The state election turns country’s direction

Massachusetts special election points out a new direction for the nation.  Comments on a tarot spread for this election.

The voters of Massachusetts have followed a wide-spread trend in recent years for many states —- they have shifted from party affiliations with the two major parties to identifying themselves as Independents.

On Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 2010 the Republican candidate, who had advertised and ran as an “independent”, won the former Senate seat of Ted Kennedy, shocking both the state and national Democratic organizations.  Scott Brown became identified with voter dissatisfaction with the economy, the distorted practices of the U.S. House and Senate and the overall poor leadership of the Democratic Party.

Feedback on other lists and via e-mail before the election all pointed out my mis-reading of the spread I created.  However, we have to recognize that no Tarot spread is a thing unto itself.  The spread has to be seen within the context of the question it poses and answers.

In my spread the position of the typical voter (read as average) was represented by the Knight of Swords.  The Waite-Smith deck shows this Knight charging to the right, to the position of the Republican-leaning Chariot card, a card that is seen as victory being celebrated and recognition granted.   We need to see this Knight and his message in the context of the campaign’s tone and messages.  When we link these cards with the view of the national government, the Ten of Pentacles, we sense that the fat-cats and self-satisfied government (as the voters see them) is at odds with the Knight.
Do we really need to throw in the Moon’s association with Jobs, the Two of Swords with Health Care, and Five of Wands for National Security to see the views and mood of the country?  What I do find interesting is the Ten of Cups (everyone’s rainbow of doubtful expectations) for “change” and the World (having done everything) for the status-quo. This, for me, shows the topsy-turvey nature and twisted logic of a dissatisfied population who has not been included in the national conversation —- or feels that those who are talking are not hearing them.

In the coming weeks we will see shifts in the directions that the government pursues.  Some of us will feel personally hurt by this election, others will feel elated.  Somehow we survived the previous administration and we will now have to live with this administration.   Perhaps all of this is just a small part of a greater picture.  If there is interest in having more political tarot readings and discussions, please leave a comment or e-mail me at       Dave


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    I am belatedly seeing this, after having just posted to your prior reading thread (which I stumbled on).

    I would be interested in seeing more political readings & discussions.

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