Example Chart 01E: O.J. Simpson

Prediction Example: Chart 01E, O.J. Simpson–the start of his trial on Sept. 8, 2008

  • The progressed daily angles chart and analysis
  • Comments on the nature of this predictive system

The progressed daily angles chart and analysis O.J. Simpson’s trial for the the hotel room robbery almost a year earlier had been scheduled for April 7th but had been delayed.  The chart below is the progressed daily angles chart for the start of the actual trial, the MC having been progressed forward about 1.25 degrees per day from the July 9th, 2008 Solar Return chart.

Progressed Daily Angles chart for the start of O.J. Simpson's trial.

Progressed Daily Angles chart for the start of O.J. Simpson's trial.

Again, let me reiterate the processes for evaluating precession corrected charts.  Angular planets are of utmost importance, natal or solar return or transit are all taken into consideration.  Natal planets, and the aspect patterns held in the natal chart, tend to repeat or to re-express themselves in similar ways when/if they are angular in solar return or daily angles charts— although other planets that are recombined with them (solar return or transiting) will modify the natal expression in many cases.  The closer the aspects (conjunctions, oppositions, squares or paran-squares ((adjacent angles without regard to degree values)) are the angles we typically use) the more pronounced the event or experience.

In this chart there are several notable features.  Natal Sun is near the Ascendant; Sun often denotes legal authorities being involved or superior’s in ones work or areas of endeavor.  Transiting Sun is closing in on the IC angle; Simpson’s status and life’s direction is about to take on a new direction. Transiting Jupiter is at the Descendant; Jupiter also has connections to courts and legal issues.  The natal Jupiter is at the natal IC, broadly square natal Pluto–these components have been linked to success or the striving for success but we would assess this natal pattern as representing the need to fight one’s way towards gains and respect (Jupiter at the IC) while struggeling to exercise power and control over those forces that held him back (Pluto in the natal 12th) from achieving his goals (MC).

Natal Moon is at this charts/dates MC angle; public noteriety and attention.  The natal square to Uranus imparted a nervousness and striving to be seen as unique and special.  Simpson seemed to feel his individualism wasn’t recognized and he made it a life’s ambition to achieve fame.  With this position of significance we are obliged to look at the role of the transiting Moon.  We must always keep in mind this associative linkage between natal, solar and transiting planets. Transiting Moon is both conjunct transiting Pluto and approaching the Descendant, even though it is still 12 degrees from that angle.   Taking this Moon/Pluto pair as being in the 12th house of how others deal with us (behind the Desc. angle), this pair brings the two natal patterns (Jupiter-MC-Pluto and Moon-Uranus) into a joint operation.  His striving to be recognized, his striving to gain respect and to control his life has all come to the fore.  He will strive to make his case that he was regaining his honor, his property, and was within his rights to deny others their profit from his property.

Now, we need to pay a bit of attention to another aspect of this chart:  The MC sign/degree position is the Ascendant sign/degree position of the daily angles chart for the robbery. Clearly the actions then (Ascendant) are the subject or goal (MC) of this trial.

Comments on the nature of this predictive system It is not uncommon for the flow of time to restate one chart within another chart by bringing forward common angles-sign/degree points.  There is a rhythm to our actions and lives, and the events of one day are linked to the events of certain other days.  Indeed, half of the predictive process of this “system” that I am presenting here is based on identifying the dates when these repetitive cycles will occur.  When we get to the next chart for the conclusion of Simpson’s trial we will see more of these angular realignments.

I am laying out these charts, a natal chart, solar return charts, and progressed daily angles charts for several purposes.  In no specific order, I offer these observations:

  • If you use the Tropical Zodiac, by all means follow these charts and the utilization of the precession correction factor.  This is the only way to make your solar returns work!  And, it is the only way in which you can use progressed daily angles charts.  You can read all of the conventional solar return books and follow all of their offered rules, but your charts will always be complex to understand, misleading, and will lack the simple clarity of these precession corrected charts.
  • The angles of precession corrected solar return and daily charts is the key so easily and clearly determining the nature of the chart.  We are dealing only with planetary meanings here; the natal chart planet and its pattern links to other planets, the solar return chart’s angular planets, the daily angles chart’s angular planets.  Everything else is not of any great importance.  How much easier can it be.  The angles filter out what is not important.
  • The nature of the planets are well known.  They represent all we really need to know with the exception of the meanings of the angles and the meanings of the natal houses.  I would recommend the purchase and use of Ebertin’s “Combination of Stellar Influences” as the most indispensable (and most popular astrology book ever) book on planet meanings that one can have.
  • Once the next chart is presented, I will use this series of charts to discuss the methods used in this series so that others can also follow this simple but highly effective method.



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