Mel Gibson: Explosive Period Ahead

Does the potential for an “explosive period” have to result in fireworks? Do we dare to “predict” ahead of time (isn’t that what prediction is?)

This progressed daily angles (PDA) chart indicates a potential firestorm of activity.  Does that mean that Mel Gibson will have a meltdown?  We’ll get to the fireworks in a bit, but first let us look at “potential” and “context.”  Potential is a word that sets the stage but it does not initiate.  Context, as i use it here, is the flow and circumstances of ones current life.  The chart shows the “potential.”  What does Gibson’s life indicate?

Mel Gibson has established that he has issues with alcoholism and management of his anger and temper.  In the past weeks his relationship with a girlfriend has deteriorated, he probably has physically assaulted her (an investigation is reported to be underway), and he has verbally abused her (as indicated by the tapes released to the media directly or indirectly by her, or by a third party).  Additionally, Gibson has been working with his lawyers to establish extortion charges while his girlfriend has obtained a restraint order against him.  The context of current events points to less opportunity for Gibson to again confront his girlfriend without paying a high price.  That doesn’t mean that an explosive temper and bad attitude will abide by a court order to keep his distance.  So, the question is, will lucidity and common sense prevail over typical past behavior and a bad attitude?  Let’s look at the chart:

  • MC conjuncts natal Pluto, transiting Mercury, natal Jupiter:  Natal Pluto in the 4th house fits with his extreme core values that he has espoused through some of his movies and in his personal life.  Taken to the MC angle, these intense and personal values are given public exposure and will need to be defended.  Again, we need to play astrological hopscotch and look at transiting Pluto. Transiting Pluto is in the 3rd house of this chart and participating in the current T-Square pattern, squaring Saturn opposite Jupiter-Uranus along the 5th-11th house axis (love and friendship).  News is one outlet for Pluto in the 3rd.
  • Transiting Mercury at the MC: Over the few days following July 28th, this pattern suggests a lot of words will be said, court papers filed, news programs.
  • Natal Mars at the Ascendant: This fuels the transiting Mercury at the MC angle, highlighting Gibson’s angry nature.  Again, we play astrological hopscotch and look at transiting Mars. Transiting Mars conjuncts natal Moon (explosive emotions) and triggers transiting Saturn! This all links back to the T-Square of Pluto to Saturn opposite Jupiter and Uranus.  While the whole world deals with this T-Square across the political, financial and social spectrums, Gibson is getting into the act on a personal level.  To continue our “hopscotch” game, note that transiting Moon is crossing the chart’s IC angle. This adds to the Mars over natal Moon energy.

We can continue to link transiting Sun over natal Uranus to the T-square, transiting N.Node over natal Sun (using the Node-Moon substitution) to bring in Mars (over natal Moon) but why try to stretch things out.  There is so much in this chart that suggests that the end-of-the-month period, starting on the 28th, is likely to be very challenging for Mel Gibson.  Given the presence of Mars and Pluto, it may be that he’ll jump-the-gun and kick something drastic off a day or so earlier—those planets have a proclivity for acting sooner rather than later.

So, we have a unique opportunity here on this blog-site for viewers to add their comments, to take a chance ahead of time, to state just what they think! We have three or four days to consider these charts, or you can do your own charts using your own methods, and voice our opinion.  For several months this blog site has demonstrated a methodology for prediction.  However, this is the first time we have shared a chart ahead of time so that we can all test ourselves.  This is not the time to be shy. Please offer a comment.  Dave


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