2011 Session of Congress Opens

On January 5, 2011, the 2011 Session of Congress Opens — for funny business?

This chart is based on the founding chart of the Republican Party, relocated from Michigan to Washington, D.C. with the angles advanced from the precession corrected Solar Return according to the methods advocated in the MC-Solar Cycle system.  The July 8, 2010 Solar Return chart’s MC of 3 Cancer had advanced at a rate of approximately 1.25 degrees/day to the MC position of 14 Aquarius in this chart.  The Ascendant is at 7 Gemini.  There is a listing of “mundane-political” interpretations in the Essay page that the blog-visitor can refer to.  Let us look at this chart for what is a largely ceremonial day.

The Ascendant (actions of the day) conjoins founding Node, Venus and Saturn. We blend Associations and Groups (N.Node), Relating, Balance (Venus) with Conservatism and structured programs (Saturn) and relate that to the ceremonial scripting that is part of power transfer (balance).  Natal Mercury is at the IC; relating to the speaking and efforts to put out the “message” of the many constituencies.

It is interesting that the angular components in this chart are all the “founding chart” planets–none of the transiting planets of the day are angular.  This is an “internal” party event as far as the Republicans see it, as they now control the House of Representatives.

The party-in-power is traditionally represented by the 10th House (Aquarius, ruled by Uranus), the out-of-power party is represented by the 4th House (Leo, ruled by the Sun).  This type of chart and complexities of the political scene in Washington, D.C. will probably be beyond the expertise  of myself and many readers.  However, that will not stop us from plunging ahead.  For starters, it may be safer for us to match the events of the period to what we can find in the chart.  Later, we will try some prediction.  So, as for Uranus (either natal or transiting) founding Uranus (symbolizing the House of Representatives) squares the daily MC, suggesting that goals might not be met, or only met with great difficulty.  Founding Sun & MC opposes transiting Sun; the openness that was promised will be challenging to provide.

Part of the media messaging from the Republicans was that the Health Care bill which passed in the previous Democratic-controlled Congress would be revoked. Health is related to the 6th House  Mercury traditionally rules the Dept. of Health and the Center for Disease Control — do these fit with the chart?  Saturn represents Social Security which is linked to Health Care in the minds of Senior Citizens, does that planet fit into this date.  We can see the founding MC is near the midpoint of founding Mercury and Saturn — is this relevant or just a stretch to find something?  Your comments?

What happened in the next few days? This form of cyclic chart finds the MC advancing about 1.25 degrees per day.  What comes into “focus” a day or two later relative to the events that occurred?  The Ascendant move to contact Saturn—activities are suppressed or limited, MC advances and squares founding Uranus (rules founding 8th) in the 12th—regional interests, protests are some of the Uranus-words.  On Thursday and Friday the Republicans announced that Health Care would be exempt from any budget-balancing. The Budget Office had noted that canceling Health Care would increase the Budget deficit, while leaving it intact would lower the deficit.  Hence, the Speaker dismissed that analysis and exempted Health Care.  Is this a signal for the political double-speak to resume?

We will address the tragic events of Saturday, Jan. 8th in the next posting.  Dave


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