Mel Gibson: Quiet at last

A potentially dangerous period passes without dramatic public incident!

Other than some skirmishes over visitation schedules and monitors being present when visiting the child, Gibson has managed to keep his angry outbursts to a minimum that has escaped public attention.  That’s good for him and those he interacts with.  Not so good for astrology.

But, we can learn from this: An astrological potential is not the same as an actual event. We don’t have to act according to how we think the planets might impel us to.  In fact, our poor understanding of astrology may lead us into trouble if we choose to “believe” in astrology.  Astrology is not something to believe in, it is a symbolic language for a phenomena that is complex and beyond our full understanding.  As such, it is a process of discovery, a link to the cosmos and perhaps the divine.  More importantly, astrology is not the only force in our world that influences our actions.

The fact that we seem to correlate our actions with the symbolic language of astrology and the motion of the planets is the core issue.  We use what ever the planets provide — sometimes.  Sometimes we ignore their cycles and influences.  The drift of these views is that it is “we” who use astrology, not astrology who uses us.  The fact that Mel Gibson has taken more control over his interactions is a good thing for him.  That is our focus here, not the need to prove astrology.  So, we will wait and come back to Mel Gibson’s tough issues when their astrological linkage warrents it.    In a few days we will take up another subject here.  I’m on a brief vactation period for a few days.  Dave


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