Quiting doesn’t end the story !

Three days following his inappropriate remarks about Eagles quarterback McNabb, Rush Limbaugh resigns his long-coveted sportscaster job. This incident, this chart, provides us with a highly instructive example of the importance of chart angles in cyclic charts.

Rush Limbaugh      Prog. Daily Angles  Oct. 1, 2003

Daily Angles: MC = 14 Aquarius   Asc. = 0 Gemini       CD = 29 Libra

Natal Angles calc’d for Florida: MC = 0 Sag.           Asc. = 18 Aquarius

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” . . . children’s saying.

ESPN and the National Football League reacted immediately to Rush’s intemperate remarks about McNabb which ignored his established credentials as a top competitor and skilled quarterback.  Rush had forgotten that the NFL fans were distinctly not like his own political following.  When looking at this chart keep in mind that these fast-moving angles will approach, conjoin and leave contacts with natal and transiting planets and angles over the space of several days or a week or more — this chart is portraying one cyclic point in this span of time.

MC approaching natal Ascendant (within 4 degrees): How on acts, what one says (Ascendant) is a public matter (MC) and one’s position in life.  When angles come to angles in these daily charts the day is highly significant.

Descendant conjoins the natal MC (exact): Ones status and reputation (MC) is in the hands of others (Descendant).  How a simple statement can be so appropriate.

Within the context of Rush’s life and career, these two observations tell us just what will happen and when it will happen. When angles advance at a rate of 1.25 degree per day, a five degree orb represents four days of time.   Now, let us also look at some other interesting chart factors.

Natal Asc. is opposite natal Pluto: one cannot be angular without the other being also angular.   Rush Limbaugh’s natal chart sets him up for Pluto-type consequences such as efforts to control others, seeking to transform situations, acting with focus and intensity, being involved in chaotic situations, etc.  In this case, Rush demolished one of his dreams.  Transiting Pluto squares this natal Asc.–Pluto pattern: More confrontational power, coming from the 7th house of “others” is added to the mix.   Pressure is coming from one or many sources.   The daily chart’s Asc./MC midpoint is 7 Aries which opposes the transiting Sun: The authority (Sun) of others (opposition) affects the “here and now” situation (midpoint) involving Rush.  MC has just contacted transiting Neptune; confusion and poor judgment is the nature of this period. Now, when we add all of these factors into the mix, the message becomes overwhelming.  As can be seen, cyclic charts are simple to read — if you can break all of your learned habits and practices for reading conventional charts.   Dave


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