Justice Kennedy & Health Care Act

One interesting astrological method for finding an answer is to compare two charts to see how one interacts with the other.  We can experiment with this “most-basic” approach to seeking astrological answers by comparing the chart of the Health Care Act with the chart of Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. 

This is most interesting!  The most obvious pattern is both very simple and very complex.  The Health Care Act chart is shown in the outer wheel, Justice Kennedy is represented by the inner natal chart which has been relocated to Washington, D.C.

hc/SUN is in Kennedy’s 2nd house:  The Health Care Act as public policy is in the nation’s house of values, wealth and assets, economic issues and earnings.  This can be related to the “mandate” wherein the people must support the Health Care Act as a matter of willing and unwilling participation.

The hc/Sun forms a grand-cross which includes Kennedy’s own natal Moon:  This grand-cross has Sun opposite Saturn (and Kennedy’s Moon), square hc/Pluto (and Kennedy’s North Node), and square hc/Moon and Ascendant.  The Health Care Act “authority” (Sun) contends with innumerable rules and legal structures (Saturn) which are further conflicted (square aspects) by political factions and big business (Pluto) and the public’s feelings and needs (Moon, Asc.). It would appear that Kennedy’s view of the public need (n/Moon) for shared health care security (Moon is in the 8th house of contracts for how one’s money is managed) and how (the square) those shared resources will impact and be impacted by the interests of big business and the health care industry (Pluto).  Politics will have an influence in this Supreme Court decision — it all comes down to the people versus the corporate/political world.  These two factors have to be reconciled.

The easy way out, astrologically, is often found within trine relationships.  Trines are said to convey an “ease” — what I have found is that trine aspects often let the two relationship factors alternate between one and then the other being allowed to function.  This oscillation tends to negate any real or quick solution or function. Here the health care Sun trines Kennedy’s Sun suggesting that his views of the legal review process will involve him seeing both the public value and the personal value of the legislation.

Kennedy’s Uranus trines the hc/Pluto:  Kennedy will explore unique interpretations on how to frame the Health Care Act within the politics of the government, the lobbyists, the health care industry’s capabilities to work within the act.  We might interpret this as offering surgical statements that cut out some details of the act, hiding other details (thru delays) or influencing the other Justices in their findings.  If we note the hc/Uranus and it’s trine to Kennedy’s Pluto (2nd to 7th) and conjoining with Kennedy’s Saturn (in the 2nd) we might suspect a bargaining approach to the many issues that will be raised in the review by the Supreme Court.  In other words, the final ruling may be a mix of bargaining chips instead of a cohesive set of views and rulings.  Will the final ruling be as convoluted as the Health Care Act itself?  Dave.

PS: We will experiment with another Justice’s chart to see what we can find.  If anyone has comments on the crazy commentary, please do drop a line.

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