D. C. Sniper — payback

D.C. Sniper — payback time has arrived

John Allen Muhammad born with Sun conjunct Mercury

John Allen Muhammad, aka D.C. Sniper

John Allen Muhammad, aka D.C. Sniper

On November 10th, 2009, John Allen Muhammad is to die by lethal injection for his D.C. Sniper role.

Before following his 2002 shooting spree we will need to review his natal chart,  shown at the right. His chart fits with the Sun- Mercury cycle charts that have been presented in the past few days.  His Sun-Mercury conjunction is close to the Ascendant; one who is always alert and thinking about his environment — in his case, we might say he was “street smart”.   Jupiter-Saturn, also in the first house, points to his involvement with the business of life (as he sees it).  Mars is at the Descendant; he pushes his relationship to comply with his needs.  These are the key factors in this chart, all being angular.

Of course, we can’t stop at this point.  North Node and Pluto trine the Sun-Mercury pairing near the Ascendant; the use of profound and intense associations that support his manipulation of his environment.   Saturn-Juno, both at 19 Capricorn, brings in “fatherhood” issues that are tied into his view of conducting his business-of-life.  As we know from the newspaper accounts linked to the D.C. Sniper shootings, his association with teen-aged Lee Boyd Malvo was a distorted father-son relationship.  I’m not versed enough in asteroid interpretation to finese this pattern more deeply, but those that are should offer their comments here.

As we explore other charts relating to both the shooting spree, arrest and execution we will find opportunities to come back to this chart.  For now, those who follow these explorations should feel free to comment.

In particular, I wish to draw your attention to Mercury (direct motion) at three degrees behind the Sun — a Sun-Mercury conjunction firming up quickly.  Given the recent postings about the Nov. 5th Sun-Mercury conjunction and the fact that his execution occurs just five days following the Sun-Mercury conjunction, we might expect some interesting factors to be uncovered in the next couple of weeks as we explore these charts.

QUESTIONS:  With the Fort Hood shooting on the day of the Sun-Mercury conjunction, the natal Sun-Mercury conjunction in John Allen Muhammad’s natal chart, the denials for clemency by the Supreme Court and the Governor of Virginia, and the execution date all having this Sun-Mercury conjunction–what is it about this astronomical/astrological pattern that relates to hard decisions, fixed views?



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