Hanged Man-2

Hanged Man-2: Starting the Carving

The two photo’s below show the start of the carving process for the Hanged Man.

HangedMan 004HangedMan 005The Left Hand photo is taken from the front, the Right Hand photo is taken from the right side.

This figure, where the man is shown hanging from one foot, suspended from a cross, tree, or pole, requires that the foot, rope and its means of being looped and/or knotted has to be addressed first in the carving process.  The rope and foot determines the whole balance and positioning of the figure.

Here you can see the right leg and foot tied to a branch of a tree.  The R.H. photo shows some of the broken branches and leaves.  The left leg is crossed behind the right leg and the still-blocked-out foot is seen.  It is my intent that his feet will be bare, so as details are added we will see his toes and the rope.

The tree behind the figure is a separate piece of poplar, some of its length has blocked out areas that match up with parts of the hanged man figure so that tree branches can be created to give the tree more depth and naturalness.  The pieces are dowled but not yet glued together.  I may add more wood to extend the branches if needed to better “balance” the finished figure.
My next steps will rough out the rest of the figure so as to assure that I have the proper proportions.  Details are added last.  It is my intent to mount the tree on a base, to have the coat and boots of this figure laying on the ground near him.  When done, the whole figure will be painted.  Although I did this work a few days ago, it took some time to find driver-software for my camera so that I could download the photos and edit them here on my vacation computer.  Dave


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