Health Care Act: 2012 Solar Return, Part One

In this post we will consider the precession corrected 2012 Solar Return chart of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, addressing its overall meanings.  As we continue through this series of postings we will look at the Supreme Court hearings and try to predict the date of the Supreme Court’s findings and the nature of those findings.  The purpose of this series of postings is to explore the use of Solar Return and progressed-angle Daily charts for tracking and predicting political events.

 The Solar Return chart shown below occurred on March 23, 2012, in Washington, D.C. at 4h20m46s UT.  The MC is at 18:15 Virgo, the Asc. is at 3:21 Sag.  We will need to abandon typical “natal” interpretations and nuance our thoughts in “political” terms to fit the context of current events.












Our first steps are to evaluate the angles of this chart.  The Signing IC is at the s/MC; this is a time of challenge (“natal” or signing MC at the S/R MC), a time to consider changes to the original Act.  t/Mars is just behind the S/R MC; there will be many intellectual (9th house) arguments (Mars) over the status of the Health Care Act.  Signing-Jupiter at 15 Pisces is at the S/R IC angle; the size and the legality of the Health Care Act (HCA) may be likely to change or be reviewed relative to its demand on resources — if not by the court then by the politicians in Congress.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we note the t/Jupiter at 11 Taurus, opposite the A/M midpoint at 10 Scorpio; the courts, religion and issues of property/costs are the focus of discussion.  With a doubled-up Jupiter expression, we can assume that the courts will be deeply involved with the HCA this year.

The S/R Asc. conjoins t/N.Node; Those benefiting or opposed by/to the HCA are likely to be very visible and active, not only in court arguments but in demonstrations and in the legislature.  The S/R Asc. squares t/Neptune bringing forward thoughts of pharmaceuticals drugs, idealism and covert actions to muddy up the waters of rational thinking.  We can’t overlook the square to t/Mars opposing t/Neptune; arguments that do not make sense or which miss the point, or which distort the truth. 

Now, these words are for the whole year ahead, not just for the Supreme Court hearings which have yet to be addressed.  Those hearings will be held within the context of the previous statements but those days of arguments and questions before the Justices will have their own specific framework which will be covered in another posting.

In the next posting we will be addressing practices that Sidereal astrologers do not seem to focus on in their pursuit of angular chart influences and the progressed S/R Moon.  We will be seeking to enlarge our understanding of the Solar Return chart relative to the HCA before looking at events associated with specific dates.  Comments are welcome here on the blog or at my e-mail,   Dave   


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