Mel Gibson; a weasel has his day in court

Mel Gibson goes to court and “weasels” his way out of a likely jail sentence

Again, we interrupt the Rush Limbaugh postings to follow up (this time) Mel Gibson’s continuing story on spousal abuse.  Mel Gibson is due in court to plead guilty to charges of abuse brought against him by his girl friend Oksana last summer.  Mel’s rants made Hollywood headlines and were also covered on this blog-site.  For the past few months his public displays of passions have either been absent or eclipsed by Charlie Sheen.

First, a note about his early January Solar Return chart. That chart had Jupiter and Uranus in the 10th house, Jupiter having an affiliation with legal actions.  Sun-Sun was in the 7th house of contention and partners, with Moon, Pluto, N.Node on the Descendant angle — all relating to emotions of intensity with associates (to use book keywords).  Now, we’ll address his Progressed Daily Angles chart for this date.

March 10, 2011 PDA chart for Mel Gibson

Outside: natal chart  Inside: transits

Natal angles for Hollywood, CA MC @ 8 Aquarius  Asc. @ 26 Taurus

Transit angles MC @ 12 Gemini    Asc.  @ 13 Virgo



This Progressed Daily Angles chart shows that the S/R MC of 17 Pisces has advanced to 12 Gemini.  Understanding this chart will require those who have been following this system for prediction and event definition (the MC-Solar Cycle) to call on a deeper understanding and practice of chart interpretation, including some techniques that have not been used prior to today on this blog site.  Let us look at these chart factors:

Transiting Sun @ Descendant: The Sun represents both the presence and actions of those in authority (often “legal” in nature) as well as personal will, decision and intent.  Here the Sun can be said to be the will of the other (Oksana) and authorities (court).

Transiting Mars @ Descendant: Attacks, adversarial conditions imposed by others.

Natal Mercury opposite the Asc/MC midpoint: Communication, plea bargaining is part of the day’s events.

Ascendant @ Solar Return MC; The Solar Return chart’s indications of intense emotional situations of/from others is being acted out today.  Couple this with the MC being at the Solar Return’s North Node position (which is part of the Solar chart’s Moon, Pluto, N.Node at the Descendant) and we can see that the association we have with another is the key to what is played out today.  Additionally, the natal N.Node is at the IC angle; associations with another ends one phase, begins another phase.  The news of the next few weeks will show how this plays out in terms of custody battle, divorce settlements, civil damage suits, etc.  This can also impact Gibson’s public image and his career in films.  Sometimes the public turns against excessive behaviors.

Unless other significant news comes along, I would hope to continue exploring Rush Limbaugh’s climb up the ladder of sports-casting success and his plunge from the top of that ladder.  Dave.


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