Captain Leaves His Ship, What Kind Of Man Is He?

Captain Francesco Shetinno left his ship, the Costa Concordia, after it struck rocks of the small island it was passing and had started to list to one side.   This listing of the ship prevented half of the life boats from being lowered so that passengers could escape.  What is not noted is that the ship was upright for some period of time — all of the passengers could have been debarked if the Captain and crew had acted properly.

The Captains time of birth is not known, but he was born on Nov. 14th, 1960 in Naples, Italy.  His natal Sun (22 Scorpio) sextiles his Moon (24 Virgo), squares Uranus (25 Leo) and trines Mars (18 Cancer).  Mars opposes Saturn (14 Capricorn). Mercury (8 Scorpio) conjoins Neptune (9 Scorpio), while Venus (28 Sag) widely conjoins Jupiter (03 Capricorn).  So, all of the planets are involved in aspect patterns.  So, what kind of man is he?  What might have prompted him to leave his ship at the very moment he was needed most?

Sun trine Mars denotes great vitality and a will to live, both in terms of survival and in terms of living life large.  Leaving his ship illustrates the first statement, being a party-goer and social butterfly (beyond what ship Captains ordinarily are required to be) illustrates the second statement.  It was reported that he was with a girlfriend when the Coast Guard ordered him to return to his ship.  Moon is sextile both Sun and Mars from it middle position; Moon represents both women in general (he was always with women according to reports) and fear of uncertainties.  As the ship started listing, he left.  Sun square Uranus indicates a strong and ongoing effort to define his individuality and uniqueness.  The opposition of Mars to Saturn points to a difficulty of organizing ones actions without the help of others.  The fact that this opposition had no square aspect meant that action and planning were somehow divorced from each other. 

Mercury conjoins Neptune, the mind has its own vision of life, liking the drama and the world at sea.  This pair sextiles Pluto and the North Node, associations with others are seen as dominating and intense experiences.  The sextile treats this outer planet pairing-by-aspect as a corrosive and illusionary path that needs to be perceived for what it is:  Life at sea in a constant social setting is not a life goal, it is part of a job and not what one is destined for.  He became mixed up as to who he was and what he was compared to how he saw himself.  Venus and Jupiter sit alone, without aspect to the other planets, fueling each other’s sense of self-satisfaction (Venus) and an enlarged view of one’s place in the social world (Jupiter).

I want to speak about Jupiter here.  I view Jupiter not as the symbol of luck and expanded opportunity but as a symbol of perceived self-enlargement within social circles (home, career, public venues).  This can convey confidence and a manner that impresses others such that they support you, but the basic meaning rests on a feeling of being better, larger, luckier, more deserving, confidence — all of which may be unwarranted. 

The Captain’s progressed chart is notable for progressed Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn (all at 13,14, 14, 20 Capricorn) conjoining natal Saturn.  Let us review just what this brings to this date of Jan. 13, 2012 for the Captain.  Natal Mercury’s perception that his life of social make-believe and drama and its role in socializing as a way of life was now linking up with the Sun’s sense of self-preservation (remember the link to Mars with the Moon at the midpoint?) and Jupiter’s sense of self-enlargement.  He had become the biggest thing in his life, bigger than his role of Captain and as protector of his passengers.

Progressed Moon (12 Leo) squared Neptune; his needs and uncertainties were challenging his dreams and his affinity with the sea.  He was afraid of drowning!

All of these observations will set up our discussion of his Return charts, which will be posted shortly.  Secondary Progression charts are not predictors of events but are representative of one’s developmental trends in life.  At this time the Captain was being challenged.  The fact that he failed to meet this challenge will be reviewed in the charts to follow.  Dave




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