Tarot Spreads 03

Tarot Spreads 03; the Horoscope Spread

This Horoscope Spread will appear to be familiar to many capable-level tarot readers.  However, the way this spread is used by a Tarot Reader and by an Astrologer/Tarot Reader is another issue. Please follow the diagrams below.

Horoscope Spread-JThe left-hand diagram defines the spread layout and card positions.  The numbered positions correspond to the astrological chart’s house positions: 1) Ones personal & daily experiences, 2) one’s property and desire-objectives, 3) travel and communication issues, 4) home and family life and core values, also a point of change, 5) children, speculation, entertainment factors, 6) work and making life adjustments, 7) relationships and how we project ourselves onto others, 8) issues that are unequally shared or expected, 9) greater perspective, learning, distant travel, 10) personal reputation and public goals, 11) what one is working towards, future, friends, resources of others who support you, 12) hidden agendas, making sacrifices, preparing to be changed.

The right-hand diagram illustrates some of the basic astrological tools that canbe  applied to this spread with great effect.   In positions 3 and 6 we see two Wand cards; these are interpreted as being in a “square” aspect —- stressful and challenging.  Any two suit cards or numbered cards having this “square aspect (3 positions apart) can be judged as conflicting with each other.  When we have two cards such as positions 3 and 9; these can be considered as being in an “opposition” aspect —- they need to be recognized as likely being opposed to each other or needing to be brought into balance.   When we find two cards being in opposition, and both in square aspect to a third position such as the three Wand cards shown, this is considered to be a “T-Square” aspect. By representing a combination of conflict, stress and opposition this card relationship is not really a dire pattern but is instead a DRIVING FORCE to overcome these characteristics.  The spread may be the most positive and powerful pattern in the spread.

The two cards in positions 10 and 11 are both “6” cards, the six of swords and six of pentacles. Being adjacent to each other we can view them as an astrological conjunction, a blending and strengthening of forces and meaning —- their intrinsic symbol-nature will be brought together.  Let us now turn our attention to the cards in positions 2 and 10, these are same-suit cards, both Swords.  We can treat these, being four position apart, as a trine aspect —- a relationship that brings an ease of expression, sometimes each will alternate, sometimes they will blend in a way that allows each to express themselves without causing conflicts.

It makes no difference whether we are considering suites or numbers when using these astrological aspect factors.

The Nature of the Horoscope Spread

As is always the case, our INTENT about how to use the spread and what the card position meanings are is very important.  When using this spread, I tend to consider it as a “present life” review spread.  Others might choose to use a Tree of Life spread which requires its own deeper understanding of other traditions, but I use the Horoscope Spread instead.

Later, in another posting, I will be presenting the Horoscope Spread as a “time line” spread for addressing questions of  “How Will This Issue Work Out Over Time?” or “What Will Happen Next?” This spread version looks similar but is laid out differently and has differing rules.

Doing a reading with this spread

If anyone wishes to have a tarot reading with this spread, please contact me.  If several ask, I will pick the request that appears to have the most interesting situation that will fit this spread. Or, if it is a question involving time and future developments, I may save the request for that later posting.  And, in any case, the offer to do Astro-Tarot readings still stands.  Dave


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