O.J. Simpson chart 01F

Prediction: O.J. Simpson chart 01F

O.J. Simpson Trial Ends, Found Guilty, Sentenced

After a trial lasting 2 1/2 months, Simpson was found guilty.  The chart below is for that date in December, the 5th, 2008.

O.J. Simpson found Guilty of Robbery and Kidnapping

O.J. Simpson found Guilty of Robbery and Kidnapping

As with the other charts in this series, this chart has several interesting points.  For instance, the MC of this daily chart is also the mid-point of the natal chart’s MC and Ascendant, Simpson’s “Here and Now” point.  This is a time when Simpson has to learn a cosmic lesson.  The Ascendant degree is the MC position of the 2007 Solar Return chart just prior to the robbery.  Simpson has to face (Ascendant) the life decisions (MC) he made that year.  Simpson’s arrogance in dealing with others led him to take matters into his own hands and to initiate the robbery in a Las Vegas hotel in order to retrieve his property.  He neglected to go through the courts and to work with the police.  As a result, the robbery turned out badley, Simpson go caught, and this trial resulted.

Simpson embarked upon this trial with the view and belief that the court would excuse hime for his actions because he was trying to recover his own property.  Even though his lawyer wished to pursue another line of defense, Simpson stuck to his story.  We note natal Neptune at the Asc. of this chart; his own line of thought, his illusions of being right led him into his downfall.  Transiting Pluto is approaching the IC, opposite the natal Venus; control over his property is lost, ended.

A Note about Working with these Precession-Corrected Charts:

When working with these types of charts, the chart will often have only a few indicators that need to be paid attention to—as does this chart.  We have natal Neptune at the Ascendant, natal Venus opposite transiting Pluto along the MC-IC axis.  While these are the only astrological factors of the chart, we need to remember that we also have “Context” — context of the natal chart, context of the robbery, arrest, and trial.  We are always working with the meaning of the natal chart, we have the solar return to show the theme of the year, and we have the daily chart to show us what is happening.  We veiw all of this within the flow of time, within the circumstances that have evolved.

So, within the context of what has happened, within the flow of experiences shown by the other charts in this series, this chart talks to us of disillustion (natal Neptune), of the loss of what one values (transiting Pluto opposing natal Venus) and that fact’s impact upon his status (MC and IC axis).

One other note; the role of the angles of prior charts is something to always look for.  In this case, the Solar Return’s MC position is again picked up here at the charts Asc. angle.  Dave


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