Gloria Steinem: A Force for Balance and Understanding

Part One: A Month In The Life of Gloria Steinem

This post introduces a study of Gloria Steinem, activist for the feminist movement and author, covering a one month period in 1963.  Gloria had accepted a writing assignment covering a new social phenomena, the Playboy Clubs.  We will be reviewing that period of her life and that month of becoming a Playboy Bunny, using her natal chart, precession corrected solar return, and a series of daily charts.  The purpose will be to examine how well these daily charts reflect her daily activities within that short span of time.

Gloria  is an American feminist, journalist, magazine entrepreneur, social and political activist who became nationally recognized in the field of woman’s liberation. She remains active in politics and media affairs, and as a writer and lecturer.  Her book, “Gloria Steinem; Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions is highly recommended for those interested in this remarkable lady and her contributions. 

With her MC at 22 Leo, Venus and Saturn bracketed the IC angle.  This interesting combination, when nuanced relative to her adult role in life, suggests a structured (Saturn) view (semi-square Sun) on femininity (Venus) relative to its core meaning (IC angle) in life.  Restating this stilted statement to fit with her remarkable character and life direction, we can see Venus and Saturn not as a severe view of love but as seeking a strategy for defining the many faces of Venus in terms of how people expressed the blending of social restrictions with their warmth and personal love life.  The semi-square with Sun adds personal drive and focus to these concerns of Gloria.

Gloria’s Sun squares Juno (5 Capricorn) in the 2nd house: The values (2nd house) of relationships (Juno) must be understood (Sun).  A T-Square exists between Jupiter (12th) opposite Uranus (6th) and squaring Pluto (9th).  This pattern suggests that Gloria’s sense of opportunity within a social construct (Jupiter) might involve a sense of discovery (12th) involving analysis and working with others (Uranus, 6th) in order to find the essence of the aspirations (Pluto, 9th) of others.  Pluto (in Cancer) is in the 9th with the Moon, the Moon being square to Ceres (7 Taurus, 6th).  The Moon takes comfort in working with others on a one-on-one basis.  Note the trine from Sun to Moon in fire signs (Aries and Leo), driving the Moon’s sensitivity to (woman’s) recognition from the Sun’s agressive nature (Sun conjoining Mars) to find creative expression.

A final note relates to Neptune (10 Virgo, 10th) opposite Mercury (8 Pisces, 4th) which suggests to me an inclination to perceive events and shared experiences (Gemini on  the 8th, Virgo on the 11th) within an idealized framework.

In summary, this chart presents us with a portrait offering a potential for a writer and activist deeply sensitive to the emotional needs of women and a purposeful drive to share those with the world. 

In her adult life, Gloria relocated to New York.  Her chart angles shifted to place the IC (2 Pisces) midway between Saturn and Mercury; structured communications, a strategy for writing about the values of life.

In the next post we will start to follow Gloria Steinhem’s month long research for a writing assignment concerning the then-new Playboy clubs as she sought to understand the pro-s and con’s of women’s roles in catering to men’s yearnings to find an idealized woman.  It will be interesting to review these daily charts to see how they reflect the attitudes, actions and situations of several key days in this month of working as a Playboy Bunny.  For comments, contact me at    


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