Part 3: Applying for a “glamorous” job

Part 3:  Gloria embarks upon the bunny trail in her effort to find out just how glamorous the job of being a Playboy Bunny is.  It is January 26, 1963, a Saturday when many have time away from their work.  Gloria is going to the new Playboy club to apply for a position as a bunny — the iconic bunny ears and fluffy tail worn with a tight showgirl costume that brings to life the then wildly popular (with the men) Playboy magazine.

This series of postings will use the Progressed Daily Angles charts derived from Gloria’s precession-corrected 1962 Solar Return to trace her day by day diary of events and personal feelings as she moves through the process of becoming a Playboy Bunny as part of her research for an expose’ article she has taken on as an assignment.  Not all of these events may rise to a level of “significance” that we expect to find in published charts.  My aim is to see how well the charts reflect the small realities of daily life.

Chart Notes:  Gloria’s natal angles, shown here for her birth location, shift for New York City — MC-nyc 1 Virgo, Asc-nyc 20 Scorpio, CD-nyc 12 Gemini.  In this daily chart the daily MC is in her natal 1st house at 0 Sag., her Asc. is in the 3rd house at 10 Aquarius. These angles and transiting planets are shown in the outer ring of the chart and require us to reorient our view of the chart.

Our first step is to look at angular planets in the chart.  Transiting Sun and Saturn bracket the daily Asc. angle (5 and 12 Aquarius): A serious and planned action is embarked upon.  Natal Sun at 4 Aries is in the natal 6th house of work.

Transiting Moon conjoins the natal N.Node at the natal IC angle: Emotions run hish as Gloria starts a deeply personal experience involving others (the nodal axis denotes the intersection of the Moon’s orbit with the Sun’s apparent orbit and shows where our fundamental male-female qualities balance out).  Natal Moon is at the daily chart’s Descendant angle:  Feelings and interactions will involve “others” on this day.

Transiting Neptune is near her natal Ascendant:  This extended period (Neptune will be at this area of her natal chart for a few years) is a time of fairytale adventure and deception for Gloria.  Contact with the world of illusion will be an interesting experience.

There is a midpoint in these charts that I look for, the daily chart’s Asc./MC point which is at 5 Capricorn in this chart (MC at 0 Sag., Asc. at 10 Aquarius).  This midpoint squares the natal Sun at 4 Aries (located in the daily chart’s 2nd house).  Her actions on this date (the Asc./MC midpoint) will challenge her personal sense of values (Sun in the 2nd).  Is her undercover assignment one she will feel comfortable with ?  Will she be able to make the initial steps in terms of her appearance and appeal as an iconic bunny and meet the fantasy level of the male club-customers?  Does she want to?

The next posting will be for the day of her interview at the club.  Dave.  Your comments on how this chart symbology fits with her experiences can be commented upon here or e-mailed to me at


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