Paris Hilton: A second event of 2008

An Instructional Series on Natal, Solar Return, and Daily charts—Part Eight; When the daily chart’s angles contact natal angles.

As we noted earlier, 2008 was another eventful year for Paris Hilton.  Actually, every year seems to be eventful for her, given the nature of her lifestyle and energy.  In this post we are going to explore the importance of assessing the contacts between daily chart angles and natal chart angles.  The “angles” are not only important points in an astrological chart but they are also marker points in the ongoing MC-Solar Cycle that we talked about in earlier posts — remember those sine wave diagrams.  We also use the planets at the angles to clue us in to how to play astrological hopscotch.

On Sept. 30, 2008, Paris’ song, BFF, was released and did well.  While she does not do much singing, this effort was part of her wide-spread approach to the marketing of herself and her products.

  • Creative Mars transits the MC angle: clearly Paris was on a “high” with this release.
  • Transiting Moon closes in on the MC: public awareness builds throughout the day for Paris’ efforts to build up her status.
  • Natal Pluto is at the MC: She is seeking to transform her public image
  • Transiting Jupiter is near the Ascendant: Optimism and social outreach are the nature of this day.

We have natal Ascendant about to be contacted  in 12 days.  We have natal MC at the daily chart’s Co-Descendant point.  Let us look at these two instances.  Natal MC at the CD point will act outwardly — we could say that her goals will seek to involve participation by others (they might buy her record, they might buy her products).    If transiting Saturn was at this point we would expect that to act inwardly — others would restrict her in some way.  If we play astrological hopscotch with the MC’s we will seek to interpret them based on Mars-Pluto-MC-Moon combinations.

To explore these four-factor combinations we can refer to Ebertin’s “Combination of Stellar Influences.”  This book presents interpretive meanings for three-planet combinations (which are “midpoint” structures, but we can use the combinations any way we want to).  Mars-Pluto in combination can be seen as success through excessive effort.  We can add MC to the mix (Mars-MC-Pluto) and get unusual capabilities of advancement in life, self confidence, ambition.  By adding Moon to the mix, we get audacity and daring, impulsiveness, ambition, an energitic and resolut or determined woman.  Very powerful book interpretations — and very appropriate to this date’s events.

I don’t like to use wide “orbs” of influence beyond 3 to 7 degrees, so the natal Ascendant some 15 degrees ahead of the progressed MC wouldn’t be a timing factor until it was very close to exact, but it could be a background factor to those factors which are within a degree or a few degrees of an angle.  So, natal Ascendant would NOT be important in its placement in the 10th house except as a background factor.  Paris’ personality would be on stage (being in the 10 th house).  Note that natal MC is opposite natal Venus, and that transiting Venus is in the 10th house (this is how we play astrological hopscotch).  So, the 10th house becomes an important secondary interpretive tool.  We might say that Paris personality (Ascendant) and attractiveness (Venus) is part of this publicity program.

This has been an instructive chart if we recognize and assimilate these chart factors into our astrological practice.  Again, note the CD Point — this point has an arc to the MC that equals the Asc.-to-MC arc.  It represents where we push out or are pushed around by seemingly external factors.  Any planet at that point makes the MC a midpoint which has to adjust or assimilate the combined influence of the Ascendant and Co-Descendant.

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