The January 23rd Debate

On Monday, January 23rd in Tampa, Florida, the next in an over-lengthy series of debates will take place for a shrinking candidate field. In the last week, Gingrich has come from behind with a blast of negative advertisements and scorching debate moments to capture the votes of South Carolina.

Romney badly managed questions about his taxes, offshore investments and mis-applied statements about his wealth.  The interview with Gingrich’s 2nd wife did not detract from Newt’s gathering momentum.  The questions about the Monday evening debate, so soon after the South Carolina primary results, will focus on Romney’s changes in his messaging and attacks on Gingrich, and on Gingrich’s next, new (we have to expect “new”) tactics.  Let’s look at the most recent Moon-to-Sun Return charts advanced to Monday night.











The most obvious factor in the chart is transiting Uranus on the Ascendant; Newt’s individuality and capacity for startling statements will be on display.  On this night, for both candidates, a new Moon (Moon conjunct Sun) occurs.  Newt will find this auspicious pair in his 11th house of friends, future and substantive achievement.  We can expect more news about added financial support from his SuperPac’s.  Newt’s Part of Fortune (PoF) is also at the Ascendant; Much will be put on the line, no quarter will be given in an attempt to continue the magic formula of forcing Romney out of his predictable pabulum answers.  Natal Sun opposite Moon pattern is on the 4th-10th chart axis; Gingrich’s ability and skills to reach out to others will strive to cement his approach on the coming week’s Primary process.  He will attempt to set the agenda.  This is why I expect “new” attack or issue strategies to be introduced as a means of keeping Romney off balance.











Romney’s new Moon (Moon conjunct Sun) is in the 9th house (distant places to be in, to learn from, to communicate with adversaries — being the 3rd house of the 7th house of enemies):  Can his message be adapted to meet a different set of voters and voter-issues?  Romney’s Part of Fortune is in the 1st, near the Ascendant; He will also be putting much on the line.  The square to natal Mars in the 10th will prompt him to retort in the old ways that are so familiar to him.  Compare natal Mars to transiting Mars in the 5th house of daring and spontaneous actions.  No new attacks can be found on Monday night for Romney.

What about a new strategy?  We look to Saturn.  Transiting Saturn is in the 6th house of work, services, adjustments. opposite transiting Jupiter.  This “business of life” pair point to possible gains from sharing secret information —- perhaps his last-year’s tax returns.  This pairing squares Sun/Moon; How will this disclosure (to follow on Tuesday) impact the debate when the disclosure is still to be seen?  Putting a happy face on a proven set of negative issues may not be a successful strategy.  Natal Pluto is on the IC and opposes natal PoF;  Powerful forces (big money) will attempt to change the playing field — we need to expect an advertising blitz.  This comes down to the available TV coverage; how much has Romney locked up?  How well will Florida’s voters react?  How much TV and free press can Gingrich muster to counter efforts by Romney?

In summary, these two charts suggest (its difficult to assess the fluid political factors in all of their complexities) a more positive outcome for Gingrich — expected due to the closeness of the S.C. primary and its momentum.   Gingrich continues to do well on Monday.  Other charts will be put up for the primary date.  Dave



























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