Gingrich slips in Iowa polls, what is behind this?

It’s yo-yo time in the heartland — again!  Polls that have been reported today, Dec. 19th, show Gingrich slipping in the Iowa polls, Ron Paul rising, leaving Romney as the likely beneficiary.  What has led to this situation, what do we see in the Moon-to-Sun Return chart?

The December 11, 2011 Moon-to-Sun Return chart was shown earlier, and can be refered to.  The chart, below, is that Return chart advanced by 8 days to this date. We can speculate what may have politically contributed to Gingrich’s slippage: his treatment of Michele Bachman, his remarks about throwing out the judicial members who didn’t meet the approval of politicians.  The astrological factors might be a little clearer.  Remember, we are newly exploring this form of astrological charting–we have no prior knowledge base (other than conventional practices) on how this particular return chart methodology should be practiced.









Our first clue is transiting Saturn on the Return chart’s Ascendant, limitations and loss indicated.  This Saturn opposes transiting Jupiter–this duo represents the “business of life”, in this case stretching (opposition) for opportunities (Jupiter) has its limits (Saturn).  Natal Saturn at 17 Gemini is in the natal 4th house of fundamental resources.  Newt spouted off his feelings about judges and politicians, favoring the latter over the former, and ended up sounding a bit radical or non-conventional to a heartland’s audience.  Not good.

Our second clue might be the approaching transiting Part of Fortune to the natal Part of Fortune in the 10th house of public image.  I’ve not used this “part” before in my practice.  The Part of Fortune is “chance” and “changes in one’s life.”  What if two Parts-of-Fortune join up?  This example points to a very negative change in life’s fortunes.

Our third clue is Newt’s natal configuration of Moon-opposite-Sun.  Here, at this point in time, transiting Sun is conjoining natal Moon—-Newt’s public posturing and appeal (Moon) is in the spotlight (Sun).  His debating style of the other night did not make a good impression.   This opposition pattern squares Newt’s natal Neptune (his vision, his dream)  Those dreams, as expressed, didn’t fit his audience.  Transiting Moon has just passed that natal Neptune, highlighting the public response. 

With these observations we are learning a bit about how to translate these charts into predictive interpretations.

If anyone wants to have a significant event in their life cast in terms of a Moon-to-Sun Return chart and an “advance-to-the-event-date” chart looked at, please e-mail we birth data (date, time, location) and event date and description of the event.  I’ll keep the name and place off of the charts and just assess the charts so that we can all gain insights into how this “new” process works.  My e-mail address is     Dave


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