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The methods for interpreting the Tropical Solar Return. We will continue exploring some Solar Returns and other charts for Marilyn Bell, the Canadian swimmer who gained the worlds attention back in the mid-1950’s with her stunning swimming triumphs at the … Continue reading

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Astro-Tarot Reading for Ronia

Astro-Tarot Reading requested by Ronia The question is: “What does the year ahead hold for me?” Astrology chart: This chart, at the right, is for Ronia’s birth place and time, with the transits for April 24th shown on the outside … Continue reading

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Time To Get Going Again

I’ve finished some of the intensive part of book-related stuff.  So, it is time to get back to my posting here on Ninth House. Two items of interest: The calculation method that I use to do these predictive charts will … Continue reading

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