The end of the beginning

The end of the beginning; the trial and the hopes end.

The "dark" at the end of the tunnel

John Allen Muhammad’s dream of promoting his vision and justifying his deeds came to a sudden end. Ever since following the news and trial of Scott Peterson (he murdered his wife and unborn son in this same general time frame), I have often wondered how these sociopathic wonders came to grips with reality when the trial ended.

First, we should note that I have kept the orientation of this chart the same as the chart for the start of the trial five weeks earlier.  Note that the MC has moved from 20 Cancer to 2 Virgo and the Ascendant moved from 18 Libra to 21 Scorpio.  The Sun remains close to the Ascendant degree during this time. This is why the Sun is not always a good trigger indicator for an event date.  The Sun can equally linger around the ends of the vertical axis due to the relatively small differential of movement; the Sun moving slightly less than a degree a day, the MC moving slightly more than a degree per day, and the Ascendant having a more variable nature.  Still, the Sun plays an interpretive role.

Transiting Moon is approaching or at the MC; Emotions run high, one’s over-reaction, haste and poor judgement affect the present situation.  Muhammads extreme views, his actions, and his demeanor all combined to minimize any benevolent consideration given to his situation.  Guilty. Uranus transits at the IC; Surprises likely today, excitement in the air, unique decisions are likely.  Guilty.  Natal North Node and Pluto at the MC; Others are involved in shaping your status.  Pluto denotes words such as separative, divisive, totally changing siuations surround you — I’d say that fits.  Guilty. 

And, the really emphasized transiting North Node at the Descendant angle; Coupled with the natal Node at the MC, this nodal position points to others being highly influential in your affairs — this would be the jury!  Guilty.   Whenever the transiting and natal versions of the same planet or symbol are angular, great emphasis has to be placed on its dual positions and meanings. In this case, with Node = associations, MC = status, Desc. = partners, enemies, we can easily see that these symbols point to Muhammad’s status is being savaged (Pluto) by others.

The simplicity of this approach, when searching for potential impact dates, speaks for itself.  Let us review how we look for these dates:

  • Muhammad’s natal chart sets up the potential for strong, willful actions; Mars in the 7th opposses Asc., Sun and Mercury.  He perceives threats of various kinds coming from others.  Venus opposses Uranus; he has a unique set of values that revolves around conflicts (the opposition aspect) — he loves to pick a fight or to perceive that others mean him harm.   MC squares Jupiter/Saturn; the business of life (Jupiter/Saturn) is a struggle to control and direct.  Node/Pluto is at the midpoint of Mars/Neptune;  Node/Pluto suggests the tendancy to misuse influence over others while Mars/Neptune is a signature of irritability and weakness — combine these and we find one who can cause damage to others,, to be brutal, to use others for one’s own aims.  Whenever these aspect patterns are aspected, these portions of Muhammads nature are triggered. He has shown that he hasn’t grown past these basic instincts.
  • Depending upon the astrological software that we use, we can look for a listing of daily MC and Ascendant values that coincide with the zodiac positions of these planets, or we can step through a series of charts to see when two or more of these planets/patterns are angular at the same time.  That is the date when fireworks are likely to erupt.
  • The natal chart is one’s potential.  The Solar Return chart represents a focus for the coming year — if the key natal aspect patterns are in the solar return, that portion of his nature and personality are likely to emerge and need to be faced.   The Progressed Daily Angles chart will indicate the day when the potential and yearly focus planets are likely to be experienced.  The three charts work together in this manner.

The planetary meanings used here are all tuned to represent situations, actions, attitude, decisions — in other words, events.  While the term “prediction” is used, we have to recognize that prediction is really the definition of events and timing within the context of one’s life style.

As always, comments or direct e-mails ( are welcome.  This series of charts will end with the upcoming charts for Muhammad’s day of execution.    Dave.


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