Paris Hilton; Astrologically Speaking

An Instructional Series on Natal, Solar Return, and Daily charts — Part Two; More on Paris Hilton’s Natal Chart

We will continue looking at the natal chart of Paris Hilton who was born and lived in New York when she was younger.  I will insert her natal chart again for easy reference.  At this point we are identifying key patterns in her chart but are not yet attempting to make a set of statements that synthesizes her personality, character or potential.

Sun conjoins Mercury at 28 Aquarius in the 2nd house, suggesting an intense set of opinions and views of what the world around her needs and offers in terms of her personal esteem and values.  In other words she has a broad view of the world from an Ivory Tower.

The Sun-Mercury pairing is flanked by Venus and Mars. Even though Sun and Mercury are not at a mathematical midpoint of Venus and Mars, we can treat them as if they were.  Referring to Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences, we find statements such as “An artistic power of creation, the urge to establish a union between the sexes” and (also in part) “Strong emotional impulses, the entering into marriage.”  At this point, we are not saying that these particular statements are cast in stone, but we are simply developing a feel for the basic energies in her chart.  In this case, she enjoys or can indulge herself in activities and views of how to function in life among others on both a physical and mental level.

Sun/Mercury squares Uranus in the 12th house and trines Pluto in the 10th or 11th house (depending upon the house system used). Paris’ self-esteem (Sun, Mercury in the 2nd) is both challenged by her desire to be a true individual (Uranus) and supported by her sense of power (Pluto).  Uranus in a natal chart represents the path to individuation–here it is in the 12th, so there is a hidden or discrete component as to how she goes about exploring how she excites herself and others.  Pluto in the 10th house area points to how she operates in terms of public goals and image–Libra suggesting calmness, balance among several outlets.  Remember that Jupiter/Saturn is nearby (the business of life).  Paris will move strongly but conservatively in several career-activity areas.

Finally, we have Neptune in Sag, in the 1st house; While not close to the Ascendant angle, Neptune is our fairy tale planet and its position suggests a personal set of rose-color glasses that influences her view of the world and the motivations that cause her to act.

So, we have a series of statements to consider in terms of how we might fit them all together.  Normally at this point, that is exactly what we would do in order to grasp the basic nature of the chart.  Libra at the MC and Sag at the Ascendant would set the theme of how we blend all those components together.  But wait!  There is one more big thing to consider. Paris doesn’t live in New York and hasn’t live there for some time.  She lives in California.  Our next task is to examine her chart relative to California and to see how the changes in that relocated chart affect the preliminary conclusions that we have developed up to this point.  That is what we will undertake in the next post.  Dave

Notes: Ebertin’s book, CoSI (Combination of Stellar Influences) defines all planetary pairs and their midpoints with other planets.  These three-planet combination statements are very astute.  CoSI is the most published and referred-to astrological book on the market and should be considered as a “must have” book for any astrologer or student.


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