The Republicans in Congress

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011 the Republican Party takes control of the House and enjoys some gains in the Senate where the Democrats still hold the edge.

John Boehner

Mitch McConnell

These two men will be the most visible face of the Republican Party in 2011.  This next series of posts will look at the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, the men who are involved, but mostly the functioning of this 2011-2012 split congress-as-a-whole.  The fundamentals that will shape politics on Capital Hill are 1) the Republicans control the House which initiates spending bills, 2) the Democrats control the Senate in numbers but are so fractured that they may not be able to exercise control on all issues, and 3 the White House continues to be occupied by Obama (who does hold a veto pen).  Before we start talking about what may or may not happen, let us look at the foundation chart for the Republican Party.  The data for the July 6, 1854 founding chart was provided by the Neptune Cafe newsletters and archives.  This founding chart has been relocated to the Washington, DC location.

Permit me to first state that I am not an expert mundane/political astrologer.  My views are just that, my views.  Viewers should feel free to offer objections or other viewpoints.

Sun @ MC, trine Neptune in the 6th: the Party’s idealism and views at the time of its founding was one of hope, idealism and charitableness.  All of this was appropriate in this period when slavery was being extended into the new territories despite the efforts of the northern states.  An out-of-sign grand trine between N.Node in the 8th, Jupiter in the 4th angle, and Mars in the 12th exists. Grand trines often work in “phases” where two of the three components hold sway, then give way to another pair of the trine’s members — all providing a wave-like effect over time.  Here, the N.Node (causes and associations with them) and Jupiter (fundamental religious and law beliefs, and banking/money interests) have to work with Mars (military, industry, and devisiveness). This trine complex will work out in different ways in different situations.  Mercury squares Pluto, the houses can be the 10th-7th or the cusp of the 11th-8th depending upon the house system of your choice.  The voice of the party will likely be strident, intense and controling in nature — the mouth is larger than the stick.

The 2010 Solar Return occurred two calendar days later, due to precession correction accounting for more than two degrees of zodiacal slippage.  Note that the angles are roughly replicated in this chart; in the MC-Solar Cycle system, this is a “power point” where the strengths of the foundation chart will be able to be strongly exhibited.

Transiting Mercury is again angular in the 10th, sextile Saturn (just above the Ascendant), opposite Neptune in the 5th, and trine Uranus in the 6th. We might say about this complex that a communication strategy will be worked out behind the scenes, partly to diffuse the real goals of the party’s plans while promoting ideal visions that will appeal to disaffected workers–of which the country has a large number.  A veneer of popularism is clearly evident.

We can see, upon remembering the Republican’s activities of the 2010 summer and fall period, that a number of delaying tactics on health care (Sun-trine-Neptune), seeking to paint Democratic programs with intense and demolishing words and labels (Mercury-Pluto).  Note that transiting Moon contacts the N.Node, lending a popularism to how the social issues of the day are reflected.   The foundation and transiting Moon are fully opposite each other, a perfect model for misdirection.  The harshness of the strategy (natal Mars contacted by transiting Saturn) proved to be very distracting.

In upcoming posts it is likely that we will return to this chart.  Our next post will address the November national mid-term elections.  At some point we will also be looking at charts to evaluate Democratic actions and accomplishments.  We may even toss in some Tarot readings on specific questions.  The point of this is to utilize the data provided by this blog-host, WordPress, about the topics and approaches that blog-readers found most interesting while still enabling me to promote the benefits of the MC-Solar Cycle methods of prediction and tracking of events.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of these planned approaches.  Dave

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