Fresh Air comes to Rome

Fresh Air Comes To Rome: The Election of Pope John Paul II

The choice of his peers

On Oct. 18, 1978, after many ballots had been cast, a new Pope was announced by a puff of smoke from the chapel chimney that the world’s Catholics and news media was watching so intently.  History would subsequently note that this Pope was unique in his style, travel and personal warmth.

For John Paul II, what was significant about this chart for this date for him?  Neptune was conjunct the MC: This planet, among its many negative attributes has positive attributes as well, a sense of  social conscience and public connection is indicated for a religious person.  This planet was conjunct his MC in his natal chart as the focus of a T-Square involving N.Node and Mercury/Venus.  His natal mission in life was being fulfilled.  A very powerful symbol in his charts. 

Natal Uranus at the Ascendant indicates sudden change and surprise.  Uranus was also part of his second T-Square with natal Moon and Saturn, the Moon being the focal planet—the Moon is also a “public” indicator, representing the response of others to you and your reflection of their expectations.  This has to be placed within the context of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, a pattern that represents a breakdown of the status-quo.  This is a pattern that the world is facing now. Transiting Saturn had just completed it’s second “Saturn Return” cycle, indicating a time of reaching one’s career apex.

There are other interesting symbolisms in this chart as well.    Transiting Moon over the natal Sun: With the natal new moon (Sun conjunct Moon), this powerful “renewal of purpose” symbol is noteworthy.  North Node transits the CD Point: The CD point highlights the MC as a midpoint between the Ascendant (what we experience) and what life throws at us (the CD point) such that our career or life purpose or goals has to adjust to these two polarities of purpose: what we intend and experience versus what life brings to us as a challenge.  Here, new associations are formed and impact our life —- the association-relations with his fellow Cardinals, his association with the wider congregation of the world-wide Catholic Church, his personal projection in terms of individual connections with others.   Note that the natal N.Node opposes natal Mercury/Venus indicating a need to develop and exercise a communication with others that is warm and charming—and heartfelt.

Jupiter transits his natal MC, Jupiter and Neptune positions, another powerful restatement.  It is likely that we will never see a more powerful chart than this one.  The natal, solar return and this daily chart shows that his stars were truly aligned at this time.   All in all, a powerful example of the person linking with the cosmos, or as the astrologers say, “As above, so below.”
At this point, my expectation is to next explore the US Horoscope as a tool for following the political processes and welfare of the nation. Comments can be posted here or sent direct to me at  Dave


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