Senate rejects vote to repeal Health Care

Harry Reid, Senate Leader, brings up the Republican bill to reject Health Care — it’s best to get this over with and get on with other business.

The Senate voted, Feb. 2, 2011, to reject the Republican effort to repeal the Health Care bill which was passed last year.  Harry Reid took on this vote so as to be able to move ahead on other business that was more likely to aid in efforts to cut the deficit and create jobs.  These were supposed to be the goals of Republicans as well, but this symbolic effort was done to placate their supporters and to provide an issue to campaign on in the 2012 national elections.  Founding Mercury squaring Ascendant is at the daily chart’s IC angle. The natal or founding Ascendant at the daily chart’s IC points to a change of plan or start of a new approach.  Consider that the founding Mercury-square-Ascendant indicated some difficulty in getting the Party’s message out — a habitual problem for Democrats.  Here the placement fits with Harry Reids decision to start this session by facing the opposition party directly.  Good for Harry.  (Pay no attention to his picture above)j.

A major pattern is opperative in terms of the charts MC, representing the party in power (the Democrats in the Senate).  Neptune (social programs, drugs, human rights and hospitals) is nearby.  Since Neptune can also represent widespread discontent, this planet nicely frames the current debate.  Founding Moon-Pluto is also active here, with Moon symbolizing the public mood (2/3’s of the nation want Health Care), Pluto is linked with psychological warefare or the fight for public image on this issue.  Neptune and the MC of this daily chart squares the founding chart’s T-Square (Moon-Pluto opposite Ascendant, both square MC-Sun-Mercury).   This Social Issues (Moon-Pluto) of others (founding Descendant) as the face of the Party (founding Ascendant) and their goals (MC) to articulate those perceptions (Sun-Mercury-MC)  seems to off to a new start as defined by this throwing down of the political gauntlet.    (Again, ignore the picture of Harry Reid, taken from Google Images).

Transiting Venus at the Descendant angle; Venus is obviously a balancing agent and can be seen as the Democratic Senate balancing the Republican House.  With Reid willing to let the Republican’s have their day so he can move on to other matters, this approach does soften the thrust of Republican double-speak — look back at the chart for the founding of the Republican party and the trine from Neptune to Sun-MC.  They naturally paint a deceitful and artful picture of their goals.  Its in their genes.

So, the battle lines in the Senate and in the House are drawn. How will this split be able to produce progress between now and the Presidential Elections in 2012?  Do the two partys want progress and accomplishments?  How will statemate or progress hurt of benefit each of them.  This is politics at its worst, or its best.



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