National tragedy impacts Congress

Shootings in Tuscon, AZ shock the nation, upset Republican’s schedule

The January 8th, 2011 shootings in Tuscon, AZ impacted the nation and disrupted the plans and schedule of the House of Representatives.  I won’t dwell upon or repeat what the news has covered so well but will focus on our series of trying to follow Congress’ progress using Progressed Daily Angles charts which are derived from the precession-corrected Solar Return (2010) of the Founding chart of the Republican Party.

This chart reflects both the Jan. 8th shooting and the Jan. 12th memorial service. The Jan. 8th placements shows the Asc. transiting founding Saturn, while the midpoint of the Ascendant and MC opposes transiting Saturn in the 5th.  Saturn represents misfortune and disasters in general — at the Ascendant, this suggests a direct experience.  The linkage with N.Node and Venus brings in groups and associations that are engaged in sharing.  This can be directly linked to the Congresswoman’s “Congress on your corner” public meetings with her constituents.  The midpoint of the Ascendant and MC (represented as A/M) is opposite transiting Saturn; the “here and now” nature of this midpoint is subject to constraints imposed by others.

Transiting Neptune is being approached by the advancing MC on Jan. 12th while the Ascendant squares the founding Neptune.   Neptune, according to the Interpretations for Mundane application published in the Essay section of this blog, relates to changing public opinions, sensationalism, and ideals, political unstability–among other things.  The speech of the President, the shared outcry of the nation and national press-media, and outpouring of public empathy is certainly represented by this double-Neptune symbology.

To all of the above, we keep in mind that the 10th house represents the party in power.  This is Neptune’s place of transit.  It would seem to me that where the Republicans control the House of Representatives that this chart probably best reflects them and the public face of their activities and policies.  We will need to look at the Democrat’s founding chart as that may better represent the Senate which they control.

In any case, for Congress this turned out to be a week where the political agendas came to a halt.  Business will resume on the 18th of January.  I’ll try to use that period to present the Democrats side of life in DC.  Dave


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  1. dadsnook says:

    Astrologer Judy Johns noted that Neptune relates to “changing public opinion.” This past week has seen a growing outrage over the lack of gun control and the possible impact of inflammatory remarks associated with so much of our political processes. The earlier remarks of Congresswoman Giffords about the use of gunsight icons being used in political advertisements targeting her district and other districts would lead to violence were prophetic. A call has gone out for public discourse to moderate and take on a more civil tone. Congress is being pressured to do the same. Many doubt that this will actually come to pass. Dave


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