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What to do with a Lunar Return?

That’s a good question!  What do you do with a Lunar Return? First, the chart is all about defining the moment each month when the Moon returns to its natal position.  Relative to the Aries point in terms of the … Continue reading

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Next: looking at Lunar Returns

Our next post will examine the usefulness of Lunar Returns Astrologers who utilize Tropical Zodiac Solar Returns will typically search for meaningful periods within the annual period in which the Solar Return’s promise will likely be carried out.  For this … Continue reading

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Interpreting a Tropical Solar Return

The Tropical 1953 Solar Return of Marilyn Bell This photo of Marilyn Bell at 16 years of age was taken during the period when she made her swim across Lake Ontario in September, 1954.  The photo is a copy of … Continue reading

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