Paris Hilton; Astrologically Speaking

An Instructional Series on Natal, Solar Return, and Daily charts—Part Three; Paris Hilton’s Natal Chart relocated to Beverly Hills, California

We have been looking at the natal chart of Paris Hilton, born in NYC.  These days, she lives in, and travels from, Beverly Hills, CA.  Paris resides here more than at any other location.

This chart and the following comments have been edited on Oct. 15th. Paris’ natal chart is shown at the right with the California angles shown in black, the NYC birth angles in grey.  In normal circumstances one is born and remains in the birth location for some period of time, and later moves to a new area.  We have reviewed her NYC natal chart.  Given her preference for the sunny climate of the west coast, we need to understand how her natal chart changes for that area.   What NYC had promised, Beverly Hills has changed.

Instead of Jupiter-Saturn at the MC, Paris now has Moon-North Node closest to the MC, actually in the 9th house zone; Publicity and associations with others will be part of her game plan and public image.  This may involve new experiences and travel that serves to enlarge her goals and image.  Instead of Neptune in the 1st (lending her a fairytale life), Paris now draws upon the intensity and focus given by the Ascendant being at the midpoint of Uranus & Pluto; finding oneself in the midst of ever-changing situations often brought about by one’s own actions.  Paris’ cluster of Venus-Sun-Mercury-Mars is now a 4th house pattern instead of being in the 2nd, and Venus is on the IC angle; her ability to communicate her self-image (Sun, Mercury), drawing upon charm and social taste (Venus), and being assertive and creative (Mars) will now become her resources and strengths.  Appearance and presentation of the best image is important.  And, don’t forget Uranus’ square to Sun-Mercury from the 1st house zone; Shock, surprise, unusual approaches to life — all of Uranus’ attributes will become tools for Paris’ sense of individualism.

We need to start putting this all together. This process is one of relating symbols and astrological patterns to what we see in Paris Hilton’s public life.  I am not a celebrity follower, I don’t read supermarket tabloids, watch celebrity TV.  The readers of this blog will be better at this than I.  So, I ask that appropriate comments and observations be submitted via the comments feature of this blog.

Moon, North Node near the MC: I see Paris Hilton’s many publicity images, attendance at events, travel, TV show appearances and partying as representing this symbolism in the extreme.  Her rather large personal staff appears to work hard to keep her in front of the public in one format or another.  The most extreme “anything for publicity” event was her 2001 participation in a video tape of her having sex with her boyfriend. Paris tried to keep this from being released at first but later gave her consent to its release on the Internet.  Publicity from this action was one of several major steps that assured her gain of a “famous for being famous” label.  Even her mother and grandmother supported this strange event.  Partying with Brittney Spears, modeling, hanging out at the PlayBoy Mansion with “Hef” are all part of an endless publicity game to drive her many enterprises.

Pluto in the 12th house, trine Sun-Mercury provides a smooth usage of her personal magnetism and ability to tell her story (Sun-Mercury) within a charming and creative context (Venus, Mars).  Paris may be the most sophisticated and beautiful Pluto package we ever come across as astrologers.  She is all “velvet glove” hiding an iron fist.  I see her TV shows in the U.S. and U.K., “Best Friends Forever”, as being one example of this use of other people to reflect (Moon at MC) her public image.  Paris hides this intensity behind her Venus-at-the-IC as part of her public persona but lets the Pluto-stuff show in her demanding private encounters with staff and those she contacts in daily life.  The book, “House of Hilton” by Jerry Oppenheimer is a very interesting read into this unusual family.

In future posts I will use Solar Returns and daily charts to explore events in Paris’ life as a means of exploring her expression of her chart symbols.  The chart data for Paris Hilton may not be as accurate as we would like.  We will look later at on alternative chart from a respected astrologer and will “test” both charts against a Solar Return and daily chart for a significant event in Paris’ life.  Dave


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