Enter, stage right, with foot in mouth

Well, announcing that one is going to run for the party’s nomination for President is a big deal.  Starting off by trashing your party and praising the opposition is an even bigger deal — or not !

Newt Gingrich’s Prog’d Daily Angles Chart  May 15, 2011 located in Washington DC

MC 21 Taurus  Asc 27 Leo

Natal: outer ring of the chart.

Transit: inner rign of the chart.

This chart has only two angular planets to tell Newt Gingrich’s awkward story of May 15th when he was interviewed on Meet The Press by David Gregory.  When asked about the health care program being attacked by Republican’s, Gingrich noted that he was for vouchers for health care.  Gregory picked up on this immediately, noting that this was in fact being for an individual mandate — essentially being for Obama’s health care plan.

Let us first look at this daily chart, the angles being advanced from the previous 2010 Solar Return chart.  Transiting Neptune at 0 Pisces at the Descendant angle: Others are associated with confusion on your part or deceit on their part.  A lack of clarity between associates.  Note that Neptune is three degrees or two days (advance time) ahead of the approaching angle.  Transiting Sun at 24 Taurus at the MC angle:  Gaining public awareness, speaking out (selected from the many possible meanings for this Sun placement).  Note, again, the three degrees of separation between the Sun and advancing MC angle, relating to about two days of time.

Newt Gingrich’s amazing statements drew an almost instant response from those in the Republican Party.  Monday was a day of relentless attack.  By Tuesday, Gingrich was in full defense mode — he had been misquoted by the media.  This was hard to insist on, given the replays of the actual interview.  By now the advancing angles had made exact contact with both Neptune and Sun in terms of their Sunday positions.  Who was deceiving who with all of Gingrich’s absurd denials of his words.  The question was clear, the parallel between his words and the passed health care plan was clear.  What was not clear was why a candidate for his party’s nomination would take such an outright opposite position of a key issue. 

As each day of this past week went by, transiting Neptune remained close to its previous position.  However, the Sun moved onward, leaving the advancing MC to very slowly catch up.  This delayed actual conjoining of the transiting Sun and advancing MC assures us that Gingrich’s public attention will not quickly die away as he looks for a hollow log to crawl into.   Some might say that the exact inconjunct aspect between natal and transiting Neptune represents confusion on everyone’s part that has to be resolved.

Gingrich followed his talk show mis-statement with an affirmation that his position was actually opposite to what he had so clearly stated.  Then he claimed that what he said was not what he said.  The next day he was telling the public that any replay or quote by the media about his first statement was not to be believed as they were lying.  The roles of Sun and Neptune keeping becoming tangled.  By tomorrow, May 24th, as the transiting Moon comes to the earlier Desc. angle of the “Mis-speak chart”, the public will have fully reacted to his predicament.  In another several days when the transiting Moon opposes natal Neptune his public image will be tarnished and his seeking of the nomination effectively lost to him. 

This is the nature of “cyclic charting.”  It is much like having a personal diary written ahead of time and which spells out our attitude, actions and situation quite clearly within the context of our present life path.   Comments and questions are always welcome.  I can be reached by e-mail at dadsnook@charter.net or you can leave a comment on this blog site.  Dave


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