Short End to a Long Primary Season? — or not!

A couple of days ago I decided to post charts focusing upon Newt Gingrich’s anger over the SuperPac advertisements of Romney in Iowa and the planned assault he was going to launch in S.C.  Instead, I’m going to post a daily chart that represents the progressed angles of Romney’s 2011 Solar Return, followed by a Moon-to-Sun Return chart advanced to the S.C. Primary date.

The following chart is a Daily Chart calculated in RIYAL for Jan. 21, 2012.  The transits are shown in the outer wheel, natal inside.  This is a “crises” chart of sorts.  The natal IC is at the daily chart’s MC; Romney’s fundamental resources and sense-of-self is at the fullest possible public point of visibility.  Relocated to Charleston, SC, natal Uranus is at natal Ascendant; Romney’s individualism and best face of his character is a surprise to the voting public who sees him in a new light.  Transiting Uranus is in the 11th house of the future and working with a (political) team.  See the chart below.












These few astrological factors are enough to suggest, without looking at other charts of his or of his opponents, that Mitt Romney will succeed in South Carolina, winning the primary, and leaving the fragmented field of look-a-likes with little vote percentages and less money for future primary contention.  Let’s look at one of the chart types that have recently been presented on this blog —- the transiting Moon-to-natal-Sun Return chart.  This is shown below and was created using Kepler–the transiting planets are in the inner wheel and have been advanced from the Dec. 30th Return date to Jan. 21st.












Natal Ascendant is at the Advanced-Return chart Ascendant;  Romney feels very much himself and comfortable in his political skin.  The natal North Node is close by, indicating that he can communicate with others quite well.  Natal Pluto is at the IC; a fundamental change/transformation is to take place.  Natal Moon-Jupiter at the Advanced Return chart’s Descendant; Romney’s natural sense of confidence and sensitivity (this doesn’t show well in public) gets through to others.  Natal Part of Fortune is at the daily chart’s MC (9 Aquarius, 11 Aquarius); Changes affect his public status.

Note that only natal factors are at the Moon-to-Sun Return (Advanced) chart’s angles. This is a bit unusual.  I would suggest that the lack of direct transiting activity at the angles suggests that his situation is unaffected by others (transits).  From these two charts, I would say that he wins in S.C. and then the other state primaries are likely to be mere formalities unless something highly unusual occurs in terms of late entrant, etc.  However, after I looked at Gingrich’s charts, that bold statement has to be reconsidered.

Newt Gingrich had lined up some $5,000,000 to fund a SuperPac which would do to Romney what Romney had done to him, barrage the airwaves with negative advertisements.  Newt’s anger at the way he had been hurt by Romney was flamed by Romney’s recent statements that negative advertisements would be unwelcome by the voting public in the future (after he had profited from the same).  And, indeed, Gingrich started his negative publicity on Romney upon moving on to S.C.  Gingrich’s Progressed Daily Angles chart for Jan. 21st (voting day) is shown below.










The daily MC (25 Pisces) conjoins (loosely) transiting Uranus; public upsets and surprises.  Transiting Mars is at the IC; attacks define the surprises that impact his status.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we note that natal Mars squares the transiting Mercury  from the daily chart’s 7th angle–suggesting the attacks are due to the words of others.  Ascendant opposes transiting Moon-Pluto;  hyper-sensitive to the words and actions of other which are at the heart of “severe change”.   Now, this chart is borderline good-bad — we can read it either way.  Let’s look at the advanced Moon-to-Sun Return chart, advanced to Jan. 21st.











Gingrich’s Moon-to-Sun Return occurred on Jan 7, 2012 with the Moon-Sun close to the 4th angle.  Fourth house Moon-to-Sun Returns indicate a period of fundamental change and choice, new directions that will be taken.  In that chart both the natal and the transiting Part of Fortune were aligned in the 6th house; Gingrich goes to work to set up a big-time win-or-lose situation.  Natal Moon in the 10th opposes transiting Moon in the 4th; a battle for public response, who will believe who?

The Advanced Moon-to-Sun Return chart shown above finds the transiting Moon-Pluto pairing (also in Romney transits for the same day) in the 10th house; cataclysmic response from the public (is it pro or con?).  The Advanced chart Asc. has come to transiting Uranus; big surprises come into Gingrich’s life.  Transiting Sun is in the 11th; normally a good indicator in many types of charts.

So, we have two charts each for two contenders, each clearly defining the nature of the contest as it is being waged.  Both charts could signify a “winner” or a surprised loser.  It looks like it might be a nail-biter, a contest that is not easily called when the polls close but instead requires most of the votes to be counted first.  Of course, we could go with the pundits and say that Romney will win with the “establishment’s” help.  That would be safe, but it wouldn’t be “astrology.”   So, I’ll go with “close, very close.”  Dave




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