The National Health Care Debate

We are approaching a significant date in U.S. history that will shape the critical provision of health care for all-most-some of our citizens over the following decades.  No matter what our individual views or current benefits are, the manner and costs of delivered health care are likely to changed or defined over the next few months.  That discussion will be focused by the Supreme Court which starts hearing the case for maintaining, changing or eliminating portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010 at 11:59 am.

This posting will review the signing, the recent Solar Return prior to the Supreme Court hearing, the starting date of that review, and a predictive look at when and what the Supreme Court decision may look like.  This is the first posting in which we will be attempting to determine “when” and “what” an outcome will look like.  The chart below is for the signing of the Health Care Act.

We will first focus on the primaries or “lights” of this “Signing Chart.” Most notable is the conjoining of  Sun & Uranus in the 10th; The Sun denotes presidential leadership, the national character and impact of this health care act, public policy.  Uranus denotes innovation, progressiveness, infrastructure.  The tenth house, in a political chart, denotes the government, national prestige, destiny, those in power, ruling class.  More notable is Moon at the Asc. opposite Pluto; Moon denotes the people, basic necessities, women, national mood, change.  Pluto denotes power of a political or financial nature, factions, mergers, total change.  The Ascendant represents the public as a body and its desires to act, while the Descendant will represent representatives of the people as well as those whose interests are very different and contentious.  The Moon is at the first quarter phase relative to the Sun, this is the “activist” phase; There is an urge to act, now, plunging ahead to express one’s needs and views.  The government is exercising leadership and setting public policy in an innovative and progressive way that includes a form of infrastructure that reflects great changes.  People’s basic needs are deeply affected while others are deeply opposed to the changes taking place.

Jupiter is at the MC; Jupiter representing the wealthy, courts, the desire to elevate or enlarge a cause or program.  The MC, of course, is the public’s view of the government image, here acting in a magnanimous manner, giving them something of value.  Saturn is in the 4th, opposite the Sun.  Saturn represents the system, institutions, infrastructure, established ways and procedures.  We can look at Saturn in both of two ways.  First, in opposition to the Sun/Uranus, Saturn is the in-place agencies and political forces opposing this bold new venture. Second, as a Jupiter-Saturn pairing, these two are the “business of life.”  Saturn’s force of holding its position and resisting change is not partnered well with Jupiter so as to find a balance or compromise.  Instead, Saturn is opposed to Sun/Uranus has sees its position as an all out battle.

Not shown in this chart is the position of Ceres at 0 Capricorn; Ceres and Pluto having the Asc./Desc. axis at their midpoint:  In a political sense, this involves the taking care of one-another, emotional issues affecting women and children, food, nutrition and healthy living.  Because of Pluto’s involvement, this view of this battle for health may be hidden behind other issues or by a crush of political dust and mud-slinging.

So, we have the outlines of the Health Care Act at the time of its signing.  We will next look at the current period of time as we approach the hearing before the Supreme Court.  Comments are always welcome.  Dave



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