Third Step: Back to Prison

Out of prison, back into crime, captured, back into prison—all in just a few months.  Was John Dillinger just stupid, careless or unlucky?

Following his parole on May 22, 1933, John Dillinger joined up with friends from prison who had been previously released and friends of those he had known in prison.  They immediately planned and executed a series of robberies, quickly coming to the notice of authorities.  We have to wonder what was the main contribution to his capture after just four months.  Impatience may have been the result of a long period behind bars, the need to act according to his words and prison bravado would have involved risk taking.  At this point in history, police communications, inter-agency cooperation, and bank security were minimal at best.  It would seem that tips, luck and local police initiatives were the reason for his capture at this time.

This chart is highly notable! Had the MC-Solar Cycle method been known at that time, and had Dillinger consulted an astrologer, this date would have immediately been flaged as a time when he should have crawled into a hole and stayed there.

  • The natal angles are congruent with the daily chart’s angles! This is one of the most potent signatures of a likely major change in life’s fortunes and circumstances–almost like being born again into a new life.  This happens every 9 months and 2 weeks–this MC-Solar Cycle is our personal power-cycle to use consciously for our own benefit.  In this case, Dillinger did not consciously use this cycle-point for his benefit, instead he acted blindly by following the path he had set out for himself.  If we look back at his “parole” chart we see the natal Ascendant at the daily chart’s Descendant–normally we look for the natal MC to be at the daily chart’s IC angle, a situation which I have repeatedly stress as being a “challenge point.”  Dillinger’s challenge at his parole was to find a new and better direction to go in life.  He failed that challenge and this angular realignment was how fate “resolved” his choices and challenges!  The MC-Solar Cycle strikes again.
  • Transiting Saturn conjuncts natal Saturn at the Descendant. This period marked Dillinger’s first Saturn Return–the fact that is was located at the daily chart’s Descendant ties in with natal North Node at the IC angle. We can break these patterns down to better understand them.  A) Natal Saturn at the Descendant suggests that one is limited in some way relative to how they deal with others, some form of structure or agreement or expectation may be involved in one’s attitude toward others. B) Transiting Saturn at the daily Descendant angle definitely involves the strictures of others being applied to you.  C)  The Saturn return can be treated in a cyclic chart, such as this, as a “double planet at angles” — it become extremely powerful, interpretively.  These views of this planet and this angle suggests that Dillinger’s own attitudes and the expectations of the others in his gang had a powerful, fated momentum.  Without regard for common sense (sometimes associated with Saturn), they collectively just kept on following their plan.  We all know that our own Saturn Return period requires us to reflect, recommit, and redirect our life’s path.  Now, we look at D) North node at the IC —one’s associates can bring new ways of living into your life.  Obviously, Dillinger’s choice of friends led a negative interpretation of this chart component into his life.

All in all, these very few chart factors are very powerful in terms of their timing and meaning in John Dillinger’s life.  We can see here that by focusing on the daily chart’s angles we have the whole story given to us with great clarity.  Combine that with the context of his life, and anyone could make this prediction ahead of time using the MC-Solar Cycle method for timing and event definition.

Now, as the media announcers say, “Stay tuned for further adventures in John Dillinger’s personal struggle for recognition and success on his terms — the world be damned. This is only one of the first of many twists and turns in the legend of John Dillinger, criminal and escape artist extraordinaire!


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Dave has been exploring cyclic astrology since the mid-1970's. CYCLIC astrology utilizes both Return charts and planetary-pair cycles for short-term prediction. These practices and four years of archived material are available for study or reading at A new book, Personal Prediction ISBN 978-9-615-63033-5, has been published and the MC-Solar Cycle technique is now supported through a recognized software provider so that all students and practicing astrologers can apply these techniques for their own use. Recently, Dave has been exploring a new charting format:, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. These moon-sun returns show how see seek to maintain or deal with change in our lives. A book is expected to be released in 2015. Contact Dave for details at Dave is a retired business systems analyst and automation systems engineer, enjoys woodcarving and tarot in addition to astrology.
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