Domestic Violence Charges

Mel Gibson has domestic violence charges filed against him.

The volatile, outspoken actor apparently has a cruel streak.  On July 8th, 2010, domestic abuse charges were filed against him by his wife.  This chart is highly charged, one of the more active Progressed Daily Angle charts that one can uncover in a month of chart-work! The 2010 Solar Return chart (previous posting) appeared quite mild with only the natal N.Node (how/who we choose to associate with) at the S/R MC angle (our public image) and transiting Uranus in the 1st house (excitable, promulgating his individuality).  These factors can be played out in many ways.  It seems a poor choice has been made.

  • Natal MC at the daily IC: Oncs image, career and public standing is to be challenged when these angles are in opposition.  It hardly ever fails to be so. Those who follow this method should make a note of this pattern and be alarmed when it shows up.  With natal Mercury also involved, words spoken will not serve one well when conjuncting the natal MC at the IC.
  • The solar return’s transiting Uranus in the first house is amplified by the natal Uranus at the daily MC angle: The S/R’s promise of individuality being expressed is activated on this date.  Coupled with transiting Mercury opposite natal Mercury at this angle, words are amplified.  Mercury is associated with documents as well as with spoken communication, so this fits with the serving of court charges.
  • Natal Neptune at the Ascendant: Mel’s vision of life, or his illusions of life (it can work both ways) come to the fore.  His wife is not living up to his ideals.  He doesn’t like the way she dresses in public.

The very next day, July 9th, 2010, audio tapes of Mel Gibson’s rantings are released and played in the media, a bit of the recordings are released each day, stunning the public.

The angles of the above daily chart will have advanced; the MC to 4 degrees Leo, the Ascendant to 0 Scorpio, exactly conjunct Gibsons natal Neptune.  Transiting Moon would be moving through the middle third+ of Gemini and the South Node. squaring transiting Mars.  We have to note that this transiting Mars is at the midpoint of the Asc. & MC degrees — the “here and now” point of the chart.  Anger and its responses, an assault on public response and interest.  Talk about publicity of the worst kind —- the old saying that “any publicitiy is good publicity” certainly doesn’t apply here!  As each day passed, public reaction and disgust built up, his agent dropped.

Those who follow this system of using the MC-Solar Cycle, precession-corrected Solar Return charts or Sidereal S/R charts, and these daily charts should study this chart and its relationship to the Solar Return chart.  We have only a few factors in play, but those factors precisely mirror the events that transpire.  Astrology can be so simple if let it be.  Again, the context of one’s life style, the potential of the natal chart (for better or worse), the promise of the S/R, and the experiences offered by the daily charts all provide a framework for us to view how we choose to live our lives.  We make the choices, the charts show those choices that are offered, they do not lead us or for force us to specific outcomes.

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