for Seafra

Astro-Tarot Reading for Seafra

By Dadsnook, April 2009

Seafra's natal chart with major transits shown

Seafra's natal chart with major transits shown

Seafra asked for a reading via a private message.  She was born in New England on Oct. 27, 1957 around 7:00 AM.  The birth time is approximate, believed to be between 6 and 8 AM.  This brief reading will focus on the Sun, Moon, and the MC and Ascendant angles of the chart, plus outer planet transits that will impact this chart this year.

Seafra is establishing a new single life style and needs to know which paths to consider, what  strengths, resources and directions are ahead for her.

Astro Reading; the natal chart.

The Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Moon’s North Node are all clustered near the Ascendant angle in Scorpio.  We might say that this complexity suggests that you are an idealist and visionary (Neptune) that directs and manages (Sun) one’s thoughts and plans (Mercury) as they relate to interactions with other people (N. Node).  The Scorpio influence would shape all of these planet-forces to deeply understand and empathize with others.  In other words you’re a sentimental softy when it comes to interacting with others.

Your MC angle is bracketed by Uranus and Pluto — this suggests a restlessness and persistence in terms of finding solutions and reforms for problems.  In plain English, you need a degree of freedom in your work place, the freedom to throw yourself into work, to do things your way, to get the job done.  Your creativity in doing these things will help you and others.

Your Mars and Jupiter, an overdone enthusiasm and seeking of opportunities is in either the 11th or the 12th house area; you might over commit in terms of helping others.  Again, a kind heart that can be stretched too far.  The other clumping of planets involves Saturn, Venus and Moon – all located in/near the 2nd house of your chart.  You have a well thought out set of values that generally guides your emotions in the long run, although you can doubt those values when depressed or highly emotional.  But, this is overall a positive grouping in your chart.

Astro Reading; the year ahead

This period, 2009, is a tough period for all of us.  Now, the end of April, your emotions are a bit strung out (Mars square Moon) with all of the excitement and changes in your personal life (Uranus squares Venus), as you well know.  This can upset all kinds of relationships but as May comes, so goes those tensions and you will feel more energized, if somewhat challenged at work.

Jupiter and Neptune are stationed at your IC angle (bottom of the chart) bringing new ideas and ideals to mind while helping you to place your long-standing idealizations and dreams up for review and refinement.  Pluto is leaving its influence over your Moon, but this “leaving” will take all of this year and into next year before it’s influence finally wanes — up to now, you have been overly intense about your emotions.  In this sense, its been a rough couple of years for you.  Once you reach the middle of 2010, the emotional stress will start to fall back to normal levels.

Astro Reading; directions to consider

Transiting Saturn, in the 10th/11th house area tells you that you need to settle any loose ends in your career field so that you can prepare for changes starting in 2014.  By then, Jupiter will be at your MC angle, (career goals are expanded), Uranus will be in your 6th house (Individualism through work) — a business of your own seems likely.  Clean up your skill set, take any courses need for management and accounting.  Build up your social and business networks.  Can your present work field feed into something new of your own?

Your tarot reading

The three card spread which I normally use will be augmented with a fourth card due to the nature of the chart and what it shows for your future. These spread positional meanings shape the answers to your questions.  The Fey Tarot will be used, this is a deck that emphasizes the spiritual boundary with the physical world —- leading us to view a higher perspective of ourselves and our life.

Four card spread for Seafra

Four card spread for Seafra

From left to right:

* Position TWO:  That which may hold you back in changing your life. The Star

* Position ONE:  The primary thing you need to know as you go forward.  Queen of Wands

* Position FOUR (above position One): The resources available to assist you.  The Magician

* Position THREE:  Directions to explore for personal satisfaction.  Nine of Chalices

The Queen of Wands represents one who has been through the ringer, so to speak, and is now engaged in expressing herself creatively.  Her card image shows a mature and beautiful (this reflects what she has become inside) Fey Queen, her body covered in tattoo’s of leaves and vines which express her creative growth energies.  She touches her crown to remind her, and you, of her innate ability to lead and inspire others.  Creative endeavors will, of themselves, always lead one forward and away from pain and disappointment.

The Star shows a maiden Fey gazing into the night sky from a high place above a village.  Stars surround her.  I was surprised at first upon drawing this card for this “obstacle” position, but its meaning is clear — you need to not dwell upon hopes and wishes, you do need to put those behind you and be the Queen of Wands instead by taking action and not dreaming.

The Magician card shows a young Fey creating creatures in bursts of light, while one of his creations watches.  Everything he needs in life is on the table before him.  A balloon of glowing possibilities floats nearby.  Your resources are already in place, within and around you, you merely have to give them shape and substance, bring them to the table.  Something substantive already exists as an example of what creative power you can exercise.

The Nine of Chalices card depicts a Fey resting against a large cup, outside on a hill.  Glowing potentials float around her.  Exhausted but happy, this Fey represents emotional fulfillment that has come as a result of creativity and effort.  Work boots and plain clothes, plus the giant-sized cup indicates an emotional success that has been worked for.  What is it that you love?

Tarot Summary: Two Major Arcana cards, the Star and Magician, point to the rock that you can build your life on — a life of creative doing, not dreaming of what could be, but of working to make life be what you want it to be.  The Queen shows that you can be a model for others or a leader who understand practical things and how to grow results.  Because of the Magician card, the 9 of Cups shows you your own promise of success.

Comments on the combined Astro-Tarot Reading.

I note that the Magician card mirrors about what I wrote in the first paragraph of the Astro reading. The second paragraph’s note of creativity is echoed in the tarot spread where it is strongly defined. The third paragraph written links to the Queen of Wands.  There is a natural flow of life that can lead you to the promise of fulfillment in the Nine of Cups.  Since I lay out the Tarot Cards after I do the astrology reading, the results are always surprising and gratifying in that the congruence of meanings between the two symbolic languages is so strong.  Perhaps I should consider always using the Tarot along side the Astrological approach.  Your feed back on this reading will be appreciated by myself and may be quite enlightening to those others who follow the blog site.  Dave.


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