Example Chart 01D: O.J. Simpson

Prediction; Example 01D for O.J. Simpson’s 2008 Solar Return prior to his trial.

O.J. Simpson's 2008 Solar Return (p.c.) chart

O.J. Simpson's 2008 Solar Return (p.c.) chart

This precession-corrected Solar Return chart shows Sun/Sun in the 4th house, 7 degrees from the IC, signifying changing circumstances, the adoption of new values, making a new life.  Natal Sun is in the 11th; one is always seeking a “new life” and a different future–this year he will get what he has always sought.  Transiting Jupiter opposes Sun from the 10th house area; Simpson expects much from others and has high hopes.  One might also say that Jupiter represents legal processes from an objective view point, but angular transiting Sun has also been shown to have legal impositions suggested.  Natal Jupiter was at the IC angle, so his social values and expectations will be “reversed” or restated in this annual chart.  These two angular bodies make up the core meaning of the chart.

We might also look at transiting Moon, conjuncting natal Neptune from near the Descendant angle.  Natal Moon was in Simpson’s 8th house; the house of unequal sharing.  Moon  squared  natal Uranus in the 11th;  expectations of what his friends contribute to his life tend to cause anxiety and upsets.  Or, to put it another way, why don’t they focus more on him?  We can see that transiting Uranus is approaching natal Moon, reinforcing this ingrained pattern.  The part that doesn’t visually fit in this chart is natal Neptune being conjuncted by solar return Moon.  When we find “parts” that don’t seem to fit into the “whole”, we need to stop and really look at those factors. Transiting Neptune conjuncts the transiting N.Node;  Unrealistic associations may be part of this message; Simpson had attempted to retrieve (via breakin and robbery) his property which represented needed cash-value to him.  Or, we might say his associates decieved him–this is how Simpson saw the situation.  All in all, there certainly was a lack of clarity and judgement in these circumstances.

What might we have said to Simpson, as a client, about this chart?

This year will represent a time of fundamental change for you.  Given last year’s escapade in which you attempted to retrieve your property, you need to take a highly realistic view of the upcoming trial and refrain from your subjective view of why those events occured.  You need to follow the objective advice of those who legally represent you.  The opposition of Sun/Jupiter in this chart begs for separation of your personal views and legal views.  Given the reasons for your attempt to recover your property, and the factors that suggest a lack of clarity in this chart, you should give your legal representatives the choices of how to make your case; your views and emotional factors involved in your mishap will not be seen within the legal system  in the same way you see them.

In any case, a change of circumstances is highly likely this year.  Your goal should be to mitigate and shape the changes that will be imposed, not to expect to totally circumvent them.

Additional comments

This form of chart reading, concentrating only on the solar return angular planets and their associated natal chart factors insures that we bring the life-long natal chart meanings in our life into our present circumstances —- and then we modify these views thru the transiting planets. Dave


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