Part 4: Applying for a Job

Part 4:  Gloria interviews at the New York Playboy Club.  On Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1963, Gloria Steinem went to the Playboy Club and applied to become a Bunny.  It was 6:30 PM, not the normal time to apply for a position, and took the elevator to the 6th floor.  “Nervousness” was the word of the day because Gloria had to lie about her age to meet the most basic requirements for the job: young, beautiful, a good shape and nice legs, a big smile and pleasant personality.  The first step was to try on a Bunny costume.  Then photos.  “That was it,” the Bunny Mother said, “We want you to be a Bunny.  Come in tomorrow at 3, we’ll fit you for your costume and you can sign some papers.”











Gloria’s Progressed Daily Angles chart for Jan. 30, 1963, the date of her inerview and acceptance as a new Playboy Bunny is shown above.  Transits are shown in the outer circle, natal planets in the inner circle.  Her daily MC is  at 5 Sag., in the natal 1st house, the daily Ascendant is at 17 Aquarius at the natal IC angle.  So, what in this chart tells us of the experience of applying for a glamorous job?

Natal N.Node @ daily Ascendant and natal IC angle:  New people are encountered within a new environment.  Node = associations, Ascendent = experiences, IC = new starts and endings.  Transiting N.Node is at 28 Cancer in the natal 9th house; the associates will be associated with new and exciting environments. 

Transiting Mars @ Daily Descendent and natal MC:  Typically, we might expect this pattern to represent attacks and energy from others that contradicts your interests.  In the natal chart Mars conjoins Sun in the 5th house, Aries,  suggesting a self-starter personality who throws herself into adventures.  So, transiting Mars will pick up on this imprint and suggest that her (Gloria’s) energy will be focused on interacting with others.

Transiting Sun conjoins Saturn behind the daily Ascendant (12th house side of the angle); a hidden strategy is being acted on.  Natal Saturn conjoins natal Venus at the natal IC.  First, we have both Saturns (natal & transiting) at an angle, making this a “doubled up” planet–something that makes the “doubled up” planet very powerful, interpretively.  Among its many keywords, Saturn denotes “age.”  Gloria was over the age limit to become a Bunny and had to lie about her age.  Saturn also denotes “strategy” or her plan to explore the world of Bunnydom from the inside.  Saturn can also mean manipulation and control; Saturn and Venus together blends love and appearance with control and caution–she had to work hard to both fit into the costume and bear up under the discomfort of cinched waistlines and super-high heels—and the strains (another Saturn word) they placed on her body night after night. 

Natal MC at the Desc. angle:  Her goals were in the hands of others, they made the rules and set the expectations.

Now, those who employ sign rulerships, dignities, and all of the other traditional tools can apply them to this chart.  Since this particular form of prediction requires that “context” of one’s current life be taken into account (some we know about when we do our own charts, something we should ask about if doing charts for another), we would be able to immediately relate the above statements and astrological patterns to the situation.  Let me know your thoughts on this approach by e-mailing me at  Dave.





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