Candidates for the “Silly Season” of Politics: Michele Bachman

Michele Bachman, Congresswoman from Minnesota, recently announced that she was running for the Republican Party nomination for President. The  following chart is based on a birth time rectified by Dave Roell of Astro-America’s weekly news letter.  Birth April 6, 1956 @ 1:10 AM, Waterloo, IA, 092w21, 42n30.












The first thing that is noticed in this chart is Neptune at the MC, squaring both Mars in the 1st and Uranus in the 7th.  Ebertin notes in his “Combination of Stellar Influences” that (in part) “cunning and deceitfulness, a low and mean way of acting, the desire to harm other people, a person with bad intentions.”  This is rather harsh, and it may need to be nuanced.  But first, we will review the chart as a whole before returning to Ebertin’s quote.

This T-Square’s Neptune/MC does suggest that one is a visionary, an idealist.  Mars in the 1st points to an activist, one who pushes herself to the front of the line, while Uranus in the 7th insists on partnering with others in her own individualistic style.

Sun conjoins Mercury (0*10′ of arc) in the 3rd, signifying that Ms Bachman tells it like she sees it, her position and views in life match her thoughts, words and plans.  She is very candid and open.  Sun square Moon (in the closing square phase) suggests an executive, one who thinks, decides and acts immediately.

Of most interest is Venus opposite Saturn, 5th to 11th houses:  Venus is all about what we desire and value, Saturn represents conservative rules and practices, the opposition points to “values that must oppose the old rules and patterns.”  Saturn rules the Ascendant, Venus the IC:  Conservative postures conflict with values that represent something new!  This is a Tea-Party pattern! 

Looking at Jupiter conjoining Pluto, a confidence in seizing opportunities to take control of them, being inconjunct Mars/1st, and we sense that Ms Bachman’s pitbull approach to life needs some adjustments for her success to be assured.

In the coming days we will explore more of Michele Bachman’s chart, as well as the charts of Newt Gingrich and others who have or will contribute to the “silly season” of posturing for position among the political base.  All of the inane statements and positions being articulated during the silly season are likely to stand in stark contrast to the very serious world and US debt problems and its impact on our economy and job situation.  It is likely that we will be able to contrast these charts to the Republican Party chart as the crises between Congress and the President comes down to “who will blink first” about raising the debt limit, about changing the tax and spending balance.   We live in interesting times.

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