Amanda Knox is falsely arrested: Part 4

On November 6, 2007, the police arrested Amanda Knox for the murder of her friend and roommate. In the previous post, Amanda’s natal event was relocated to Perugia, the time and location altered to keep the same charted planet positions, but the angles and local time were changed.  The Solar Return for this “Perugia-birth” was used to see if it would present a different and significant view of Amanda’s life compared to her Seattle, Washington chart and relocated Solar Returns and daily charts.  I will present one more chart — for her arrest date — using the Perugia “birth” basis.












This chart has the daily (progressed) MC at 14 Aquarius, the Ascendant at 10 Gemini. The MC conjoins Neptune (hysteria and confusion about her status in life).  The Ascendant angle squares transiting Saturn (how does one deal with limitations and restrictions?).  The Asc./MC midpoint is at 12 Aries, conjoining natal Saturn and opposing transiting Moon (this relates, again, to restrictions relative to women — her murdered friend, perhaps if we wish to stretch the symbolism that way). 

Now, we have transiting Pluto at the IC of the Perugia natal chart, and transiting Venus at the natal chart’s Ascendant.  All of this symbolism is appropriate but not that much for the astrologer to choose this series of charts based on a “Perugian birth.” over any of the chart series that was based on Amanda’s Seattle, Washington, USA chart location.

Therefore, the future posts will revert to using the earlier set of charts.  This portion of the exercise was an exploratory one.  Worth the effort to see what would happen, but not the best way to proceed.  I’ll see you in  a few days.  Dave


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