Paris Hilton recovers her stolen jewelry

An Instructional Series on Natal, Solar Return, and Daily charts—Part Ten; The importance of the MC angle in cyclic charts.

In December of 2008, as noted in the previous post, Paris Hilton returned to her apartment one evening to find that $2,000,000 in jewelry had been stolen.  Although Paris is frequently referred to as an “heiress” in the media, she actually has minimal resources to support her lifestyle other than what she earns from her own efforts.  Therefore a theft of this magnitude was significant to her no matter what insurance coverage might compensate her for.

The police recovered and returned the bulk of her stolen jewelry on Oct. 22, 2009, some ten months following the theft.  This period of time is close to the 9 month 2 week MC-Solar Cycle that has played such a role in this series of charts.  The MC on the date of the robbery, in the Progressed Daily Angles chart for that date was in early Aquarius.  We see in this chart that the fast moving MC degree has advanced to 21 degrees of Aquarius in that extra time.

  • The natal MC conjoins the daily MC: This always indicates a significant change in one’s life–sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  When we see a Solar Return MC contacted by the daily chart’s MC some 9 months and 2 weeks later, we expect to see the promise of the Solar Return carried out in some manner.  Here we have natal MC contacted by the daily chart’s MC. A significant change of fortune occurs for Paris.  Further, natal Venus has to be included in this cluster of planets.  With natal Venus conjunct the MC, Paris enjoys a life-long pattern of fortunate status.
  • Transiting Jupiter and Neptune bracket the MC: The symbols of great opportunity and fortune and of drama and notoriety mark the nature of this date.
  • Natal Uranus at the Descendant: Typically natal Uranus means individuality is expressed or one surprises others or acts in an innovative manner.  We would expect that transiting Uranus would bring surprises.   It might be a stretch to say that Paris’ individuality kept attention by the police on this robbery and led to an arrest.  Sometimes we have to recognize the limits of what we say, astrologically.
  • With transiting Moon passing the Descendant and natal Moon & Node near-but-still-wide of the IC angle, we might think of a publicity factor being part of this jewelry recovery as well as seeing the Moon as relating to past property.

So, I would discount the last two statements and go with the first two statements as describing the experience.  That, plus the robbery MC of 4 Aquarius being widely repeated in this chart. If I had been asked to predict “when” a recovery might be expected I would have, of course, picked a date some 12 or 13 days earlier when the MC returned to its robbery position, adjusting the date for Sun and/or Moon contacts to help focus the event.

But, we do have to keep in mind that we do not live completely alone, we interact with a large number of other people, other charts, every moment.   Sometimes an “event” is an averaging process that links several charts—-only one or two of those charts being seen by us.  Astrology, due to that issue, is sometimes an incomplete practice.

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