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“How to” guide created for calculating chats

A “how to” guide is posted under the menu choice Chart Calc’n.  This guide uses a worked example to show how natal charts and precession corrected  solar return and daily charts can be created.  These guides permit astrologers to download … Continue reading

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Michele Bachman; a Lunar Return for her Migraine Attack

The attack by Tim Pawlenty on Michele Bachman relating to her intense Migraine headaches occured mid-week.  One of the many charts we can use to track people and events is the precession-corrected Lunar Return.  This p.c.Lunar Return occurred on Sunday, July … Continue reading

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Silly Season: Who Laughs With a Migraine Headache?

This week a reporter uncovered a health problem of Michele Bachman–she suffers from migraine headaches.  Ms Bachman claims these will not interfere with her functioning as President.  Tim Pawlenty immediately jumped on this issue–the obvious reason being that he polls a … Continue reading

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Candidates for the “Silly Season” of Politics: Michele Bachman

Michele Bachman, Congresswoman from Minnesota, recently announced that she was running for the Republican Party nomination for President. The  following chart is based on a birth time rectified by Dave Roell of Astro-America’s weekly news letter.  Birth April 6, 1956 … Continue reading

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