Justice Breyer and Health Care

In this post I’ll briefly look at Associate Justice Stephen Breyer’s natal chart (relocated to D.C.) and compared to the Health Care Act (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).  In the prior post a prediction was offered relative to the date of the Supreme Court’s public decision on the hearings that started on March 26, 2012.  Each of the Justices posed questions to both sides arguing before the court, each had their own impressions of the answers and the issues being argued.  As was done earlier, we can compare Breyer’s chart with that of the Health Care Act signing chart.

The “Signing Chart” was notable for the Grand Square pattern it held:  Moon/Asc. opposite Pluto, both square Sun in the 10th and Saturn in the 4th.  In Breyer’s chart, below, we see the Health Care Act Moon/Asc in Breyer’s 9th, Pluto in the 3rd, Sun at the 6th house cusp, and Saturn at the 12th house cusp.

Breyer’s relocated natal chart is inside, the Health Care Act is located at the outer wheel. Breyer’s Sun (9th) squares the nodal axis and Uranus at the S.Node.  This Sun widely opposes Breyer’s own Jupiter and the Health Care Neptune.  Breyer’s Sun, his sense of self, identity, principles and attitude is aware of the social implications of Jupiter.  The health care Neptune, semi-square Mercury at 10 Aries, opposes Breyer’s Sun; he finds the ideals, the nature of the Pharmaceutical industry, and the covert interplay between hidden interests.

The primary interact between Breyer and the Health Care Act seems associated with the natal Moon-Saturn pattern conjoining the Health Care Act’s Mercury and Venus in his 6th house.  Breyer’s Moon is just behind (in phase angle terms) Saturn — he is sensitive to the need for change in system-structures, bureaucracy and controls to suite the current time and social situations.  Health Care Mercury will relate to the news, polls, agents and stories that circulate throughout society.  Venus, close by, brings an ability to balance and harmonize his exposure to social issues with the laws and people’s needs that are such a big part of today’s life.  Breyer’s own Venus conjoins the H.C. Act’s Saturn (complex system, infrastructure governing widely different suppliers and users).  He can be said to have a good grasp of the issues.

I see this chart as indicating Breyer’s very wide range of real social issues with the need for changes in structures and laws that govern the role of Health Care is society.  All of this is not to say that he will support maintaining the law as it is, but that he will have a good grasp of the issues as the Justices sort out what needs to be done and how to do it.  The Grand Square of the health care chart doesn’t tie in with Breyer’s chart very strongly.  He will be quite objective in this appeal process, as I see it.  Dave


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