An Astrological View of the Abduction of Elizabeth Smart

I am a strong advocate for using cyclic astrological charts, especially the Solar Returns and their derived daily charts as a predictive tool and a tracking/learning tool when looking at past events.  However, like all things “astrological” it doesn’t seem to work out as simply and as clearly as we would hope.  Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom in the middle of the night of June 5, 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Luckily, she was later found and reunited with her family after many months of terrible acts perpetrated upon her.  

In the following progressed angles (relative to the Solar Return) daily chart (with transits for June 5, 2002, and natal planets shown on the inner wheel area) we will look for the primary chart characteristics we have come to expect from these charts.











This chart is page oriented along its natal angles, the 0:57 Aquarius Ascendant on the left, the 23:47 Scorpio MC towards the top.  The daily chart’s MC is found at 21 Pisces (natal 2nd house), the Ascendant is at 12 Cancer (natal 6th house).  Our first interpretive step is to look for planets conjoining or opposite these angles — there are none.  Our next step is to look for planets at the natal angles — there are no transiting planets close to the natal angles, only natal Venus near the natal MC.  This is not what we would expect of a kidnapping victim’s chart.  Venus might be angular in the kidnapper’s chart signifying his desire or lust for a victim.  At this point, some astrologer’s might not “see” further than these empty angles and therefore not be able to note any danger ahead of time.

Because these charts “ride” upon the MC-Solar Cycle (a combination of two cycles; the annual Solar cycle and the 9 month 2 week progressed MC cycle) we would next check out the transiting and natal Sun’s in this chart.  Transiting Sun conjoins t/Saturn and t/North Node:  One’s self and life is influenced by an older person and restricted (Saturn) in some way due to an association (N. Node).   t/Sun opposing natal Saturn doubles up this interpretive linkage and making this non-angular pattern very important.  Further, t/Sun opposes t/Pluto at 16 Gemini, bringing into the picture a devastating and controlling influence.  

The Solar Return chart (last astrological posting) had the MC opposite natal Uranus, Mars transiting natal Ascendant, and t/Saturn opposite t/Pluto.   We see these actors at play in the daily abduction chart — t/Mars opposite n/Neptune (deceitful actions), MC square n/Uranus and t/Pluto (Status is impacted by sudden power plays) and both natal & transiting Saturn contacting transiting Sun (restrictions of the self).

Now, note the natal Sun/Pluto conjunction!  Elizabeth’s natal chart sets her up for transforming events in her life!  We have here a double Sun-Pluto symbolism.  Sun-Saturn-Pluto:  not a strong combination for a happy event.

This bring to our attention a basic factor in cyclic chart interpretations.  The natal chart patterns represent potential!  We cannot express our potential at birth in most cases but must wait for life to unfold a bit.  Then, that potential must be set in motion, triggered in some way by ourselves or by others.  What are the overall high-potential pattern’s in Elizabeth’s natal chart?  

Sun conjunct Pluto:  striving for power, sudden advancement, physical suffering and danger in one’s life.  Sun/Pluto square Neptune:  Impediments in development or in one’s vitality.  Moon conjunct Jupiter:  Happiness, a social conscience, religious conflicts or challenges.  Moon opposite Mars:  a strong will, a fighting spirit, emotionally affected by others.  These are some of the patterns in this chart which are subject to easy triggering by external events.

All in all, there is a lot in this chart — BUT, it is not easy to see and is not typical of these cyclic charts.  We will look a several more cyclic charts for Elizabeth to see if those charts reflect her experiences more directly, or to see if she resonates to some other cycle.  Dave


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