Clarity arrives as Rush leaves

As the days pass the reasons for Rush’s actions start to emerge.  On Oct. 3, 2003, reports circulate that Rush has been using drugs. This has a familiar ring to it as Limbaugh has been known to have taken pain medication for a long-standing medical problem.  This might explain his improper behavior of the past week.

Rush Limbaugh  Prog. Daily Chart for Oct.  3, 2003

Natal Angles MC = 0 Sag.           Asc. = 18 Aquarius

Daily Chart Angles MC = 17 Aquarius    Asc. = 2 Gemini

Natal; outside chart   Transit; inner chart

Our story started on a sour note with Rush Limbaugh admitting his addiction to pain medication.  Now, this old problem has come to light again.  We need to look at this chart to see what is happening.

Natal Ascendat @ MC: “Today you will be in the spotlight or asked to justify your position or goals for better or worse . . . explaining yourself in a public setting.”  This book interpretation depicts Rush’s situation exactly.  Given his recent embarrassing firing from ESPN, he has to do something to maintain his public standing.  This is a time of decision.

Natal Pluto @ IC: “Disruptive actions bring sudden change or reveal information about you.”  Again, the book interpretation is quite appropriate.  Note that Rush’s natal chart sets him up for disruptive situations involving others as Pluto is opposite the Ascendant.  When one is always trying to control others, fate has a way of letting others have their way with youl.  The opposition doesn’t mean just partners, enemies, or confrontation, it can also mean reflection.

Natal MC @ Descendant: Others have expectations that you will have to rise to.  There is an opportunity to start something new or to change a relationship.

The Asc./MC midpoint (9 Aries) is opposite transiting Sun: The transiting Sun represents “authorities” or the public/fans in general.  A form of public pressure exists for Rush to explain himself concerning his racist remarks and unprofessional behavior.

Comment. These cyclic charts, with their simple symbolism, paint very specific pictures of what is happening within the ongoing context of the subject’s life.  If we were counseling Rush Limbaugh at this time, we would be pointing out to him that NOW was the time to say something that both indicated the truth of his situation and which would show his personal commitment to take meaningful action.  This is clearly a put up or shut up period for him.  His whole radio persona is being judged.  Is he for real or not?

Question. For those who read charts, this form of cyclic chart reading is quite different from the usual process of reading for clients.  Does this make you uncomfortable?  Does the non-reliance on conventional techniques make you uncomfortable?  Do you like this form of “simple” astrology?  e-mail me at   Dave


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