Another Debate, just what we need, on Dec. 15th !

Newt Gingrich will be at the Dec. 15th Republican candidates debate in Sioux, City Iowa in the role of “leader in the polls.”   We have looked at his Moon-to-Sun Return chart for Dec. 10th in a previous post.  We can advance that chart to Dec. 15th and see what it yields.

The t/Moon has moved to 18 Leo (consider 12 to 24 degrees Leo being effective) in the 11th house of associates, endeavors for the future, establishing one’s values within the context of larger movements and groups.  This t/Moon (transiting Moon) trines t/Sun, a good aspect denoting comfort and an ease in moving ahead.  t/Venus moves to an opposition to the n/Part of Fortune; a scramble may occur to keep challenges from his opponents within bounds so that upsets are avoided.  The t/Part of Fortune has move into early (5 degrees) Gemini, joining n/Mercury and n/Uranus.  This pair (electrifying speech and thoughts) will be activated for better or worse.  Look for more of the famous (infamous) bombastic statements that Newt wields with devastating effect.  t/Mercury  has just turned direct and has slow motion for this period–will this signify the Newt thinks before he talks and avoids verbal pitfalls?  t/Sun is moving towards an opposition with its natal position–this offers another question:  Will Newt gain perspective of past actions and positions and move in a more statesman-like manner, or will we be treated to a two-faced Newt?

Mitt Romney may also be at this debate even though he has not concentrated on Iowa.  If present, what can we expect from him?  His Dec. 3rd Moon-to-Sun Return chart was a 5th house focused chart with his natal 6th house at the Ascendant:  How can 5th house creativity flow into 6th house adjustments?  One would expect to see a strategy change in how Mitt Romney responds to Gingrich.  Romney has disappointed the pundits in the past with his inflexibility in campaign strategy and execution.  If we look forward to his chart — advanced to Dec. 15th — we find t/Moon at 19 Leo opposite his Return chart’s (Dec. 3rd) Part of Fortune at 19 Aquarius.     Meanwhile, the t/Part of Fortune has moved to 14 Cancer with no aspects for that date.  There doesn’t seem to be much energy in this chart for this date.

The Part of Fortune — some background.

This most-used Arabian Part is a calculated point that relates to a chart’s Ascendant in the same way that the Moon relates to the Sun on that date.  For someone born in daylight hours, the Part of Fortune is placed ahead of the Ascendant by the same distance-difference of the Moon’s position ahead of the Sun.  For night births, the Part of Fortune is behind the Ascendant by a value equal to the difference of the Moon from ahead of the Sun.

Given that the Moon-to-Sun Return chart emphasizes the house position of the Moon-to-Sun’s position and the Ascendant of that chart in terms of what natal house is at the Ascendant, the Part of Fortune is a natural component to be included in these charts.  The “PofF” doesn’t point to a positive increase in one’s fortune —- instead it points to a CHANGE OF FORTUNE, a matter of “chance” and “change” in one’s life.  In the above two chart comments, Gingrich’s PofF is linked to natal Mercury-Uranus.  On the other hand, Romney’s PofF makes no significant contacts on that date.  Without chance or change, Romney is likely to hold a steady course of “more of the same.”  Gingrich is likely to keep plowing and fighting and creating chaos-as-needed on his way to his goals.  December 15th’s debate seems easy to predict.  What isn’t clear at this point is whether Gingrich can keep on his successful course for a few weeks or months longer.  We’ll cast other charts for that.   Dave

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  1. dadsnook says:

    Romney didn’t attack Gingrich in the Dec. 15th debate — a change from before. A small change. Perhaps the only change in debate strategy. Gingrich seemed to make his point that he was a true conservative. Romney did OK in dealing with issues about judges, gay marriage. In total, I don’t see either of them moving ahead of the other in this debate — just my opinion. Dave


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