Moon Over Canaveral & Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are known by most of the United States adults and school children as the first men to walk on the Moon. We need to take a break from politics and the Health Care issue, so, with the Space Shuttles being carried around the country to be placed in museums, it seemed to be a good time to look at one of the hero’s of 1969.

Rather than start with his natal chart, Aldrin’s 1969 Solar Return will launch our short review.  This return chart will be located for Cape Canaveral, taking place on the 21st of January, 1969 — the day after his 39th birthday.

The most obvious feature of this chart is that the MC and Asc. angles of the Solar Return match the natal angles!  This happens at the 39th birthday with Sidereal and with precession corrected Tropical Solar Return charts (as is shown here) unless the subject relocates in terms of longitude.   In this case his birth location (Montclair, NJ) at 074w13 is not sufficiently different from Cape Canaveral at 080w36, yielding a difference of only 11 minutes of arc.

As has been stated before, whenever the natal angles match up with the Solar Return chart’s angles a significant year is likely to be experienced.  With that in mind, this chart has several clues as to what awaits.  t/Mars is near the IC angle: One will actively pursue a new venture, cover new ground.  t/Mercury is near the Descendant:  There is likely to be travel, planning and communications with others.  These two planets are the sole angular features other than the natal angles coincidental with the return chart’s angles.

Our other clues include the Asc./MC midpoint at 2 Cancer opposite natal Saturn at 1 Capricorn:  Aldrin’s self-discipline and training is at the heart of his present experiences — meaning that his career as an Astronaut will be at the heart of his activities this year.   Of course, the very nature of planning an expedition of this nature means that (at the time of this chart) the program had long since been underway.  There would have been no need to advise Mr. Aldrin of this, as an astrologer.  But it does show us that these charts have significance.

As for the subject of the 39th year and the return of the solar return angles to the natal angles, a comment is in order.  Numerous examples are in my files relative to the 39th year Solar Returns of individuals in which either positive or negative events have shaped their lives.  Examples include:  Martin Luther King (assassination), John Denver (divorce), Che-Guevara (guerrilla, executed), Prince Charles (escaped from an avalanche), Dylan Thomas (Welsh poet and writer died two days after his return).

Tropical Solar Returns return to near their natal angles in the 23rd year.  Those interested could check if there was a similar life-altering event in those years similar to the 39th year for Sidereal and adjusted Tropical return charts.  Dave


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