First D.C. Sniper Shooting

First D.C. Sniper Shooting

John Allen Muhammad and his teen-aged associate, Lee Boyd Malvo, initiated a shooting spree in the Washington, D.C. area on Oct. 2, 2002

This chart and its analysis has been updated due to a mistake made in the original chart posted.  Sorry about that.

The first shooting at 5:20pm broke a window but missed the intended target.  A second attempt at 6:04pm resulted in the death of a male victim. This chart is quite simple and straight forward for a daily chart.  I’ve been including asteroids in my charts lately.  Including Chiron (officially a comet, not an asteroid) and the four primary asteroids (although Ceres is now designated a dwarf planet like Pluto) this makes for a busy chart layout.  Most notable in this chart are the following factors:

Natal MC and transiting Sun at the IC angle: Whenever any natal angle is at an angle in a solar return chart or a progressed daily angles chart, something of significance is likely to happen if a planet is also angular.  One’s goals take on a new direction (MC at the IC), a willful choice (Sun) is made.  Also, the natal MC at an IC angle of another chart is always a “challenge” of some sort.

Natal Saturn at the Descendant: A sense of responsibility and of constraints are realized relative to another person (Malvo).  Saturn’s position in the natal first house carries with it a sense of caution and strategy.

Ceres transiting at the MC angle: A nurturing element is involved here, more of a teacher or guide (MC) role.  Given that the IC angle has recently passed over transiting Mercury (now about to turn direct), this instructional role was probably at the urging of his young associate, providing John Muhammad with a mentoring role to fill his need to be important.  His natal Moon was at the natal Descendant; a need to have a partner to reflect his ideals, leadership.

The above three notations are what this chart offers us.  Does it “say” that there is going to be a sniper-shooting spree?  No.  The situation that is defined is one of a challenge, a change of one’s direction in life, a realization that one is entering upon a fearful and cautious path, and a guiding of another.  The IC’s recent contact with Mercury suggests that the young associate asked that this shooting spree be entered into based on stories by John Muhammad.

My next postings will review the ideas and construction of these wonderful charts. Following that instructional posting we will pick up this story including the arrest, the trial and the ultimate fate of John Allen Muhammad.  As always, comments and questions are most welcome.  I can be reached at    if one does not want to make a public comment here.  Dave


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