Preparing a Tarot Carving

Preparing A Tarot Carving

Every carving has to be planned, this planning starts with a sketch which is transfered to a piece of wood.

A simple pencil sketch to the approximate scale needed

A simple pencil sketch to the approximate scale needed

Wood cutout

Wood cutout

The sketch (left) has to represent both the scale of the finished piece and portray the main elements.  In this case, the Hanged Man figure, the post/tree with some leaves and branches for visual interest and the grass/ground beneath him.

The cut out (right) is of the Hanged Man figure only. This piece is an inch think, six inches high.  It will need to be fully, dimensionally carved front and back.  Wood has been left at the top (foot) for the rope that will be attached to the tree/post.

Once the figure is carved, the tree/post will be cut and carved as well.  The cross piece or branch from which the rope that suspends the Hanged Man will be “integrated” or made to blend into the figure, and will be doweled and glued.  This two-piece assembly will then be mounted on a base and painted.

I will be working on this over the next several weeks while spending some time at our summer home in Maine.  When I’m home for a day or two each week, I’ll upload photos that illustrate the progress of the piece.  When finished, it will be gifted to a friend.  Dave


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