Paris Hilton: Events of 2008

An Instructional Series on Natal, Solar Return, and Daily charts—Part Seven; Proportion the MC’s yearly advance for a given date.

In the previous post I noted that several interesting events occurred for Paris Hilton in 2008.  Of course, her lifestyle and endeavors seem to frequently bring interesting events to the forefront of her life.  As noted earlier, August 6th, 2008 placed Paris before the nation’s TV sets.  At that time, the 2008 Presidential campaign was in full swing.  Republican John McCain had, just previous to this date, mentioned Paris in one of his promotional events.  Never one to be bashful, Paris quickly produced a reply-video addressing the questions of a viable energy policy, and finished her video by musing about a likely Vice Presidential candidate to run with her.  She referred to McCain as the wrinkly-faced white haired dude. will lead you to her video for your review.

To quickly review the process of finding in-between dates located in the span of time following a Solar Return, we find the total number of degrees between one Solar Return and the next — a value near 450 degrees (360 plus the quarter-day of time at the end of the year which adds another 90-or-so degrees.  We then find the number of days from the Solar Return date to an event date (using a table that equates dates to day-numbers) and divide it by 365.25.   This gives us a “ratio” or proportion which we use to multiply the 450 +/- degrees to find the degrees of advance by the MC from the Solar Return.

August 6th (day # 218) is 170 days from the Feb.17th Solar Return date.  This is 46% of the year’s number of days.  458 degrees, multiplied by 46% yield 210 degrees.  Added to the S/R MC of 2o Capricorn (290 degrees), this will give us 500 degrees (210 plus 290) from which we subtract 360 degrees to find a value of 140 degrees.  This equates to Leo 20 degrees.

The actual software-calculated chart for August 6, 2008 has an MC of 19 Leo, an Ascendant of 13 Scorpio.  Playful Leo and transiting Sun near the MC, along with trickster Mercury points to the playful mood of Paris.  Tweeking the would-be President’s nose with humor and a well-positioned Energy Policy caught the public’s attention.  Let us look at this chart to see how it reflects Paris’ humor and desire for publicity.

  • Mercury at the MC: This is communication at its best, in full view of the public.
  • Natal MC at the IC: Paris’ goals (natal MC) are opposite the events apparent goals of poking fun at McCain so as to publicize herself.
  • Transiting Neptune conjoins natal MC: Fantasy and drama are at work here.  Neptune is also often associate with the public and large audiences.
  • Transiting Sun at the MC: Here is the power of the moment and of the idea to take advantage of the wrinkly-faced white-haired dude.  Paris shines and shows her public posture, composure and insightfulness.  This is no dumb blonde but a smart business lady.
  • Transiting North Node at the IC: Associations are at the bottom of the day’s events.  In other words, linking herself to a national figure confers much attention on herself.  Note that natal North Node conjoins the natal Moon: seeking links to the public, needing a response.

Well, we see the public, we see fantasy-film-drama-large audience, we see communication, we see recognition and acclaim.  Of late, I have been looking into midpoints used with these cyclic charts.  Up until now, users of these types of cyclic charts (the Siderealists) have focused on planets at angles.  The Asc.-MC midpoint in this chart is at 0 Libra, conjunct Venus.  Paris was her most alluring self in this video, clad in a peek-a-boo swimsuit and setting upon a lounge chair near a pool.

We see, in this chart, that Paris Hilton acted very much along the symbolic meanings of her planets and angles, and that she did so on this date and near this date.  Isn’t astrology a fascinating subject?  In the next posting, I will look at the events of September 30th, 2008 relative to Paris Hilton.  Comments or e-mails are always welcome.  Dave



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